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KA Poetry Apr 2018
I'm always here.
Here, faithfully waiting to be yours.
Yes, it's you.
It has always been you.

I've chose you.
In every dream,
In every story,
In every of my prayers at night.

It was you.
In every rain I always pray to God,
That we can meet in an unexpected way.

You're the best part of my life.
Be yours.
10/04/2018 | 21.48 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry Mar 2018
Everywhere that I go,
I think about you.
I'm lost.
Yet, my heart still points at you.

Now, I'm coming back to you.
If I could, I wanna be your home.
A place where you can go whenever you feel pain.
If I could, I just wanna be near you.

I'm coming back home to you.
I wanna look into your eyes,
Tells you I've found my home.
Tells you that you're everything.

I'm coming back home.
I'm going to make everything better.
Until that day,
I'll be loving you for every step of it,

While I'm coming back home.
18/03/2018 | 00.10 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry Mar 2018
I don’t really know what love means.

But since I know you,  I know what is “miss” means.
07/03/2018 | 00.45 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry Mar 2018
The look in your eyes
Stopped me and it stole my breath
You’re my living purpose
My love is alive because of you

Never I reveal all of these deepest secret
Eventually, time reveals them
Don’t be stunned
These secret loves you

I’ll be everything you need
I’ll be better when we meet again
It’ll be awkward but trust me,
It’ll be worth to be remembered

Maybe steps not in the same rhymes anymore
But see this old path of ours that became the witness of our memories
Only prayers in the purest prostration
That will hold these beautiful memories of ours.
05/03/2018 | 22.26 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry Feb 2018
We don't get together not because of distance

It's because of love that plays in one side only, mine.
21/02/2018 | 23.20 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry Feb 2018
Falling in love is quiet beautiful
Yet dangerous
Is it me that won’t letting myself out
Or she that won’t letting me in ?

After all this years
I searched myself something to love
I’ve found it
But I let it go

Not because of all the rejections
Not because I’m giving up
It is because I love her
The only way to love her, is to let go

I know that my presence isn’t desired
I know that no matter how hard I try,
She closes the door when I knock
Since then, days of memories is all I got.

Days to be remembered.
15/02/2018 | 13.55 | Indonesia | K.***
KA Poetry Feb 2018
Saat waktu sedang berjalan menjemput,

Aku akan mencintaimu untuk setiap detiknya.
07/02/2018 | 02.29 | Indonesia | K.A | Dia : Part I Poetry Series
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