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Priya Prathap Oct 2017
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Reading goes up
Reader grows up !
Priya Prathap May 2017
Take the form of flowers,
Till the day it fades
Take the form of leaves,
Till the day it turns yellow
Take the form of roots thereafter
Till the day deacay hits !
Priya Prathap Apr 2017
All comes next is
Never ending repetitions
Moving through and through
The loophole
Till the roots are consumed
Priya Prathap Apr 2017
With everyone around
Into night and sleep
She crawled into darkness
With her sleeping pills !
Plugged in her earphones
She repeated her
Favorite tracks
Music always served
As her sleeping pills !
Priya Prathap Apr 2017
Things happen
Always  unexpected
Sometimes like a
Much awaited guest
Visiting after a long
Sometimes like a
Worst excluded enemy
Coming in front of
But be prepared !
Always , ever
Embrace it
Whether it be
Heavenly happiness
Or it be
Hell heartbreak
Struggle through
Fight for
Whatever is thrown upon !
Priya Prathap Apr 2017
There he stood
Far, far away
Far, far beyond
From her reach
Among the twinkling stars
Bright but calm
He was not a star
Among the millions
Only moon who amused her
With his different phases
Priya Prathap Apr 2017
First showers of the summer rain
Like a long awaited guest
From the sky came for a visit
Kissed the heart of the burned earth
Crushing the strata of heat and sweat
Cold drizzle spraying drop by drop
Gently over the cracked roof
Magical music of the summer showers
Mystic artwork for the little moments
Of lightning and heavy beats of thunder
Rain is singing in the right rhythm
Rain , Rain , sing again
Rain , Rain , come again
The Pluviophile sang from her window
Song of the drizzling rain always
Resonanced with the song of her soul
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