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  Nov 2017 Ponds
Brent Kincaid
I want to paint a picture with words
So you can see what I see.
Let you see all of the art work
That hides here inside me.
The darks and the lights that glisten
I want to share colors and shapes
And the music, so you can listen.
They make up my internal landscape.

My canvas is time, sight and sound
And the aromas of my world.
I want you to see the way the smoke
And all the clouds get curled.
The hills and the valleys have views
That make you want to be there.
The trees and the flowers delight;
All inside my memories somewhere.

The stories would keep you transfixed,
And the people, creatures of fascination
Would make you laugh or maybe cry
If you could only see my imagination.
I am using rhyme and meter to depict
As the artist in me articulates dismay
That these simple words must transmit
As I can only tell you about it this way.
Ponds Nov 2017
When you are hurt, and down, feeling astray,
To God, our Savior, do not walk away.
Instead, Find Him,
Seek Him,
And you will be found.
Escape from those chains of sin
By which you are bound.

When the world hates you,
Bothered be not.
The world — the cruel world—
Soon, it will rot.
He said, "The world will hate you because of Me.
But the ones who stay strong in My name,
In My Kingdom, you'll be."
  Nov 2017 Ponds
Kaye I
she's a song
you'll never hear
because you never listened.
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