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Zoe Byrd Jul 2017
How can I ever vie for your
When the girl that sits in front of
you is a conventional beauty
Her legs are toned
No makeup in sight
She's a star athlete
And in the top of her class
It's easy to hate her especially when
she has everything I don't
She doesn't even do anything
And I feel like she has taken
everything away from me
Jealousy is an ugly thing
Zoe Byrd Feb 2018
Being suicidal is exhausting
Being perpetually exhausted makes me want to go to sleep and not wake up
It makes me not want to wake up in the morning
Because I'm just waking up to another nightmare
One that I can't escape
In sleep you're whisked away to another world
And eventually that world will fade away
Forgotten and discarded
But the one we live in doesn't
Being suicidal is an ugly cycle
That's almost impossible to escape
Sometimes there is a dim light that can lead you out of the darkness
But more often than not the darkness consumes you
Zoe Byrd Oct 2017
A girl with an eating disorder
With a monster trapped inside her
Drowning in a world of
Diet Pills
And perfection
Trying to reach out
And find the help that she so desperately needs
But instead she is met with
Disbelieving, supportive parents
Distrustful, but sometimes helpful staff
And anorexic, bulimic girls
Just like her
Girls along the same journey she is
On the road to recovery
Some get better
Some give up
Because you can not help a person
who does not want to be helped
It is not easy
Will never be easy
But she must push through the pain and suffering
Just like you and I have to
wrote this for a reading challenge at my school. inspired by J. J. Johnson's Believarexic (such a good book def recommend)
Zoe Byrd May 2017
Come on friend get up now
You're not alone at all
Take my hand
Pick yourself up
Piece by piece
I'll help put you back together
Take my hand
I'll set you free
Come on friend get up now
You're not alone at all
I know you try
But sometimes it's too hard
So take my hand
I'll help you up
Lean on me and I'll help guide you
And show you what you can be
Come on friend get up now
You're not alone at all
One of my more optimistic poems
Zoe Byrd May 2017
I woke up at eight
Ate breakfast before it was too late

Wrote some poetry with a pen
Then took a nap at half past ten

I woke up again at one
Went outside and basked in the sun

I ate a big lunch at two
Before I tied my left shoe

I arrived there at a quarter to three
I was at the library filled with glee

I left the old books around six
Wandered around and kicked some sticks

I walked home at eight
Since it was getting too dark and late

I ate a snack at nine
And talked to some friends online

I put on my pajamas at ten
Then I went to sleep and repeated the cycle again
Zoe Byrd May 2017
I choose my steps carefully
When I'm around you
If I do everything successfully
I might get to keep you
I've made mistakes before
But I want to try again
I want us to be more
Than just friends who never talk again
Zoe Byrd May 2017
I play out countless scenarios involving you in my mind
Knowing they'll never happen
Even now, I imagine you sitting here, listening to me speak these words
Words that are filled with dreams of something more
I tell myself I should give up this hopeless fantasy of you
But I just can't seem to
I know it's pointless to keep imagining me and you together
But yet I still torture myself with what will never be
Zoe Byrd May 2017
I hate feeling unsure about everything thing I do
Not knowing if what I'm saying is the right thing to say
And not knowing if what I'm doing is the right thing to do
I hate regretting every decision I make
And forcing myself to imagine all of the most horrible outcomes
This insecurity that controls me overpowers any happiness I feel
And I'm so tired of it
Tired of this hate I feel for myself
And tired of my inability to do anything about it
I should love myself for who I am and not have to change in order to do that
Because I am beautiful and perfect just like I am
But my eyes aren't able to see it
And my mind isn't able to think it
Others can say that I'm pretty and gorgeous and beautiful
But the words that come out of their mouths are incomprehensible to me
Depression-filled nights and binging on strawberry poptarts and cheerios is all I know
Not love for myself or others
All I know is nights where I just cry and cry until my mascara streaks my cheeks
Where my eyes burn from all the tears I've shed
Self-hate and insecurity are rearing their ugly heads once again
And I'm just so tired of having to see them
But yet I still get up the next day
Because that is what's expected of me
And because I know there's no other options but to push on and keep trying
I say I'm okay when I'm really not
And I cake my makeup on so the pain that lies beneath isn't seen
My tears and cries are hidden away between the four dark walls of my bedroom and they only come out at night when my day is over and I'm all alone
I'm all alone with no one to protect me and shield me from the pain I inflict upon myself
But then how would someone protect me from myself?
My thoughts run rampant
They cannot and will not be controlled
Not by me or anyone else
Zoe Byrd Nov 2017
It's amazing how
Just a year ago from now
I was best friends with a person
Talked non stop to a person
And now I can't even remember
their existence
No, it's not that I just forgot their name,
Or maybe even just what they
looked like
No, I forgot about their entire existence
Their name, their appearance, their
personality, their everything
On one hand, there might only be a
few people like this
But on the other hand, there could be
Because my mind is not infinite
And when stretched thin
I start forgetting things that are
deemed unimportant or irrelevant
And it's a **** shame that turned
out to be you, and him, and her, and
who knows who else
It's a **** shame
I've forgotten all the funny jokes
that were told
Including those jokes you'd only
dare laugh at with your closest
You know, those kind of jokes
It's a shame I forgot
The deep conversations we had at
3 in the morning when I couldn't
hold my eyes open but I also
couldn't stand the though of not
talking to you
I'm sad to say I've forgotten all the
meaningless conversations we had too
The kind where you just keep talking
about absolutely nothing just so
you can hear their voice
It's a shame I've forgotten all the
happy moments I've shared
with these faceless, nameless
Because those were the happiest
moments of my life
And I wouldn't trade the world for
But it's a shame all the bad times
were forgotten too
Yeah.  I know.
We all want to forget the bad moments
When we cried, got angry, and felt
bitter because of things we could
not have
Those moments are not the ones we
usually wish to hold on o
But nevertheless they are precious,
priceless, irreplaceable moments of
our lives
That only exist for us and the ones
we shared them with
But yet, that moment doesn't really
exist for them too?  Does it?
When all of these moments are
neglected, forgotten, looked over
They cease to exist
Lost forever in a black sea of
There's no getting them back
There's no restore button
No history you can look through
where you can just click a link and
magically go back to where you
I know these moments can be
hideous, dreadful, appalling
But like I said, I wouldn't trade
anything for them
Because of them I am where I am
And sure, that might not be a great
place right now
But it's better than where I could be
So trust me when I say it's a ****
shame that those moments and
those people are gone
Because at one point, they were
everything to me
And I mean everything
But now I can remember nothing
Zoe Byrd Jul 2017
I wish I was
Pretty enough
Smart enough
Slim enough
Confident enough
Funny enough
Interesting enough
Nice enough
Good enough
For Me.
Zoe Byrd Feb 2018
The state or feeling of being jealous
Feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages
Jealousy is a horrible feeling
Especially when you have no right to be jealous in the first place
When you break up, stop talking, whatever you want to call it
Any right you have to that person vanishes into thin air
Regret eventually will seep through your skin
Down into your bones
And God does it hurt
Jealousy will stop you dead in your tracks
Leaving you in a standstill
Without the ability to move on
Get over
Forget about
And it ******* *****
Seeing them with someone else
Who's prettier
Just plain better
It makes you want to crawl into the familiar embrace of your bed
And cry like you have so many times before
And sleep the ugly thoughts away
But there's no escaping them
They show up in your serene dreams
Transforming them into horrible, ugly, gut-wrenching nightmares
That make you scream so much your throat becomes raw
But in the morning you still get out of bed
Because that is what is expected and required of us
Because there's no place in the world for someone that can't even force themselves out of bed
Sadly it's not socially acceptable for you to sleep your life away
So you get up and face the world yet again
Just for those ugly thoughts to come back again
And again
And again
It ******* ***** man
Zoe Byrd May 2017
I fell asleep listening to the rain last night
Too tired to put up a fight
Lightning illuminates my room
Then the thunder causes a loud boom
The storm that is raging outside my window
Makes the sky glow
It's hard to describe the color of the twilight
Maybe a dark orange or a muddy white
The rain just continues to fall
Like endless tears out of the night's eye
The world goes silent
Just for a moment
Then the sky starts to cry yet again
Zoe Byrd Sep 2017
Have you ever heard of a phantom limb?
It's when someone loses an arm or leg,
but they still experience sensations
as if it's not gone.
It's kind of like when you lose someone.
You still remember their touch on your skin,
and how their hand fit perfectly in yours.
You remember how they smiled
and how it lit up the whole room.
You remember their voice and how the words
that came out of their mouth were perfect and so them.
You feel like they're still there.
But when you realize they aren't,
you experience the same agonizing pain and loss all over again.
Zoe Byrd May 2017
She's a suicide bomb
Ready to go off at any minute
Waiting for the person who will push her over the edge
Into a black abyss full of tears and self-hate
Exploding once she reaches rock bottom
Lashing out at those around her
Trying to make them feel what she feels
Giving back the hate she was given
And causing the same tears that she shed
Zoe Byrd Oct 2017
The soft melody flows
through the speakers
and into our souls
Soothing our aching hearts
and worrying minds
The steady beat synchronising
with our own
Taking us away
into another world
Full of pale pastels
and soft tapestries
And fluffy clouds
and green green grass
Zoe Byrd May 2017
I want you to tell me I'm pretty
Tell me that my eyes are like stars
That my hair is gorgeous and soft
and that it frames my face in just
the right way
Tell me that I have a cute little
button nose and my glasses sit
perfectly on it
Tell me that the freckles that are
scattered over my skin are adorable
That my skin is like porcelain,
smooth and pale
That it doesn't matter if there are
Tell me that even though I may
have them, tell me that they make
me even more real and beautiful
Tell me that my hands would fit
perfectly in yours
I want you to tell me all these things
But you never are able to
Instead you tell me
That my eyes are dull
and boring
That my hair would look better
blonde and longer
You tell me that my nose is too wide,
and my glasses make my eyes look
too small
You tell me my freckles would look
better gone
That my skin is so pale it makes me
look dead
And that I should go get a tan if
I want to even think about being
You tell me that my scars and
my blemishes need to be covered
That no one wants to look at that
You tell me that my hands are too
chubby, along with the rest of me
and my fingers are too short
I just want you to tell me I'm pretty
But I keep telling myself that I'm
anything but that
Zoe Byrd Sep 2017
The game is not simple
But it's one we all play
All day, everyday
Some of us know the rules
We conform to them
Let them mold us
Others make the rules
They break them
And instead, shape them
They change the game
They're the ones who set the pace
And when the pace becomes harder
Some players get left behind
Unable to keep up
They become stuck at a crossroads
A place between levels of sorts
They're unable to continue
Incapable of finding the key piece to the puzzle
But on the other hand,
A hand that holds a different controller
There are those who excel at the game
These new rules empower them
Enable them to become the best of the best
But then there are also players who try to cheat the game
when they can't keep up
They don't believe in themselves or their potential
They use cheat codes and abuse glitches
While this allows some to go to the next level
For others it means game over
Because when they are caught cheating
There's no going back
What's done is done
So you much choose your actions wisely
Because the game is hard and forever changing
All you can do is hope you find some hints and power ups
And maybe some other players to help you along the way
Zoe Byrd Jun 2017
Distance seem unconquerable when a plane ticket and gas cost so much
Thousands of miles in between two souls destined to be friends
Oceans and mountains, languages and cultures, separating them
Telephones and computers, online communities and video games, bringing them together
Thousands of miles in between, the Internet making those miles meaningless
Distance is overcome by unlikely friends, reaching out to each other
Some friendships blossom into long conversations and love-filled smiles, and some wilt into painful silences and teary goodbyes
Two souls that are brought together will drift apart to meet new ones
Memories will fade while new ones are created
I wrote this poem as extra credit for the English class I took last year, and it was also entered in The America Library of Poetry 2017 Student Poetry Contest.  I received a letter yesterday that confirmed that my poem was successfully entered, and the letter also said that my poem was selected to be published in a book of poetry along with other students' poems!  So I figured I would go ahead and share the poem with all of you :)
Zoe Byrd Sep 2017
A poem is flowing liquid
Ready to take on the form of any mold you give it
It fills up the corners and curves
Of any thoughts you wish to preserve

A poem is water,
ready to put out the fires
Of burning tears
And hidden fears

But it is also true
When I say a poem is gasoline
Because it ignites your mind
And all the thoughts it may hold
It burns a hole
through weary souls
And it lets the love and hate
Flow out of golden, sometimes broken gates
Zoe Byrd Oct 2017
I met you through a friend of a former friend
And I found myself in you
All the insecurities and emotions I feel
I see reflected back at me
You put words to the thoughts and feelings I can't explain
You amaze me
Even if you're a disappointment to yourself
You're someone I can tell everything to
Someone who understands
because you go through, have went through the same stuff as me
And even more so
I found myself in you
And there are not enough words
that I could say to thank you enough for that

— The End —