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Prez Nov 1
Throughout this life, there has been,
A million lessons, I’ve learned within,
But none prepared me, for what has come,
Heart and soul, has succumb,
Not just your beauty, a sight to behold,
But your character, I want to grow old,
Take care of your heart, nourish your soul,
Together forever, two halves one whole,
In this life and next, I promise you so,
To never give up, to never let you go
Prez Oct 4
And the silence was
Louder than words ever were
The broken hearted
My haiku
Prez Nov 2020
Late night convos
Weekend escapes,
So many promises
Can hardly wait,
Divine beauty
Soothes my soul,
These intense feelings
Beyond my control,
Unconditional love
Will set us free,
I just need you
To trust in me,
And when i thought
I found the one,
Months of talking
And now it’s done,
No explanation
No good bye,
All these feelings
And not one reply.
Prez Jul 2020
Trying to find the right words,
To show how I care,
Trying to put them into action,
Losing you I can’t bare,
So conflicted by these feelings,
It’s not just a flare,
I want to be with you,
Wishing on a prayer

Give you all of me,
Heart and soul,
Make you a believer,
Heart you stole,
Take over the world together,
I’ve lost control,
Succumb to the madness,
Down the rabbit hole.
Prez Feb 2020
Hello darkness, my old friend
It's been awhile, how have you been
I thought that leaving you, would make me whole,
Turns out I need you, more than I know.
To some, you're uncomfortable, you bring out their worst,
To me, you're familiar, maybe I'm cursed.
Prez Oct 2019
This hole in my heart,
Where you use to be,
Been falling apart,
Wishing you're here with me,
Longing for your touch,
My heart gave you the key,
Missing your presence,
Why cant you see,
We belong together,
As a loving family,
But all you want
Is to be free.
Prez Oct 2019
Walls closing, darkness is coming,

Fear grips your soul, its the unknowing,

Panic sets in, light fades away,

Can you make it, to see another day,

Will hope be enough, to carry you through,

Or will the darkness, consume you.
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