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Timothy 3d
I wonder whether my life
has not already become that sad
story I was worried would happen
to me
Timothy 4d
a nice pair of
can redeem our fallen world
Timothy 4d
a good night of sleep
strong coffee
piano in the morning sun

and I am healed
for now
Timothy 5d
if I don't write it down
then the memories will fade
into oblivion
no-one will ever know
what I felt
how life felt:
seeing Lucy Cottam with flowers in her hair
Nain with strawberries
sandcastles at Llandudno with my brothers
other ghosts who've forgotten

words tie my life together
there is surely no one ultimate meaning
but here's to stabs in the
Timothy Aug 2
the world is mad
and will make me mad too
out of necessity I now
stay rooted in my body
in the sensation of being alive
instead of listening to my
mad mind
it has made me do some really
stupid ****
so today's miracle is just
sitting on my hands and
Timothy Aug 2
a good poem is like
a good woman.
you cannot forget
her, however much
you try. believe me
I've tried and
the memory holds on.
grips. noisy traffic
or the birds singing
do nothing to diminish
her. she is there.
in fact, I start thinking
I'm only here because
she is there.
and it's a cycle.
a lovely, horrible
Timothy Jul 17
woman is water and fire
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