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Prabhat Chhetri May 2018
I wish my heart was a dog
I would let someone take it out
for a walk
for a while

I want to feel nice and hollow
for sometime
and finally get this weight off me
like taking off shoes after a long hard day
and walking on cool rainy grass

I want sleep to be sleep,
to just roll the eyes back
and drift off

not alt+Ctrl+del to swipe end a thousand thoughts
one by one

I don't want to stand behind
a hundred doors
and a hundred roads
with choices sitting like **** on my shoulders

It's like being the worlds fastest runner with a phobia of finish lines
Prabhat Chhetri Mar 2018
Feeling powerful and powerless at the same time
like being in a self driving

Love is the world's stupidest illusion like putting on sunglasses and being convinced that the world outside has gone colder

Love is reading a self help book to change your life
and pretending to not hear the writer laughing at you
inside the hardcovers

Love is listening to an imaginary song and being afraid the music will leak out of your ears

Not being in love is like calling yourself proactive for taking
the alternate route to avoid the traffic jam ahead
only to find yourself driving alone in an extremely ****** road and reaching an hour late instead

Love is falling for a person who is high thinking they have sad eyes

Love is the panic attack you get when you are high
because your hands are sweating in cold December

Love is the realisation that
it's actually mid July
and you were wearing sunglasses this whole time
Prabhat Chhetri Feb 2018
Sad movies are personal disasters
observed from a safe space
like watching a tiger in a wildlife park sink its teeth into a deer
or knowing that climate change will destroy our species
in the next 500 years

Sad movie is like a dystopian era
where the society only sees itself
through selfie filters
and one day re-discovers mirror  

Sad movies are
antisocial clouds and chatty volcanoes

Sad movies are archaeologists
dusting old Polaroids
instead of dirt

A sad movie is like
deciding to measure your age
only in multiples of 7
and then dying at 69
Prabhat Chhetri Feb 2018
There is a motivational speech ringing in your head
but that man is probably dead

I would rather watch a losers life instead and learn how to set
a benchmark so low that I won't fret when expectations are

It's like living inside a house with a welcome mat that says GO
It's like trying to run barefoot in the snow
It's like listening to a song that says you are not the alone
when its just your clothes inside the wardrobe

There is not much inside me
and there is not much I see
inside you too
but I need to pull this out of me
and visualise a sense of empathy
even if it's not complete reality
It's like reading bedtime stories to kids
before we send them to sleep
with mind full of ideas and dreams
We are teaching them to believe
and as we grow
this is what we still hope to achieve
except we don't get stories this time
so we have to make do with schooltime rhymes
Prabhat Chhetri Feb 2018
When the sky was full of hummingbirds
we shot them down
for a cheap buzz
and now our trees go into the night in silence.
Prabhat Chhetri Feb 2018
If I want to think of innocence
I have to go back at least
six years.
Not that things are bad now.
I just prefer that time,
I guess mostly because
I didn't over analyse trivial things
as much

The sun would go up and I wouldn't bother
Just knowing it was out there was enough

I would watch the street from my window
People cars dogs trees
buildings facing
other buildings

I can draw a picture of it
and hand it over to an
art teacher
who would probably give it an ordinary score
like 6.5 out of ten
and not think twice about it because it would be so "extra" ordinary.

Now when I share my stories
I'm scared I might
reveal too much

Most of the time
I don't know what to feel
so I think I am feeling blank
which makes the above fear
It's like dutifully observing the share market patterns
when you don't even have a bank account.

I guess
mostly our feelings are just overlapping each other
so no one ever feels completely one thing.

Sometimes I like to think of you even though it makes me a little sad
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