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Reminder of the butterflies we felt on our first meet
He was there
I was there
And it fell so right

Guaranteed happiness
Tumbles strengthen
It's you for me and
Me for you
Shelly Rose Apr 2020
..I wasn't aware when you left
Or maybe when I was aware she was always there to have my back.
I felt like I had you all the time.
It was too calm to last long

..but you couldn't make me alone
And so I had to leave
I was eager to leave cause I thought since it was all family I would have much more

It's late now
But I know they ain't real ,
It's all unrated
They belong to themselves

Am writing on a social media platform.
When you were there it wasn't there .
I don't know if you'll get to read it but writing is my all day antidepressant drug

I try living a life without you was cool at first cause they faked it .
But now I live every moment comparing it to what if you were there.

You are gone , I got no picture but I got a life to live .
It's getting harder but am trying
Am trying for you cause you'd want the best for me

I know you are watching

— The End —