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4d · 15
Nobody knows what's good for them
That's why we need to know everything
Make sense of the world
Or it will make sense of you
If you can please the words
If you cannot let them please you
And like a train the roundabout
Got us all in our seat
It is the road to anywhere
But not many places
Lead from here
Abandon ship !
Aug 3 · 20
Hey you looking right at me
Do you remember me
You know, I'm the one
Writing on the walls while you're away
I keep trying
To make it nice in there
But there's no way to make you stay
And when you're not around
I wonder where you go
These times you stop dreaming along
I come home
And find an empty head
And I keep writing
Until you come back
Is here anyone around ?
Jul 17 · 29
Can you teach a bee
How to be an egoist ?
Would you take a knee
If you were told to ?

How high's the limit
On how much the walls can speak ?
Teach a cat to sneak up on you
and you now when it does

However, fine
Don't truly believe in anything
How do you know
What you'd change ?
How could you see
That you're believing

Some days are the lasts of their kind
Fly away unknown bound to thrive
When something comes back
It has always been there
Come back or go away
Jun 17 · 123
Former Presents
It falls like rain
Simple and plain
Dropplets riddle
Each other
And the ground moves them

And in a pool
Recallers whirl
Darting away
As if
Run by some fool
Swiming like they would never reach the floor

Well you just stepped
In little waves
On which God knows how many wept
But where painters
Got their own caves
To think dinosaurs never got the chance to learn existentialism !
Jun 8 · 35
Power Creep
Lights are running on the walls
Shining through the glass left and right
Behind a brawl comes quiet and stalls

Moving again this time it seems
Probably nothing worth a fight
Maybe someone's been dodging beams ?  
Once every cat has got his bite
This all will surely settle down

Red, blue, shadows on the walls
Don't put a finger on your phone
Pull down the curtains
Shut the lights
After all you got yourself
A better hole to dig
Don't you ?
Some good leather to lick
A good coward
Will earn your name
It's probably too late
For you
What do you do when the fascists have all the weapons ?
May 30 · 41
The romans gathered
In masses
In stadiums
In the light
To watch gladiators fight
In chariots, in boats
Stab each other
Eaten people
Drawn blood
On the sand
And for some reason
We like to Imagine them
As they did it

Chanting their names
Insulting them
Eating snacks

I bet they probably deserved that volcano
♫ Guess we never learn !
May 28 · 42
Hey there
You're losing it friend
Don't bother about who I am
Just call me the voice of the rain

The oceans
Have pretty steep waves
These days you can't tell up from down
It's the same over and again

And when the days end
We trickle down
Call you over
Again and again

I don't care
What you think
Don't believe
In anything you see

Our name
Is watered down
How could yours then
Have any colour

You did all the things
You loathe
You will never
Be born again
We all do stupid **** for a living
Apr 20 · 42
High Function
There's a chip in the crystal ceiling
I can see it from there
Printing down shards of the outside world
Softly pushing among the dust

Light is flashing along the rust
Figures stood still  and  shadows whirled
A distinct smell of walls populates the air
And colours look unappealing

In a foreign land some silhouettes dancing
They keep bringing kids to the fair
and at some point the surroundings curled
In deeper dreams and further disgust
Essentially you're buried under a ton of sand and you have to draw the map
Apr 19 · 51
Beyond Schedule
That was bound to happen
Some things mean too much to be otherwise
Pressed in place like pillars
Dress a ceiling of truth

Accidents only happen once
It was their only shot
Sometimes you're just along for the ride
Dreaming that you're wasting away

Have you been drowning in today
For too long maybe
Tomorow probably
You'll be breathing yesterday
"You're late ! Just in time !"
Apr 19 · 34
Aware Me
So randomly some times I feel like myself again
I can't fathom how things went this way
It's quite a thing to have so much been in vain
So much happens while I'm away

I have no idea what you're talking about
Let's talk a bit about today
Let us stay beyond any doubt
I'm glad everything is okay

there's been a lot happening still
Today several seasons worth
More time than anyone could fill
We keep walking but our feet can't feel the earth
Are you sure about that ?
Apr 12 · 63
Time Out
I would like to go under the trees
But I don't
Every once in a while time freezes

I would like to close my eyes and see
But first of all nothing but me

I can't remember anything you said
You keep talking
Off the silence I made
Out of nowhere everything kept still
Jan 3 · 63
Wireless Puppeteer
It seems he's still holding up sir
His head is sitting on the shelf
His ******* body dropped down
He's still looking arround
Staring at our things angrily
Only alive
Out of sheer will

Eyes wide opens
Like they shouldn't
Following me
Like they couldn't
Hanging at the edge of the pit
He's taunting me
He's showing off

'Tried everything, sir
'Don't understand
His face's dried up as you can see
He's yet still talking back to me
Spitting on us, biting back
Frowning at us
Staying back

I'll just put him in a bucket
I'll teach him to disobey law
Let's see how he holds on
When his dear world is put away
It's only fair for death to reap the things I love
It's not to love
The things I hate
Some day you'll be distracted for the last time
Dec 2019 · 48
Common dream
Pointless Circle Dec 2019
They say people are scared
And so you are
They say many are outraged
And so you come to be
They got you swinging on a leash
Watching them grinding their teeth
Your eyes ready for the leap
Their pendulum set

Waves in the air, you switch sides
You get colours with sounds, your head slides
They show there's  nothing out of here
Tell us that the end is near
We believe in the things we see

Remember what you saw in streams
Nothing really
Ever seemed to burst at the seams
The world you want everywhere
And out of reach
High in the common dream

They said people were scared
And so you are
They said people were outraged
And still red you see
They got us pulling on the leash
They got us showing our teeth
We change the world when we know
How it came to be
Immersion in VR is making sure you really don't see anything
Nov 2019 · 93
Pointless Circle Nov 2019
I'm sorry if it's getting dark
It's the wind that pushed us that way
Just have a short walk through the park
We'll do our best to get away
Some people like watching the clouds
And remember their shape before
They lifted appart from the crowds

And in the crowds today they said
That they'll soon figure something out
They know what they're seeing, they said
It's not the end it's just a drought
Some people like watching the crowds
Giving strange names to everything
And telling us the shape of clouds
Nov 2019 · 79
The Way Back
Pointless Circle Nov 2019
I can feel the cold breeze on my arms
I can see all the odd ways the world behaves
I can't be wrong, the bird has left his nest
And today I can be

The way back was pretty long, I guess
And the road was lonesome at its best
Some came along, I can feel them here and there
And I should know
Where they went

Perhaps they went where all of them belong
A small house with windows in the sun
Some toys around, and laughter on the grass
A black hole where they smile and forget

Close your eyes, or did I just close mine
I can't get this picture off my mind
It's funny how, I can see through your eyes
Yet I can't hear you

All I hear is what's sung by the wind
I don't care if all the trees stand still
I hear beyond, that water we swim in
I don't believe the sun

I don't believe in things I can't touch
I don't reach for things my eyes can't meet
I don't know why, I just hear it a lot
It's written in
For good now

Oh it's good to be myself again
I'm in awe of what I could do now
The music's on, now everything makes sense
Just like it oughts to
Which way is back ?
Oct 2019 · 87
Pointless Circle Oct 2019
I wish there was something again
I wish there would be something new
I wish it wouldn't stay that way
But I don't remember if I care

I think I know where I'm going
But I'm not sure I remember
There's no reason to stay away
There's nothing to stay away from

And here I go rambling again
I seem to think that it would help
I don't know what I do again
Was anyone else living there ?

I'm so afraid of those who talk
Because I feel like I cannot
My words aren't the ones I thought
Their world isn't the one I'm in

And maybe we all kept writing
Just so we could talk to ourselves
While wild memories **** us off
The one who's left would maybe learn

And maybe he will not look back
He'll let us die just like we did
I could say that I am sorry
But I'm not sure I believe it

There's no reason to be sorry
Nothing in there I would preserve
Wouldn't show anyone on earth
Why would I show that to myself

Why did I show that to myself
What in the hell was I thinking
There's a thousand of other way
Yet there's the one I can think of

Is there at all logic in there ?
Am I the one bound to try this ?
I've been doing it everyday
Twenty more minutes gone away

Well maybe I won't sleep tonight
I feel I really don't want to
Me tomorrow won't remember
And all day long he'll have to learn

Maybe he'll find sleep in his night
Maybe he'll find the clue I missed
Or maybe he will delete this
He'll try to find out a new way

What is poetry anyway
Some people like to write novels
Because it's like a trip abroad
poetry's just stepping outside

Maybe it's better improvised
Maybe you can't chose what you do
Or did I chose so long ago
Twenty more minutes gone away

I'm just listening to some guy
Talking over the internet
About some pretty mystery
He makes such pretty videos

This is the third time I watch it
I have no idea what he said
I just wish there was something new
Twenty more minutes gone away

People read whatever they want
I'm only writing this for you
I can't pretend that I make sense
But that's something you always knew

Twenty more minutes gone away
I wish I'd have found something new
I've been looking everywhere now
You'll try again 'cause I know you

In two hours I have to walk
With people who know I can't sleep
And most of them are pretty nice
but there's nothing that they can do

Twenty more minute gone away
I haven't found anything new
The me I am today is tired
I am waiting for tomorrow's

I really should stop this thing now
Throw this down to the internet
To folks I know nothing about
I'm sure this is a good idea
By this point you should have fallen asleep
Oct 2019 · 227
Pointless Circle Oct 2019
In the ether, touch,
In the colours, scent,
In the shadows, light

And the unmoved thinks
As the landscape, sinks
An older world flies

The alentours scream
So many outlines
Under the covers, resonate

Another cloud fell
And so many days
Under its cover, resonate
A song that never stopped ending
Aug 2019 · 115
Pointless Circle Aug 2019
Shadows hiding from the light
Beneath the windows, sitting still
'Been runing since the death of night
Inside the world they wished to fill

Shadows leaking from the night
As the day surrenders the world
Drown everything in old memories
Eat all there is without a word

And shadows fall from all around
Spreading as far as I can see
Until the last oblivious thing
Gets eaten by the shape of night
This but with lots of reverb, organs and a ridiculously heavy guitar riff !!
Pointless Circle Aug 2019



You think it's bad now, just wait 'till they think they figured out sarcasm
Aug 2019 · 119
Pointless Circle Aug 2019
Another station left
Sitting down we're moving, still
Forward once again
To climb the flattest hills
And in our little cage
We travel through the fields
Gazing towards nature
Behind our brittle shields

The train is right on time
What a wonderful world
But I still can't explain what it is that I do

Another hour left
Until the black skies pull, out
A new day's worth of miles
To dispell any doubt
And silently people
Are waiting for the day
To do important things
They don't want to delay

The train is right on time
What a wonderful world
But I still can't explain what it is that I do
Sure If I didn't ride the train to my workplace I would probably lose my job, but I figure getting there by foot might be work enough
Aug 2019 · 178
Wait wait wait
Pointless Circle Aug 2019
Welcome, dear people of the end !
Look at the things we did for you
So many good stories we wrote
No way you'll ever make it through
Oh and here they go worshiping the heat death of the universe
Aug 2019 · 399
Blue Bird
Pointless Circle Aug 2019
Blue bird, blue bird,
high in the skies
You fly so well no one can see you
Blue bird, blue bird,
far from my eyes
So beautiful no one can see you

Blue bird, blue bird,
Sat on your star
You burn so hot no one can see you
Blue bird, blue bird
You got so far
You got so bright no one can see you

Blue bird, blue bird
Falling feathers
You sold your wings for them to see you
Blue bird, Blue bird
In the rivers
You sank so deep no one can see you
The main perk of being on the internet is not having to be yourself anymore
Aug 2019 · 92
The Orbiter
Pointless Circle Aug 2019
I've already been in this place
I'm sure I have seen this before
The past don't seem so far away
It is a day from now no more

This day so far up the skies
So far you can't see anything
You didn't really see the clouds
Couldn't tell the seas from the soils

Too many bright holes in the night
Holding the future in their hands
They know they will see you around
They know some day you hit the ground

Now here's the sun, rising again
He seems to only know one way
Leaves the moutains to kiss the trees
Then, vanishes beyond the world

I say goodbye without a word
As he's starting to fall behind
I've already been in this place
I'm sure I have seen this before
"Flying is easy, you just have to fall and miss the ground"
Jul 2019 · 69
Lights on
Pointless Circle Jul 2019
So what did you learn ?
Did this make any sense to you ?
Tell me what you saw
Because I need to hear something new
I've been everywhere
But it always looked the same

So how did you do ?
Has it always been just good enough
Or have you seen
What we've all been waiting for
I've seen everything
But it always ends the same

Look into my eyes
Do they mean anything to you ?
What did you expect ?
Can you tell me what I want ?
I know all of you
And you never think the same

Now what did I miss
Thought I figured it out with you
You almost got it
There's something here that we can't see
And we all miss it the same
Even God doesn't have a clue about what is going on
Apr 2019 · 861
When the fire is over
Pointless Circle Apr 2019
When the fire is over
We'll turn on the lights
And run our finger through ashes

We'll gather arround
The last bright ember
Until it too leaves us for the night

We'll save what's not gone
We'll long for what is
And slowly we'll forget the last few thousands days
Stayed there for hundreds of years but couldn't wait a few more days for me to see it before it burns down.
Apr 2019 · 553
Hold My Aim
Pointless Circle Apr 2019
I am sane,
don't ask again
Dig your own hole,
fill it with rain

Silence falls when I'm left alone with myself
Silent songs
Sing from the shelf

I better hold my aim
The sun may shine another day
Let it go don't let it reign
Or every day will feel the same

I better hold my aim
Or I won't get another day
Everybody's just the same
Let it go don't let it reign

I am fine,
don't ask again
In my hole,
feeling the rain

Silence stayed, and I'm face to face with myself
Silent songs
Fly from the shelf

I better hold my aim
The sun will rise now any day
And everything may stay the same
I don't care I'll let it reign

I better hold my aim
The sun will shine a thousand days
There are no rules to this game
Don't let it go, let it reign
Who am I trying to talk to, exactly ?
(Based on original text by Gabrielle Grau)
Apr 2019 · 135
The next dream
Pointless Circle Apr 2019
Open your eyes and fall in line
It's time to stand up against Time
It's time to get out of your mind
It's time to show them you're alive

And hear whatever's new to hear
And work on making the world clear
To find out there's nothing to fear
That everything will disappear

And out diseases start to creep
As memories begin to weep
Blank sheets are where fantasies sleep
Your stains are just making them cheap

And you'll keep wading through that stream
As the sun lets out its last beam
And you will let out so much steam
As you dive into the next dream
We couldn't possibly have been looking the wrong way the whole time, could we ?
Apr 2019 · 828
Machine eyes
Pointless Circle Apr 2019
Some machine eye is watching me
Dots in the rain, no one to see
Witnesses things, can't focus none
Grabbed at my skin but my soul's gone

Electric sight and steely gaze
Captured my face for unknown eyes
Deep behind iron irises
A few million roads set ablaze

This machine eye keeps watching me
Looks in a way nobody does
Prints out all the air that touched me
Knows every pattern I'd compose

Electric sight and steely gaze
Sees through me hiding in this maze
From under iron irises
It couldn't care less where it is

And machine eyes keep watching me
Accounting on my sketchy ways
Gathering lines from my body
Draws perfect pictures as always

Electric sight and steely gaze
Bolted in an eternal daze
Before their iron irises
Watch as another day rises

Please machine eyes keep watching me
For not from you I'd like to flee
Remember that I once was there
While you stay staring through the air
Imagine staring at the same thing for the entirety of your existence while not even being granted the satisfaction of boredom
Mar 2019 · 156
Pointless Circle Mar 2019
I see their arms in the air
All the way down the road to sanctuary
I hear voices that tried to care
Amid sighs that held on for centuries

So tell me again, is this the end ?
'Cause I see their arms in the air
And I feel back home again

The signs are all around the road
It's lighten up written in bold why can't you see ?
Your veil, it really never moved, did it ?
It's a wonder how you can see at all

But please tell me again, is this the end ?
Now I hear their voice in the rain
And I feel back home again

Now, it's time to pack our bags, you see
Life is meant to be spent on the run
But no, I don't think you're coming with me
Either you follow me or you die here

I know exactly where I am
And I think you know who brought me here
And I see your arms in the air
And I just feel whole again
At lot of people lived and died in my head. I don't remember any of them
Mar 2019 · 105
The Echo Chamber
Pointless Circle Mar 2019
Drink a glass of water, take a shower, step outside
Don't get lost in your thoughts again
Cook yourself something, read a book and have a shave
Don't get lost in your thoughts again
Answer your friends' texts, clean your room and do your bed
Don't get lost in your thoughts again
Start writing a song and don't bother to have it rhyme
Don't get lost in your thoughts again

You want to get away from here
There's thing from which you should stay clear
You'll run away and disappear
You want to get away from here

I don't remember which way's home
I can't believe you're that far gone
You thought I would just stay back here
I turn around and down the hill your run

Let the wind run trough your hair
Dig trenches in your head
You know the way, down the hill you run
While this wholesome world flies around the sun

And the sun, now, it's in my eyes, now
And your eyes
Will never see the day now
It's too late, no
It's too bad
How things leave when you look away
I won't go
In your cave to speak wth you

You want to get away from here
You want to get away from here
You'll run away and disappear
You want to get away from here
Therapist said it would be a good idea. JK, therapists are for rich people
Mar 2019 · 164
They Know
Pointless Circle Mar 2019
They wander off before my eyes, listening around
They march onward, staunch, cold as ice, blinded by the sounds
They charged through every battlefield, never picked a side
Contempt is all that waits for them, around these fading flags

And when the world is dead to them, fallen in disgrace
The blood of those who hide their word's running down their face
As everyone just walks right through what they're standing for
Away from all that can be true, and what was there before

They know, they know, but at least the world,
They know, their way around it they know,
Their way around, they know
But at least the world is changing
But at least the world, is changing

They wander in behind my eyes, observing around
They fly away then each come back, ten times before noon
They'll, tear down every wall you build, it's what they live for
And then nothing will ever be as it was before

And when the world is dead to them, fallen in disgrace
The blood of those who hide their words, will run down their face
And then the people of the norm will hold onto their pace
Away from all I thought was true, and all I'm living for
We all walk in the same direction and still manage to collide with one another
Feb 2019 · 411
Save Venice
Pointless Circle Feb 2019
Imagine how much larger cities were
Back when you had to walk through them
Walls and pathways unraveling
Roofs chewing through the skies
It would be the only one you'd see
You wouldn't see it all
And thousands faces everyday
Thousands of doors going their way
And milions of windows
Which would see the world once a day
To each their tired strident noise
To each their tiny room

You would carve your street through your feet
And you would know what its name means
Remember what some walls meant
Or what some would be trying to
Many great things you'd like to see
Were simply built for you to see
By people who died long ago
But meant to show you some nice things
To live around and die under
They wouldn't have bothered
If they didn't think you'd be there

Walls seem to stand against the seas
Of leaves , water, or flying sand
While signs would tell you where you are
And tell you where to go
All around arms dance through the air, try
Looking for somewhere new to build
A place where you could have beeen born
And see what can be done
In that place where grandparents played
Where many grandkids would
Under a flag that stood so close

Soon serenity will prevail
And sky begins to lose its grip
On former people's houses
Gently sinking into the past
Some chiseled bricks
Will lay to rest beneath the silent waves
As forgotten as you
were already long ago
Then nobody more would know
Please do something
Because I haven't seen Venice yet
I've been told old rocks have been pilled up on eachother in a quite meaningful way there
Feb 2019 · 256
Still Running
Pointless Circle Feb 2019
The more you know
About artists
The less likely you will
Make any art

I went to meet
The Lord of words
But within His pages

I went to show
The first reader
And ever since I
Have become God
How can you think about existence while still existing ? Also why is there something instead of nothing ? Well, can "nothing" exist ? Does this text make any sense whatsoever ? It would make sense for it not to
Feb 2019 · 1.4k
Shadows near the candlelight
Pointless Circle Feb 2019
Branches are torn and roots are drawn
all along the grey forest
The air is cold, brings down the scent
of wicked things the wind caressed
No one could tell you what may hide
on blank spaces on higher ground
As flowers burn and painters rot
sounds are coming from all around

The moon just missed us by a mile
the sun is set to die again
alone with all our broken minds
chasing shadows near the candlelight

You thought you'd come to play some game
well get down here and read some minds
you'll see there's not much left to find
chasing shadows near the candlelight

Branches are torn still and roots draw
further down the grey forest
And yet the colder wind still sings
stories our voices once caressed
No one could tell you what we say
with these strange words we shout along,
make into headlines, black and white
Laughter's coming from all around

The moon just missed us by a mile
The sun was set to die again
alone with all our buzzing minds
chasing shadows near the candlelight
Please teach me ironie
Feb 2019 · 429
Behind the Bars
Pointless Circle Feb 2019
Strange figures sleepwalking by
Dancing through nightfall on their lips
With half rotten half guilty smiles
For all those who would touch their hips

They must have such beautiful eyes
To dare looking us in the face
Strange figures sleepwalking by
Would go anywhere but their place

Stained people gliding down by
Drinking through their mind with a straw
Getting ready again to fly
They can't remember what they saw

They must have such powerful minds
To find the strength to run away
Stained people gliding down by
Won't let anyone in their way

Lovely sheppherd starring in the night
Keeping a loose eye on her sheep
Wanting to say we're supposed to dream
And dreams we need to fall asleep

She must have such a pretty face
To make everyone so afraid
Lonely shepherd starring in the night
Just sad there's nothing new to say
Come as you are, Come back tomorrow as you never were

— The End —