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Pranav Khatri Mar 29
All things work together for good,
I’m told.
Even if that work together is
silver or gold.

People tell me that I’m going crazy.
They’re just lazy,
To figure out the real issue that lies underneath.
Underneath all the perfect gloss and shining sheath.

Maybe I am going crazy- on second thought,
Even then,
It’s working together for good, I guess.
Or are my brain and heart just playing plain ol’ chess.

This is all.
I rest my case.
Cause I don’t even know what’s my home base.
Pranav Khatri Mar 27
It slowly walked towards me,
Despite all the heavenly pleas.
And held my hand with its scaly dry hand,
With the scythe in the other,
Guaranteed me eternal scourge.
It came with a hood,
Mask covering the face that no gaze has lived to describe.
Its magnificence of the hood shall drive insane.
It lives beyond the mortal plane.
He took me home along with sorrow as a bribe.
Only some can fool it,
Fewer can forever escape.
It has no structure, no shape;
No one lives to take its hit.
Neither thorough luck, nor prayers will come to play.
For it has the final say.
Rustling through the pages of everyone’s fate,
It’s neither early nor late.
It bears a weary look,
And its coming has everyone shook.
All call it unholy, Beelzebub's messenger & devilish
Yet it never fails to abduct with no last wish.
Most fear it,
Only the most gallant open arms to it.
No one can win any blitz.
I let him take me away,
For it will drop me here again.
After, restoring my sanity again.
For it will drop me here again.
Pranav Khatri Mar 27
Together we wrote our stories
Together we sang our songs.
Our hands clenched in each others’
Hoping aging won’t break bond.
Our hands at first were held tight.
As I played in your lap
& you’d shackle away all my fright.
But I aged as everyone aspires to
But not as I coveted to.
Left me scars
Left me nostalgia
Left me threads
Threads that I kept hidden in a place called memories
Memories some I want to hold on forever
Some not so much
Everyone asked me
How I was
What I was
But I didn’t speak the one truth
The truth that’d shackle all the pains
But no one had the power to listen to it.
That’s what I think.
Or perhaps, I’m too frail to speak about it.
Now I’m too huge for the lap.
It feels like my innocence is sapped.
The songs have lost their melody.
The proses have lost their relevance.
But, I still try to make sense.
Sense of the senseless words I write.
But I fear something is going to bite.
Bite me as bad as a bit has been.
I fear I’ll be like Charlie Sheen.
I say people lack the strength to bear the truth.
But am I the one in ruth?
Nostalgia is all I have.
Yet, it still makes me “the bad”.
No one knows about it.
& no one will.
Well, until all recognise the troubles I’ve seen.
I’m not keen.
I’m not seen.
Nostalgia is my only sin.
Pranav Khatri Mar 27
For we have suffered ample
We aren't naive nor imbeciles.
We’ve had enough and refuse to *******.
Ultimately standing up to the oppressive regime of lawbreakers.
We do have rights, some dignity to uphold.
In these dystopian times,
Some ancient manuscript of our rights is in decay after years of mimes.
But is the mere way of upholding our laws.
The committee with Ambedkar maketh the constitution prolix yet perfect.
Let the criminals be punished,
Let the victims be given justice and
Let equity prevail.
Torture me, wound me but awareness about our rights is not going to halt.
Unfortunate are going to be those who assault,
For the victims are not the ones at fault.
Articles 14-31 testify our rights,
Taming the animal in us to stop the bleeding fights.
Simply blaming others won't do,
But it is up to us to respect each other’s dignity too.
The finest from the finest set of rules is imbibed in it.
Our godforsaken spirits rooting for justice and equality are lit.
Lit with flames of years of turmoil,
while the dominant ignored the state of our own soil.
Of what worth is an old, old paper?
Justice to the mistreated, power to powerless, equality to the oppressed and sentence to the hater.

— The End —