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Ponds Mar 2016
I'd love to have an adventure
To different worlds where my heart can fly
To different worlds where my heart desires
And will be remembered until I die.

I'd love to have an adventure
Along with my precious pen
And write down all the things I've witnessed
And read it all again.

I'd love to have an adventure
Through the darkest part of the forest
And meet the greatest beasts
And see who is the toughest.

I'd love to have an adventure
Through the deepest part of the sea
Where a place I can find peace
As if there is no living creature but me.

I'd love to have an adventure
Where mysterious mountains hide secrets
Then I'll climb to its toppest part
By ignoring the chirping crickets.

I'd love to have an adventure
Where I can be my fullest self
Together with my loved ones
And finish the books on the shelf.

I'd love to have an adventure
With my eyes that is sharper than knife
I'll face my battles, brave and humble
Until I get to the Everlasting Life
2.6k · Mar 2016
The Mad Hatter
Ponds Mar 2016
To define him is a difficult challenge
To impersonate him is a hard task too
But who is this man with a hat on his head?
It seems like everyone has no clue.

It is the Hatter!
The most mad of all
He is also a type of friend that you can call
You can call when you fall, and no longer can crawl
But be careful!
You might don't want to see him go wild at the hall.

What was the hatter with him?
Oh yeah, he's mad!
It is the effect of high mercury
Oh, poor dear lad!

He very much love tea parties
Along with his friends including Alice
He's the weirdest man that you'll ever meet
And he has this mad, crazy, wonderful treat.

Because his madness has no end
He may look like he can harm
But don't worry, my friend,
That is just the attitude of his charm.
1.4k · Aug 2018
Ponds Aug 2018
“Ano ang pakay mo dito sa mundo?”
Iyan ang unang tanong niya sa akin.
Naniniwala ako na ako ay nandito upang mabuhay,
Upang sa mundong ito ay magbigay ng sariling kulay.
Ngunit hindi ko alam ang rason kung bakit
Ako dito sa lupa ay ibinaba ng langit.

“Sa iyong palagay, sino ka?
Sino ka upang mabuhay nang kasama sila?”
Hindi ko alam kung sino ako sa mundong aking kinabibilangan.
Ang tanging alam ko lang ay ang aking pangalan.
Ngunit ako ay may karapatan
Na maging tao dito sa mundong aking ginagalawan.

“Bakit ka umiiyak?
Tila mababaw ang iyong luha, sabi mo ay malakas ka.”
Tama ka, siguro ako nga ay mahina.
Huwag kang mag-alala, ang ulan ay titila.
Itinatanong mo kung bakit mga luha ay pumapatak.
Minsan, ang langit din naman ay umiiyak.

“Saan ka tutungo?
Kahit saan ka magpunta, ang lupa ay guguho.”
Hindi ko alam ang mga tatahakin na daan.
Nais ko lamang na makahanap ng tahanan,
Tahanan na gigising sa aking puso’t isipan.
Alam mo ba kung saan iyon matatagpuan?

“Kailan ka ba magigising?
Dahil minsan, daig mo pa ang isang lasing.”
Gising ako at mulat ang aking mga mata,
Pagod na pagod na akong maging bulag pa.
Pinapatulog tayo ng mundo sa pamamagitan ng mga kanta,
Mga kantang may lason upang hindi na magising pa.

“Paano mo gagawin ang lahat ng iyon,
Kung pati ang iyong sarili ay hindi sumasang-ayon?”
Gagawin ko dahil kaya ko; susunod sa mga aral,
Gagawin ko dahil kaya ko;  basta kasama ko ang Maykapal.
At sa aking huling sasabihin, ako ay aamin:
Ang aking kausap ay ang tao sa salamin.
1.1k · Apr 2017
The Night
Ponds Apr 2017
As the night creeps in under the stars,
There she goes sleeping with scars.
While she sleeps, the wind came slowly,
Brushed her cheeks and took her sanity.
And in her dream there stands a Man.
They danced all night; then it all began...

She is a rose
Hidden, protected, and fragile
I'll tell you what I know about her, so listen for a while.
This rose that I speak of likes to be all by herself.
You can always see her reading all the books on the shelf.
Feeling like the darkest shade of blue,
Yet you can still see her showing a genuine smile at you.
I wonder if she knows that she is loved,
Most especially by the Almighty God above.
I wonder if she knows that she is enough,
I can see that she is strong when life is tough.
Then this Man came and told her what she needs to know,
"My child, My rose, you are a flower that needs to grow."
© 2017
850 · Sep 2016
El Cerebro y El Corazon
Ponds Sep 2016
Decisions are difficult to make
But I'll tell you one advice to take:
Use the brain to be smart;
To be right, use the heart
695 · Apr 2017
When I Was A Kid
Ponds Apr 2017
When I was a kid
I used to dance with fairies.
Playing hide and seek with elves
And picking strawberries.

When I was a kid
I used to ride on unicorns.
Hunt for leprechaun's gold
While getting pricked by the rose's thorns.

When I was a kid
I used to walk on rainbows.
Sing the winds' melodies.
Arm myself with bows and arrows.

When I was a kid
I used to swim with mermaids
And fly up high with the birds.
Carving woods with a blade.

When I was a kid
I used to fly on witch's broom,
Cast a spell; join at battles,
And watch the world go boom!

When I was a kid
I used to fight with monsters,
I'll face them with great courage.
Being one of the King's daughters.

But the terrible truth is: that was " when I was a kid."
The world said that "fairy tales do not exist."
I want to bring them back for they are happiness to me.
But first, I'll fight the monsters—monsters in reality...
690 · Jul 2016
The Pea Words
Ponds Jul 2016
I picked the *** to
Pour the plenty pineapples
Gave by Pea Porter
659 · Nov 2016
Ponds Nov 2016
The thing that made me
Like a lunatic...
The thing that brought me
To tears
Many, many times...
The thing that is
One of
My worst enemies...
The thing that I hate
In this life of mine...
566 · Jul 2017
Ponds Jul 2017
Is the same...
Yet different.
You are born.
You learn how to walk.
You learn how to talk.
You play around.
You go to school.
You meet friends.
You find hobbies.
The world knocks you down,
But you get up.
You go to work.
You meet somebody—
You marry that somebody.
You build your own family.
You work again.
You reminisce memories.
You cry.
You laugh.
You live.
You die.
Same old story.
Very ordinary.
But the thing is:
If you're broken,
You become extraordinary.
No, not like Superman or anything.
You become "you."
The scars and wounds tells a
New story.
How you heal it
Is what makes you "you."
Everything is the same
Until they become different.
Inspired by Kathleen Glasgow's "Girl In Pieces"
561 · Apr 2017
Ponds Apr 2017
I love books.
I love them so much I want to eat them.
I love it when the spirit of the book possesses you in a way you can feel
   you are converging into another world—a world where the heart of
   the book belongs;
And how it makes you feel the characters' feelings, as if you are in their
I love how your imagination unite in the story.
I love the way books talk to you.
I love the way the spirit of the book connects with your soul.
I love the way books take you away from reality.
I love the way stories remains, stays, and sticks with you for days,
   or months,
   or years,
   or decades,
   or even a lifetime.
I love the way its words and messages touches you deeply in a way you
   can give any meaning onto it.
I love to think how books can change the world.
Any book.
Any writer.
Any reader.
As long as you are passionately open and understanding.
Would you like to join me for tea?
Let us talk.
Let us talk about the books you've read,
And I'll join you babbling about how wonderful it is...
552 · Dec 2016
The Battle
Ponds Dec 2016
I believe
That Reality and Imagination
Are having a Great Battle
Inside my mind...
545 · Jul 2016
Ponds Jul 2016
And now I wander
In the middle of the rain
To seek some sunshines
467 · Jun 2016
Ponds Jun 2016
What is it like to be a mime?
Is it fun? Boring? Or a waste of Time?
Everything is black and white, you see.
Looking so funny, doing whatever silently.

Hey, human zebra! Do you dare?
To speak a single word, as if you care.
You're pretending to have invisible stuffs
To perform a tricky, wacky, hilarious bluffs.

To many, he seemed terribly weird.
As weird as a cow who got a beard.
But he makes "Happiness in Silence"
You just got to have a little bit of patience
But then, before my final rhyme,
What is it like to be a mime?
396 · Dec 2016
A Weird Thought
Ponds Dec 2016
I feel like I came from
Another planet—another world;
Like I do not belong here on Earth.
Do you think so?
I do think so.
A daydreamer I am,
A night-thinker too;
Still, in a perpetual soaring with my head in the clouds...
342 · Dec 2016
Ponds Dec 2016
Have you seen the world outside the window?
Come and let our curiosity find us;
Oh, there is so much to see out there, you know!
As the Time flies by, and the seasons pass.
Trees are dancing as the birds are singing,
Children of the Earth, dance and sing and play!
Celestial bodies above, glimmering;
All day and all night, all night and all day.
But despite the beauty, a storm there is.
Of thunder and lightning's lullaby,
Open your eyes and feel the morning bliss
Then shall you see the rainbow in the sky.
Glad I am for God has given me eyes—
The window of the soul, so splendid and nice!
A Shakespearean Sonnet.
337 · Sep 2016
Mad Night...
Ponds Sep 2016
There are these times I am lonely
Under the luminous stars and moon
Peaceful and quiet as it can be
I know we will meet someday soon

The blue night sky at its darkest shade
Never seem to bother me at all
The lights are piercing the night like a blade
Can you hear the mysterious mountain's call?

Sitting in here
Talking to the clouds
Avoiding the crowd
Should I be proud?
335 · Aug 2017
Ponds Aug 2017
Things doesn't have to be
As long as they're
300 · Nov 2017
What To Do?
Ponds Nov 2017
When you are hurt, and down, feeling astray,
To God, our Savior, do not walk away.
Instead, Find Him,
Seek Him,
And you will be found.
Escape from those chains of sin
By which you are bound.

When the world hates you,
Bothered be not.
The world — the cruel world—
Soon, it will rot.
He said, "The world will hate you because of Me.
But the ones who stay strong in My name,
In My Kingdom, you'll be."
295 · Apr 2017
Life and Death
Ponds Apr 2017
Oh Father Time, Father Time
He has children, named Life and Death
Every second, every rhyme,
They are giving and taking breaths.

Life and Death, these two
Has a Game to play
One plays to win me or you
One plays to have fun all day.

Who's gonna win?
Who's gonna win?
The one you have chose to go to
Where have you been?
Where have you been?
Doing what you're going to do.
Inspired by Louise Bryant's "The Game"
271 · Jul 2016
I was Blind
Ponds Jul 2016
I was blind but now
I do finally can see
God-given good hearts
260 · Jun 2017
Metaphoric Dreams
Ponds Jun 2017
You lie asleep with a lullaby,
Or fully awake beside the lake,
One thing is for sure;
Those treasures, oh so pure.
I will tell thee what I see;
With these eyes that belongs to me:
When you look at paintings  
You must have seen how it is painted perfectly.
But when you look at it very closely,
Can you see those sophisticated details so tiny?
Well, likewise my dreams,
What a beauty to see,
But look at it very closely.
Such hard work must apply,
Do not ask me why...
256 · Aug 2016
Ponds Aug 2016
There is a place, a place I know
The most of which I hate to show
It's like seeing a clown, but scary
It is misunderstood, yet funny

As the dark clouds eat the sky
The trees are dancing wild
The mighty birds cannot fly
While random voices cried

At the end, there was a silver lining
Then an eye-catching pure light of lightning
The heavens slowly turned red
All seems dull and all seems dead

Everything is gloomy, black and dark
But somehow I feel there is a spark
Mutiny, malice and destruction
In that very place called Depression

Feeling down, feeling sad, I have no clue
Feels like I am the darkest shade of blue
Nobody to talk to, I'm unwanted
Shivering on my thoughts that are haunted

I have dropped my pen
Yet I am still swiftly writing
Count from one to ten
Inside my head, all are talking
256 · Feb 2018
He died for you
Ponds Feb 2018
"He died for you
so you can live for Him."

He died for you...

Yes, let those words sink in.
Jesus died for you.
Live for Him.
255 · Oct 2017
Ponds Oct 2017
"Everything eventually parts with
Anything, my dear."
But do endings
Always have to be
The saddest part?
242 · Aug 2017
Empty Or Caged?
Ponds Aug 2017
My hands are itching
They want to write
But what should I say
If I'm empty inside?
Or maybe I'm not empty at all.
My thoughts are just caged
Like wild animals.
Longing to be free;
Just like me...
230 · May 2017
It's Your Choice
Ponds May 2017
Do you want to sail the vast seas,
Just like how the clouds sails the sky?
Or watch your dreams go with the breeze,
And giving up, not daring to try?

Do you want to fly like the birds always do,
Trusting their wings; singing their hearts out?
Or do you want to stay inside, nothing new.
Full of sorrow, worry, fears, and doubt?

Do you want to be yourself, dear?
The Almighty said, "Do not be afraid."
You see, your life starts here.
Do not just sit, having your passions fade.

Let success make the noise.
It is always your choice...
197 · Aug 2017
I Looked At The Mirror
Ponds Aug 2017
I looked at the mirror.
And a wonderful idiot
Is looking back at me.
How about you,
What do you see?
194 · Oct 2017
Ponds Oct 2017
Here I am
While crying.
No, not because of
Tears of Joy,
But because of
Tears of Shame.
I find my idiocy
Really Funny...
193 · Jun 2020
Clown People
Ponds Jun 2020
A girl was walking down the crooked street.
The feel of fallen leaves falling at her feet.
As the wind rushes and cooled her soft hair,
She tied her untied shoelaces in pair.
Then she looked at the bench for she had care;
In what she saw have brought her in despair.
A clown sitting with his colorful suit,
Such vibrant colors painted, even his boots.
She did not move for she had been frozen,
Her heart beats like “second is to dozen.”
She was scared, always been afraid of clowns;
They are frightening all the kids in town.
She was aware of what she was seeing;
This humorist was smiling, yet frowning.
Out of curiosity, her fear was gone.
Then sat on the bench, not thinking to run.
She wanted to know what was the problem
Of the funny man who loves sarcasm.
The clown looked with his fake green eyes.
She could see the sadness beneath that lies.
“If I may ask, are you alright?” said she.
Argued the clown, “I might look fine, you see,
I have this enormous smile upon me
Because of being me that is not me.
This smile that is fake, what a piece of cake!
It is the world that drowns us in a lake.”
Confused, squinted eyes, her only response.
He said, “If you hear the music, then dance.”
“Pardon me, sir. I do not understand.
But would you like me to give you a hand?”
“No, no. I need not your help, young lady.
But I want you, dear, to not forget me;
My face and my spoken words in riddles
Do not ever have your thumbs in twiddles.”

Twelve years later, the girl, now a woman—
Enlightened woman, as bright as a sun—
Lives in a world where faces are hidden.
Much worse, all enlightening truth are forbidden.
The words spoken by the clown are all true.
If you want to know, I will give you a clue.
Now, before you can give your own conclusion,
I ask you to use our dear imagination.
This world that I speak of is quite a cruel one.
All these wars getting worse, what have we done?
Everywhere acts of felony today can be seen.
Liars and thieves as leaders! Why cannot we be so keen?
I cannot seem to think which one is worse
Each depending on the intention of course:
Is it those who cause suffering to the innocent?
Or those who are oblivious who act innocent?
Some would go miles just to trick their neighbors.
Most are not God-fearing; not hearing His knocks on their doors.
All are responsible for Mother Nature’s destruction.
All are responsible for environmental degradation.

Like the clown, these people do not know who they are.
Are they happy, sad, or confused from afar?
Now if you, one day, see The Clown around the bend,
I assure you, he wants only your ears for you to lend.
He will speak of the world who knows all pretends.
Beware of the clowns! This is how my poem ends.
170 · Oct 2017
Your Words
Ponds Oct 2017
Your words
Are waterfalls
That flows deep
Into my soul.
There, I find
That mirrors
Parts of me
Which I cannot
Or see.
158 · Oct 2017
Ponds Oct 2017
We looked at each other, I asked
"I'm trapped, am I?"
She smiled.
"Yes, you are."

— The End —