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The bright glow from the phone illuminated her face,
Tears forming,
Lips parted,
Eyebrows furrowed.
Her grip tightened on the phone,
her only crutch keeping her sane,
and to cope with the sadness.

Keep it together.
Don't cry.
Don't let them see you like this.

Her head falls and the glow disappears,
leaving her in darkness, defeated.

Everything we have worked for,
Every **** hour spent,
And this is how it ends.
Don't let them see you like this.
Don't cry.
Keep it together.

A tear rolls down her porcelain cheek,
and it is too late.
She's been spotted.
I wrote this because I do One Acts (Competitive Theater), and we had districts today. There were Eight schools in this competition, and we got our results in the end: Dead last. It wasn't the actors or plot, it was the time! Truly, this was our very best performance, everyone thought so! It was just that we had two minutes over the time limit. 30 minutes is the limit, and well, we had 32. The problem was that the coaches tried added more ensemble parts the day before. The parts were good, I had liked them, they just sent us over the limit. I only ever write poetry when I'm sad, or angry, or simply upset, and this is one of those times. that poem explaims that we had worked hard and put our heart and souls into this, yet this is the end. This  was the very last performance for this One Acts season. I'm just sad it's ending, it feels too soon. I'll get over this eventually, yet that doesn't mean I'm not sad about this.
I'm worthless.
Everyone hates me.
No one cares about me.
I only make things worse.
I am bad at everything I do.
Everyone thinks I am terrible.
These things are not true at all.
I'm not a worthless person at all.
There are lots of people care for me.
I have helped so many people over time.
I can do many things well and I like them.
A lot of people don't think that I am terrible.
These things I tell myself are lies and are wrong.
I must not really have real problems if these are lies.
I'd trust myself more often if I didn't tell myself these things.
How can I know the answers
to problems so complex,
if I am still being treated
as a dumb toddler?

The problems are a pool of water,
and I am a small human,
being tossed in,
not eased,
into the water.

They expect me to be calm and collected
as I flail my arms and legs about,
with water filling my mouth and ears,
drowning me.

I should be eased in,
being placed in the shallow end,
learning how to solve my problem
while gently wading in the gentle waters.

Others think that I should be
placed on the side of the pool,
with a book on how to swim.
Instead of being in the pool,
they think I should learn how
based on text and examples.
I hate you
I hate what you are
I hate what you do
I hate that you make me care

I hate that I love you
I hate that I still want you

You are a siren
You make me love you yet
You make me die inside

But of course
You don't know this
You can't know this
You won't know this
Life is a flower.
Life does not last forever,
and it only lasts for a short while.
Life can be beautiful at times while
flowers can be too.
Life can be sweet at times while
flowers can be just as sweet.

Old age is like a wilting flower,
death is near, yet life
is still there.
The life is short, yet
it is still beautiful.
Life can be sweet, and
flowers smell sweet.
Both are wrinkled.
Just answer me.
I only want to help.

I know things are tough,
and I want to help.
I want to make you stronger.

I am worried for you.
You know that, right?

Every night, I worry.
Every night, I hope I can help you
make it to the next day.

I want to help you see that life is worth living,
and that I want to be by your side.

I want to help you overcome
this trouble that has come
and that has tried to ruin
someone beautiful.

That someone is you.
I am concerned.
I only want to help,
yet you cast me away.
Cupid is forever young.
He loads an arrow of love into his bow,
The arrow loaded on a string so tightly hung,
striking me in the heart
with one of his perfect arrows.
Cupid's arrow was ashen,
fading away, turning into love
in my heart.
He gives me passion
And this passion forces me to meet
A man, so wonderful and sweet.

I am only but a simple girl
letting the wings of love unfurl.
I am in love.
I feel so above
where I used to stand.
I love him as I grab his hand,
Knowing that this love is definite.
That this love sets me in paradise.
This young love is infinite.
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