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Ponds Jun 2020
A girl was walking down the crooked street.
The feel of fallen leaves falling at her feet.
As the wind rushes and cooled her soft hair,
She tied her untied shoelaces in pair.
Then she looked at the bench for she had care;
In what she saw have brought her in despair.
A clown sitting with his colorful suit,
Such vibrant colors painted, even his boots.
She did not move for she had been frozen,
Her heart beats like “second is to dozen.”
She was scared, always been afraid of clowns;
They are frightening all the kids in town.
She was aware of what she was seeing;
This humorist was smiling, yet frowning.
Out of curiosity, her fear was gone.
Then sat on the bench, not thinking to run.
She wanted to know what was the problem
Of the funny man who loves sarcasm.
The clown looked with his fake green eyes.
She could see the sadness beneath that lies.
“If I may ask, are you alright?” said she.
Argued the clown, “I might look fine, you see,
I have this enormous smile upon me
Because of being me that is not me.
This smile that is fake, what a piece of cake!
It is the world that drowns us in a lake.”
Confused, squinted eyes, her only response.
He said, “If you hear the music, then dance.”
“Pardon me, sir. I do not understand.
But would you like me to give you a hand?”
“No, no. I need not your help, young lady.
But I want you, dear, to not forget me;
My face and my spoken words in riddles
Do not ever have your thumbs in twiddles.”

Twelve years later, the girl, now a woman—
Enlightened woman, as bright as a sun—
Lives in a world where faces are hidden.
Much worse, all enlightening truth are forbidden.
The words spoken by the clown are all true.
If you want to know, I will give you a clue.
Now, before you can give your own conclusion,
I ask you to use our dear imagination.
This world that I speak of is quite a cruel one.
All these wars getting worse, what have we done?
Everywhere acts of felony today can be seen.
Liars and thieves as leaders! Why cannot we be so keen?
I cannot seem to think which one is worse
Each depending on the intention of course:
Is it those who cause suffering to the innocent?
Or those who are oblivious who act innocent?
Some would go miles just to trick their neighbors.
Most are not God-fearing; not hearing His knocks on their doors.
All are responsible for Mother Nature’s destruction.
All are responsible for environmental degradation.

Like the clown, these people do not know who they are.
Are they happy, sad, or confused from afar?
Now if you, one day, see The Clown around the bend,
I assure you, he wants only your ears for you to lend.
He will speak of the world who knows all pretends.
Beware of the clowns! This is how my poem ends.
Ponds Aug 2018
“Ano ang pakay mo dito sa mundo?”
Iyan ang unang tanong niya sa akin.
Naniniwala ako na ako ay nandito upang mabuhay,
Upang sa mundong ito ay magbigay ng sariling kulay.
Ngunit hindi ko alam ang rason kung bakit
Ako dito sa lupa ay ibinaba ng langit.

“Sa iyong palagay, sino ka?
Sino ka upang mabuhay nang kasama sila?”
Hindi ko alam kung sino ako sa mundong aking kinabibilangan.
Ang tanging alam ko lang ay ang aking pangalan.
Ngunit ako ay may karapatan
Na maging tao dito sa mundong aking ginagalawan.

“Bakit ka umiiyak?
Tila mababaw ang iyong luha, sabi mo ay malakas ka.”
Tama ka, siguro ako nga ay mahina.
Huwag kang mag-alala, ang ulan ay titila.
Itinatanong mo kung bakit mga luha ay pumapatak.
Minsan, ang langit din naman ay umiiyak.

“Saan ka tutungo?
Kahit saan ka magpunta, ang lupa ay guguho.”
Hindi ko alam ang mga tatahakin na daan.
Nais ko lamang na makahanap ng tahanan,
Tahanan na gigising sa aking puso’t isipan.
Alam mo ba kung saan iyon matatagpuan?

“Kailan ka ba magigising?
Dahil minsan, daig mo pa ang isang lasing.”
Gising ako at mulat ang aking mga mata,
Pagod na pagod na akong maging bulag pa.
Pinapatulog tayo ng mundo sa pamamagitan ng mga kanta,
Mga kantang may lason upang hindi na magising pa.

“Paano mo gagawin ang lahat ng iyon,
Kung pati ang iyong sarili ay hindi sumasang-ayon?”
Gagawin ko dahil kaya ko; susunod sa mga aral,
Gagawin ko dahil kaya ko;  basta kasama ko ang Maykapal.
At sa aking huling sasabihin, ako ay aamin:
Ang aking kausap ay ang tao sa salamin.
  Jun 2018 Ponds
Iljano lepelblad
He gave me strength,
He gave me might,
He gave me freedom,

How i didn't listen,
How i didn't follow,
How i failed,

Still forgiven,
Still saved,
Still living to make amends,
Still breathing to follow,

O how i was so wrong,
O how i was so blind,
The Lord forsake my soul...

A bleeding heart could only,
Mend for all the love that was and still,
Its getting.

He gave me,
Sometimes you take Gods Words for granted and at the end of the day you
see his light.
Ponds Feb 2018
"He died for you
so you can live for Him."

He died for you...

Yes, let those words sink in.
Jesus died for you.
Live for Him.
  Dec 2017 Ponds
I wrote something once.
I don't know where it came from,
or when it will come again.
I try so hard to put words on a page
so I can feel like myself,
but still they don't sound like me.

Words burn in my chest and
I can't spit them out.
Beer cools them, and so I drink it.
But the words go to my heart
and they squeeze and squeeze
and then I lose them.

They mean much to no one,
and not to me.
But left alone they squirm
and squeeze and shout
so I can't hear what they mean
or what I'm trying to think.

I can't get rid of them.

When I listen, they help.
When I don't, they burn.
I want to spit them all over,
so you can feel what they do to me.
But only if you're ready.

They're like worms, the words.
They eat, and sleep and breed,
and there's more of them.
And there'll be more tomorrow,
and if I can't get rid of them
they'll eat me alive.

When I put them on a page,
they stay still.
And then more come,
and I'll catch them too, hopefully.
Then they'll stay still
so you can see them.

The words.
  Nov 2017 Ponds
Will my flaws
be the face of me?
Does my past
haunt my future?
If i colour within the lines
will that save me?
When you look at me
What do you see?

Regret is my hunter.
You are the sun that
unveils me
exposing me under
your observation
the question leaves its mark
burning through my mind
do you see me or
do you see my shadow?
Please give your opinion, I'd love to hear feedback :)
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