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SimPrey Apr 6
His shadow was
As dark as vantablack,
It appeared when
there was a bright light.
Just fell in love with day
As I see his silhouette
Nights became scary
Since everything gets vanished.
Everyone loved him as a person
Whereas I fell for his silhouette
It hides all emotions
But engraved true feeling
That feeling of true love
felt with a soulful smile.
and feeling of unlove
felt with tears in eyes.
Some feelings can never be disclosed to anyone and just love the shadow of him even that he is standing in front of you.
SimPrey Mar 4
I don't want to die from this planet
to reach heaven for salvation.
I want to fly from this planet to heavenly bodies
to attain peace.
Dismal mood with disdain and despair days
SimPrey Feb 20
Unheard silence of naked eyes,
looking for light in the dark nights
grieving for hope to unite.
Some situation in life is not in our control.
SimPrey Jan 1
The moment I perceived
your perfidy,
Seed of silence
started growing
in the soil
of broken heart,
With sorrow as sunlight
and pain as water.
When the crowd can't cheer your inner soul because  silence is growing within you.
SimPrey Dec 2020
When life becomes rough,
Everything seems tough.
Wearing a fake smile
Was just not good enough.
Sometimes I thought,
Whole life I fought
To get some peace
Instead, it became distraught.
Time became still
When if I was on the grill.
then I thought to realize
My life is written with a quill.
On the night when the last full moon of this decade came into the sky to bid adieu to 2020.
SimPrey Dec 2020
Paint me white,
Let all the colors splash.
To mark their presence
and show the colossal
happiness of soul.

Paint me black,
Let all the color disappear.
To mark their absence
and hide the immense
pain of soul.
Black and White are more realistic than any colors.
SimPrey Dec 2020
Not a cold-hearted person
Just committed emotional suicide,
to pacify the aching heart.
life goes on even we have to accept something unacceptable
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