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Jme Love
42/F/Never to far away    This talent i have found buried deep inside. I always knew i had a gift but never took much pride. I didnt want them to ...
L DeCypher
37/F/Here    I warmly welcome you to come walk the talk inside of my mind...I consider myself an "Abstract Word Painter". I write without rules. I adore ...
Prerna Singh
19/F    🌻
28/F/Virginia    My passion for writing closely ties to my love for language and the art of words. My pen is dripping from my heart and soul ...
18/F    Hello! I'm just a random girl who has too many stories trapped in her mind. This is where I set them free.
18/F    Every poem I write is random and off the top of my head. Most of them aren't really about anything happy. They're my go to, ...
queen of hearts
25/F/Cleveland    a page of words that might make sense to someone

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