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 Nov 2017 Ponds
"I do believe
the Lord above
created you for me to love
He picked you up among the rest
'cause He knows I love you best
and if I die and you're still there
I'll wait you up in the golden gate
and if you're not here on the judgement day
I know you went the other way
so I'll cut my angel wings, my golden hair and everything
to prove to you my love is true
I'll go to hell just to
be with you."
 Nov 2017 Ponds
 Nov 2017 Ponds
Will my flaws
be the face of me?
Does my past
haunt my future?
If i colour within the lines
will that save me?
When you look at me
What do you see?

Regret is my hunter.
You are the sun that
unveils me
exposing me under
your observation
the question leaves its mark
burning through my mind
do you see me or
do you see my shadow?
Please give your opinion, I'd love to hear feedback :)
 Nov 2017 Ponds
Renée Casey
I don't want to fall asleep
only to wake
to another day
without you in it
 Nov 2017 Ponds
 Nov 2017 Ponds
When can I sleep?
When the sun comes up.
When can I rest?
When the stars fade out.
When can I relax?
When the world starts again.
I stayed up too late again
 Nov 2017 Ponds
Austin Mizelle
“I’m fine,”
That’s what she said.
For a while people believed her.
She laughed,
She smiled,
She was happy.

“I’m okay”
That’s what she said.
People still believed her
She didn’t laugh anymore,
But she still smiled
And was still happy

“Don’t worry”
That’s what she said.
People all believed her.
Despite that she never smiled,
Never laughed,
Everyone still thought she was happy.

“Dearly beloved...”
That’s what he said.
Nobody believed it.
Now she’ll never laugh
She’ll never smile,
And everyone knows she wasn’t happy.
Sometimes words change
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