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Sid Aug 9
Unbalanced vehicle

Jumping off altitude

Railings to lay

Pills for breakfast

Magic knot rob

Swallowing a hit

Wrist friction

Neck nectar

Disembodied ever than before
Sid Aug 9
I do
I do hate their superficial gazes
Their ******* grin
Their fundamental emotion for feeling superior
Their lust for things
I hate them altogether
I see them in and out
Their hopelessness in their optimism
Their shallow minds in the excitement
Moreover these happy satisfied people don't give a ****
I wish i could go away
Have actual freedom for the spirit
I don't understand social construct
I despise people from the core
I hate me friends especially
They give me a general guide to dislike people
Sid Jul 13
Nobody likes me
Nobody likes my poems
Sid Jul 6
I genuinely do
With all my concious intact
Repeating things saddens me
New things make me unsettle
People I see in my daily life, more i converse i feel like going away from them
They can't handle the real me either ways
But if i dont socialize
I'am lonely and I feel that too
Although I enjoy that for sometime
I have to take responsibilty
And that is the consequence of the action i did
I understand logic
And I want to deny that with all my heart
Every narrative is been false to me
When i experience it myself
I cant articulate my emotions and I don't know what's so wrong about life
Depressed kid with nobody to have given attention me
Wouldn't deserve that though
Any kind of belonging when i have denied that to myself
How much i hate myself and want to change
But I can't
Sid Jun 17
Thunder with no sound
Somethings are faster than the other
Light beats sound
My emotions and habits beats my will to improve
The best scene on earth for me is my verandah
When the rain falls everything lightens up
There is a smell that is nostalgia
Can you believe that something is pouring out of the sky ,is so beautifull
Can be so soothing at times
I draw my hands out to clench some drops
Its as precious as anything
It is demanding your attention
Keep you silent and calm in your own mind
It doesnt need to be expressed
It is to be felt
Leaves finally got a bath
Their veins brightening up
Colors seem better when they are wet
I feel better too...
Sid Jun 15
I cant bear the numbness
The silence and the nothingness
Watching netflix feeling cold
Sid May 31
Have an extra skin
An extra layer
Flex it and it will bulge out
Every thick cut makes you feel incompetent and unworthy
Conditioning by commercials made us ******* addicted
Addicted to something we dont even want
But we need to feel better about ourselves
Realizing later all the positive philosophy and greatness of lives on our own
Feel gratitude towards the society
Forgetting everything and forgiving
Still having inferiorities shaping our whole lives
Focusing on the negatives is bad they say
But how much good they give us too
What if they are more of a blessing towards change
How naturally being someone has many levels of consideration among society
How everyones got their roles and names

I have fragments of thoughts, put together and you get a lump of fat flesh seeming like circular eccentric waves of water when a drop falls.

Want a hug in this chubby body.
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