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Pratham Sanghvi Nov 2019
The more I strive to find it
The harder it gets to see
It is life's greatest paradox
That it decides who I am to be

Yet sometimes I wonder
Did my destiny come first or me
Or whether, it changed me
Or did I bring the change in thee

But since the poet grew within
And free thought didn't seem a sin
I understood destiny is the vaguest of poems
And my life the struggle to perceive it

For, the words are given
But the meaning I find
The end is written
But the story is mine.
Pratham Sanghvi Oct 2019
Night after Night
It eats from me
A piece of my soul I lose
With every new day I breathe

Its not easy
The world had warned me
It's not breezy
To pursue the dreams you see

Life is not fair
Not everyone can be the heir
This throne is for the brave
Not them who live only to reach their grave

But deep within I know the fights worth it
My heart wants this every bit
For every part of me I lose a new one will take form
For at the end of my pursuit a great man will be born.
I wrote this when i was in dire need of motivation and it seemed to do wonders for me. I hope it gives you the push you need.
Pratham Sanghvi Oct 2019
No one knows that I'm never alone
Even with the crowd gone
The doors latched and curtains drawn
He lies with me, in my bed
And whispers his eerie songs

He never leaves my side
Yet never reveals himself to others
He claims to be a master of disguise
I'd say he's invisible rather

Whenever there's a soul around
He hides under my shadow
And just like me, he gets awkward
When cupid plays with his arrow

He knows me better than I do
He'll listen to me whenever I want him to
He is my companion
He is my secret friend
He'll accompany me even after my life on earth will end.
When I said he gets awkward when cupid plays with his arrow I was referring to the awkward silences you face when you talk to someone you like.
Pratham Sanghvi Oct 2019
She looked at him
Half a tear in her eye
Almost felt sorry
For saying goodbye

True love to him
Felt like a big ol' lie
He walked away, didn't turn back
For to her he didn't want to reveal
The other half of the tear that he cried
Pratham Sanghvi Oct 2019
my problems are not big enough
my grievances are not sad enough
Yet to deal with them, for me is tough

Cause to me they mean the world
And this might mean my world is too small
But it is my world afterall.
Pratham Sanghvi Oct 2019
Two strangers met,
A long road they walked together,
Neither of them would've bet,
The end would be so bitter.

Hand in hand,
They fought against prejudice,
To the end of land,
They hoped to be into this.

At some godforsaken point,
Fate chose to intervene,
The road split in two,
Why was life this mean.

Each road bore one name,
In the name of love this was a shame,
For this they didn't know who to blame,
One became scared the other turned untame.

They thought their bond was strong,
How foolish and how wrong,
A demon named distance came along,
He ripped their bond and wrecked their love song.
Pratham Sanghvi Oct 2019
I feel something I've never felt before
I feel it right to my core

It steals from me without me knowing
And yet i keep going
Deep into these unknown trenches
Losing half of my soul and all of my senses

I kept at stake my heart
And lost my mind too
I chose to give you my love
I ended up dying too.

— The End —