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There are two kinds of people that exist:
On-face and off-face,
Online and offline,
Virtual and Real,
Temporary and Permanent.

-Pooja Jajoo✍️
Smile is where the heart is.

-Pooja Jajoo✍️
You are like the morning coffee.
Sometimes Bitter,
Sometimes Sweet and
Sometimes soothing.

-Pooja Jajoo✍️
Empty Homes,
Uncoloured walls,
Echoing halls,
Deserted rooms,

Rushes to bite the Peace inside.

-Pooja Jajoo✍️
From school to College and
College to Office.

Somewhere our Life's happened.

One thing remained constant, Heading back to "Home".

-Pooja Jajoo✍️
#lifegoeson #lifeistooshort
Pooja Jajoo Sep 7
It's been about 3 years where am not in continuity in writing but into writing.

Whether a small incident or something which I observed or my emotions, anything.

And it's about 1 month where am writing it publicly & letting my thoughts to reach to the world.

But today, when I sit in this silent night, I wonder that there are days where I feel to write but unable to pen down, am short of words. Am all blank.

This blank paper stares at me,
the pen wants to flow but it's stuck somewhere, the uncoloured walls shouts,
falling curtains gazes at me.

The mirror opposite to me where the half curled hair girl looks in my eyes and say write, let it breathe, let it float.

I write.

Even if it's a full stop or a comma, because these signs also speaks, they do have interpretation.

They do have.

Phew! I poured it out.


-Pooja Jajoo✍️
Pooja Jajoo Aug 27
To him,

You were a 'LIE'.

By her.

-Pooja Jajoo✍️
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