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Kawa Sep 22
Fall, and you shall wither, winter and you shall fall, spring you shall regrow, summer you stand tall.
Kawa Aug 20
Some day when other lights go out we will be the ones to replace them, each and every one of us will become stars of our own, because within us exists that same light.
Kawa Feb 15
Why would I bring to you dead flowers, when I can put you among living ones.
Kawa Jan 26
“Falling in love” is a contradiction in itself, because in love there is only the rising, the ascending, not the falling.
You can not fall in love, but rather, rise.
Kawa Nov 2018
Handle a woman as a bee does a flower, extract her sweetness but do not damage her.
Kawa Nov 2018
It didn’t matter from which side or from which aspect you were looking, because like diamonds or precious stones she was shining from a million facets.
Kawa Jul 2018
She said after all maybe i am a gold digger, and you’re the mountain that I chose to ascend.
Maybe I am here to explore and delve into your hidden inner world.
So tell me, what treasure lies within your deepest caves, how far does your emptiness reach and what is it that I shall find at the end.
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