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Ponds Nov 2017
When you are hurt, and down, feeling astray,
To God, our Savior, do not walk away.
Instead, Find Him,
Seek Him,
And you will be found.
Escape from those chains of sin
By which you are bound.

When the world hates you,
Bothered be not.
The world — the cruel world—
Soon, it will rot.
He said, "The world will hate you because of Me.
But the ones who stay strong in My name,
In My Kingdom, you'll be."
  Nov 2017 Ponds
Kaye I
she's a song
you'll never hear
because you never listened.
  Nov 2017 Ponds
Francisco DH
I've been told to write
a poem a day
As if the old muse
can risen from it's slumber without quarrel.
I've attempted to
awaken them,
Shaken them,
Persuade them,
But each try fail short,
Leaving me with ink in pen
But no words on page.
I find it easier to let the muse
Sleep. Their deep breathing mimics
The rising and falling of mountains
Soon enough the pebbles and stones
Will collect into something tangible.
  Nov 2017 Ponds
Angie S
i wonder what your name
looks like in my handwriting
if i weren't as shy as i am
i would have overcrowded a notebook
just of the way your i's are dotted
what frightens me is that
your hands don't agonize over my name
don't at least motion the symbols in the air
much less write them
and i wonder what my name
looks like in your handwriting
if you curl the e the same i would curl yours
or if you bestow your personal touch upon it
either way it would look beautiful
i would adore any name you'd write for me

i wonder what your name
looks like in my handwriting
but honestly i worry that
i cannot do it justice
wrote this one in 5 minutes. i'm procrastinating and i'm stressed and insert more negative things here. worst of all, i am still chased by one thought, and i worry i cannot do anything about it.

i'm nervous to write it, but if i had to write just one thing for the rest of my life, it would be those letters that make up your name.
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