"I have always been in love
with the sky,
though I learned to love
and appreciate the sky when it cried cause you, my love
loved it

I remember, the first time you told me how much you love the rain
and how peaceful it is,
you yawned and told me
in your sleepy voice,
"makes me
want to take a nap"

I smiled and giggled,
cause you are the cutest
when you talk to me in
your sleepy voice

I looked up the sky and uttered
"Thank you so much!"
to God and Grandma Sue,
cause I am just truly
grateful and blessed,
profoundly in love
with your entire

Oh, God how I love the sky,
no matter what weather,
it is always beautiful
And just like the sky,
you'll have your sunny days
and your gloomy,
rainy days

But you are
still amazingly beautiful,
the light in your heart
and the love in
your beautiful eyes,
oh those beautiful eyes
I love you always
and forever
no matter what weather

I will endlessly
confess to you how much
I love you with my
entire heart and soul
but baby, its storming
outside and you don't want
to talk but
I'll forever wait
till that sunshine
comes back"
They say we are toxic to each other as you lace your fingers through mine
When I look deep into your eyes I can tell that they are right
You are the drug that I can't get away from.
You lift my spirits but as soon as your gone, my mood crashes down
Our disagreements turn into petty arguments and fists fly
The speakers of our voice boxes burst open and ears are covered.
The acid pours out our eyes and drips onto the floor
And one of us walks away,
Usually, it's me first.
The floor beneath you starts to melt, and one look back to you makes me stop walking away.
Your scent pulls me closer and our fingers are entwined again.

The acid starts dripping from our eyes again .
But this time they fall on our hands, melting us.
Us together
Najwan R M May 18
Everyone keeps saying "Don't
But I do it anyway.
Because I love you
Najwan R M May 18
It’s always you

When we break apart and start to move on, my heart tells me no.
It’s always you and I didn’t know that you affected me that bad.      In their eyes I see you
    Holding their hand is useless cause my fingers to ache for yours.
And when I cry, it's you who I want to hold me tight.
Lying to myself is easier than admitting that I need you.
Because every corner I turn, I half expect to see you there.
When I look at him smiling, it's because my eyes have played tricks on me and I see you instead.
You are MY drug and I’m addicted
No rehab will not help.
Therapy cannot erase our memories.
This new guy can’t love me like you can
This new girl cant either.

I’ve been saying “I love you” to these new people hoping that they would pass the message onto you.

So when will you realize it?
#love #heartbreak #pain
Najwan R M May 15
Instead of arguing about the “L” word,
We argue about why the refrigerator door was left open,
Why our clothes smell like cigarette smoke,
Instead of arguing about the fact that we barely see each other
We argue about social media posts,
Then we clash and hurtful words are said.
While tears run down our faces, one of us always walks away.

So then one of us apologize.
With a motion of a hand, we call each other over and offer a small smile.
Our lips read “I love you” as we pull each other closer,
Your wrap your fingers around mine and respond with a kiss.

The usual “I would do anything for you” is spoken out loud, and as people stare at us making faces, we don't care.

We kiss again and all is forgiven.
Najwan R M Apr 30
Understand that I can love you to death & never speak to you again‼️
Najwan R M Apr 27
I looked at her and said; "Of course I love you with all my heart, but I'm starting to love her too and I dont know what to do..."
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