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It falls like rain
Simple and plain
Dropplets riddle
Each other
And the ground moves them

And in a pool
Recallers whirl
Darting away
As if
Run by some fool
Swiming like they would never reach the floor

Well you just stepped
In little waves
On which God knows how many wept
But where painters
Got their own caves
To think dinosaurs never got the chance to learn existentialism !
Lights are running on the walls
Shining through the glass left and right
Behind a brawl comes quiet and stalls

Moving again this time it seems
Probably nothing worth a fight
Maybe someone's been dodging beams ?  
Once every cat has got his bite
This all will surely settle down

Red, blue, shadows on the walls
Don't put a finger on your phone
Pull down the curtains
Shut the lights
After all you got yourself
A better hole to dig
Don't you ?
Some good leather to lick
A good coward
Will earn your name
It's probably too late
For you
What do you do when the fascists have all the weapons ?
The romans gathered
In masses
In stadiums
In the light
To watch gladiators fight
In chariots, in boats
Stab each other
Eaten people
Drawn blood
On the sand
And for some reason
We like to Imagine them
As they did it

Chanting their names
Insulting them
Eating snacks

I bet they probably deserved that volcano
♫ Guess we never learn !
Hey there
You're losing it friend
Don't bother about who I am
Just call me the voice of the rain

The oceans
Have pretty steep waves
These days you can't tell up from down
It's the same over and again

And when the days end
We trickle down
Call you over
Again and again

I don't care
What you think
Don't believe
In anything you see

Our name
Is watered down
How could yours then
Have any colour

You did all the things
You loathe
You will never
Be born again
We all do stupid **** for a living
There's a chip in the crystal ceiling
I can see it from there
Printing down shards of the outside world
Softly pushing among the dust

Light is flashing along the rust
Figures stood still  and  shadows whirled
A distinct smell of walls populates the air
And colours look unappealing

In a foreign land some silhouettes dancing
They keep bringing kids to the fair
and at some point the surroundings curled
In deeper dreams and further disgust
Essentially you're buried under a ton of sand and you have to draw the map
That was bound to happen
Some things mean too much to be otherwise
Pressed in place like pillars
Dress a ceiling of truth

Accidents only happen once
It was their only shot
Sometimes you're just along for the ride
Dreaming that you're wasting away

Have you been drowning in today
For too long maybe
Tomorow probably
You'll be breathing yesterday
"You're late ! Just in time !"
So randomly some times I feel like myself again
I can't fathom how things went this way
It's quite a thing to have so much been in vain
So much happens while I'm away

I have no idea what you're talking about
Let's talk a bit about today
Let us stay beyond any doubt
I'm glad everything is okay

there's been a lot happening still
Today several seasons worth
More time than anyone could fill
We keep walking but our feet can't feel the earth
Are you sure about that ?
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