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7d · 517
Timothy 7d
when the late afternoon light falls
on the beautiful Parisian apartments
I think of you
Nov 1 · 67
Timothy Nov 1
her smile changed
Oct 29 · 283
Timothy Oct 29
poetry is an invitation
not to understand life
but to enjoy it
Oct 29 · 59
Timothy Oct 29
I'm always trying to fill my feelings
that are like holes in me
Oct 27 · 68
Timothy Oct 27
The feelings no longer seem as scary
as those mad attempts to avoid them
Oct 20 · 60
Timothy Oct 20
the power of poetry
is not found in words
but in the things
and feelings
that make words happen
Oct 5 · 50
Timothy Oct 5
the whole universe
conspiring to make now happen
Sep 28 · 287
Timothy Sep 28
September sky
your cloud-filled silence
leaves nothing unsaid
Sep 20 · 44
Timothy Sep 20
that secret language of silence
between the cliff and the sea
Sep 20 · 45
Timothy Sep 20
today's moment of beauty was
the woman with the red hair
blown across her face
by the morning wind
Aug 28 · 62
Timothy Aug 28
can you stick together
a soul with sellotape
Aug 28 · 344
Timothy Aug 28
a few words on a page
can change the course of history
Aug 23 · 49
Timothy Aug 23
I often don't feel
like a coherent soul
a whole
but instead a mishmash
of thoughts and feelings
as contradictory as night and day
Aug 21 · 49
Timothy Aug 21
there is more meaning
more joy to be found
in a chocolate bar
than in the history of thought
Aug 21 · 53
Timothy Aug 21
The point of life is to find
people activities things
that stop you asking
what the point is
Aug 20 · 56
Timothy Aug 20
If you think about life
you can see it as a problem
and want to solve it
you forget your two feet on the ground
the sweat of the farmer
in the coffee you're drinking
your uncertain future
the friends you no longer have
the feelings you've been squashing down
the unconscious crawl away from the light
God's eternal whisper
life's peaceful intensity

who knows why and how we're here?
who has certainty about anything?  
history should have taught us by now
that right and wrong leads to bloodshed
so instead I just sit here
lazily pondering the rainfall
and looking after my corner of the world
Jul 23 · 652
Timothy Jul 23
the expanding universe asks merely
that we grow with her
Jul 19 · 215
Timothy Jul 19
I'm on the side of the small
things I've arrogantly named
—how small I am when I see
how much bigger they are
than me.
Jun 29 · 245
Timothy Jun 29
the pigeon in the puddle is a reminder
that words are a waste of time
May 16 · 97
Timothy May 16
precious, unbreakable
May 9 · 82
Timothy May 9
life is unfolding
and nothing can stop it
May 5 · 80
Timothy May 5
how sweet to say
I love you, knowing
it's not a lie
May 5 · 80
Timothy May 5
there came a day
when the beauty of words
was obvious and enough
Apr 14 · 94
Timothy Apr 14
the vast sky
and miles
between two hearts
Apr 7 · 92
Timothy Apr 7
and other miracles
Mar 18 · 371
Timothy Mar 18
it is often hard to accept the world as it appears
I am oft open to find some source of misery
Mar 11 · 132
Timothy Mar 11
I thought I'd never smile again
not in the old way at least
but the morning sun on my face
has now replaced those thoughts
Mar 6 · 394
Timothy Mar 6
today's joy
is different to yesterday's
like flowers in the air
I grasp at them
they float away
Mar 4 · 87
Timothy Mar 4
My attempts to orchestrate my life
have not worked. How beautiful!
To let things be what and as they are
Mar 1 · 88
Timothy Mar 1
my fragile future
your outstretched hand
Jan 8 · 99
Timothy Jan 8
today I thank the sun for shining on me
Jan 3 · 103
Timothy Jan 3
how strange to see that
the rest of my life is
the rest of my life
Jan 3 · 167
Timothy Jan 3
forget about words
make your life a poem
Dec 2020 · 180
Timothy Dec 2020
today's delight:
seagulls in the snow
beyond my window
Dec 2020 · 105
Timothy Dec 2020
the world isn't the problem
I am the problem
Dec 2020 · 539
Timothy Dec 2020
I turn off the light
hug the curtain
and listen to the rain

we are but little sparks
in the vast universe
Dec 2020 · 97
Timothy Dec 2020
and the birds are singing
as though nothing has changed
Dec 2020 · 70
(my heart)
Timothy Dec 2020
how can I open it
without breaking it?
Dec 2020 · 138
Timothy Dec 2020
we don't see it
but we're actually acting on behalf of the entire universe

and it's precisely because we don't see it
that we act in such sick ways
Dec 2020 · 87
Timothy Dec 2020
a single gaze can pull you out
of the darkest hole
Nov 2020 · 186
Timothy Nov 2020
Knowing the brevity and value of life, I felt such pressure to enjoy each moment. But this too became a burden when I realised I was incapable of squeezing the juice out of each moment. The past and the future became my enemy, obstacles to presence. And paradoxically, the more I fled the past, the faster it caught up with me; the more I tried to slow the inevitable passage of my experiences to the future, the more its grasp tightened on my mind. Paralysed, I saw that I had no choice other than to stop this presentist idolatry. I had to accept that the past and future are part of the present, and that there really is nowhere to hide from them; the future can sooth the lonely soul, some moments aren't meant to be enjoyed at the time, but to become memories you feast upon in darker times.
Nov 2020 · 158
Timothy Nov 2020
The problem is not
and never was
the world
—but rather,
my way of looking at it.
Nov 2020 · 95
Timothy Nov 2020
the rapidly expanding universe
asks merely that we grow with it
Nov 2020 · 113
Timothy Nov 2020
The sky is so blue today;
The lonely moon so clear.
The occasional seagull flies south.
We look so happy in photos
And feel so good under the bedsheets,
I guess it's beyond the bedroom door
That things go downhill.
The Tao Te Ching asks if we can wait
for the mud to settle before we act.
I tend to just go
from impulse to impulse
and occasional imitation.
Oh well.
Nov 2020 · 70
Timothy Nov 2020
if you think you've lived today before
you're not paying attention

the coffee, the smiles, the smells
they all change

stop living in the past
unless you like it there
Nov 2020 · 190
Timothy Nov 2020
whatever I do
there's no way out
so why not dance
Nov 2020 · 97
Timothy Nov 2020
stop explaining
start enjoying
Nov 2020 · 158
Timothy Nov 2020
soaring above sorrow
a bird
Oct 2020 · 122
Timothy Oct 2020
What am I to do:
the desire to end suffering
is the suffering.
Oct 2020 · 152
Timothy Oct 2020
Life's sweet irony:
in making peace with questions
things fall into place.
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