this hurting heart and the love
i foolishly declared too soon:
both bitters fruits of you
in bloom
We are dreams in God’s mind:
the price of separation is too high
and that is why today I die
to the idea that I'm another lonely soul
Ten seconds with sharp edges
when you broke a pledge made
between two tiring tongues
on a faraway stolen night.
as the sun
searches the shadow,
so too has your love
found its way in
to dark coronary corners
Dreams are reminders
to remind us
that we're not pulling the strings.
We don't know why a sunset
makes the heart sing,
nor why we lie
to our husbands and wives
and live miserable double lives.
And where do we go when we die?
Will we even know
when existence deals us that final blow?
I shan't plead
for shiny pearls,
but please grant me
a beating heart
bigger than this burden.
Addiction is the affliction
of fear to let desires bloom,
so we tragically choke them
too soon. I say,
let your cravings cut deep,
don’t numb yourself to sleep
before the magic happens.
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