8.9k · Feb 2016
The Intended Reader
PoetryJournal Feb 2016

Without knowing who the audience is
The poet writes only for inner peace.

7.5k · Sep 2015
Explaining Love
PoetryJournal Sep 2015

What only needs to be felt
can hardly be explained.

7.2k · Aug 2015
Gender Equality
PoetryJournal Aug 2015

There can't be gender equality.

GOD is still a HE.

5.7k · Jan 1

The sky is a clean slate.

Write your dreams on it.

Happy 2017 to all poet friends.
5.3k · Jul 2016
PoetryJournal Jul 2016

Penniless starved of bread
his only treasure he carries in head

he's the wingless bird on constant flight
no darkness can steal his light.

3.8k · Jun 17
PoetryJournal Jun 17

Leave footprints on this shore
so others to come
might find the way.

3.6k · Mar 20
Paid for Poetry
PoetryJournal Mar 20

Poetry pays us nothing
except when
paid attention.

2.8k · Nov 2016
A Poet's Motto
PoetryJournal Nov 2016

not to impress
but to not repress
the emotions.

2.6k · Sep 2016
Live Another Day
PoetryJournal Sep 2016

The only cure
to the feeling of failure
is retry.

2.6k · Feb 5

When I need help
I write to myself.

2.3k · Oct 2016
Lunar Lake
PoetryJournal Oct 2016

Upon lake
by the wind's kisses
moon breaks into pieces.

2.2k · Oct 2015
PoetryJournal Oct 2015

Some people
make it possible
to create wealth
impossibly large.

Behind every great fortune lies a great crime ~ Balzac
1.9k · May 7
Face of Death

is breathtaking.

No wonder
it takes the viewer's breath away.

1.9k · Feb 2016
Shine when you Burn
PoetryJournal Feb 2016

through your agony
to alleviate
someone else's.

1.8k · May 6
Be a Party

Love is in the air



1.8k · Mar 2016
What redeems us
PoetryJournal Mar 2016

is the hope
someone would be interested
in our story.

1.7k · Nov 2015
Unwise in Love
PoetryJournal Nov 2015

While loving
forget not

wisdom is a spoiler for emotions.

1.7k · Feb 2016
Flatter to Deceive
PoetryJournal Feb 2016

You only flatter to deceive
the more you promise
the less I receive

the less I receive
the more I grieve
You only flatter to deceive

You only flatter to deceive
in all you promise
I foolishly believe

the more I believe
the more I grieve
You only flatter to deceive

You only flatter to deceive
the more I trust
the less I receive

the more you promise
the more I believe
You only flatter to deceive

You only flatter to deceive
promise so much
so less I receive

the less I get
the more I believe
You only flatter to deceive

1.7k · Dec 2016
You are the poem
PoetryJournal Dec 2016

You are the poem
I take into bed
in fancy's flight
by the nightlight
read in my head.

You are the poem
I wear as my locket
a watch in breastpocket
each and all moment
hold onto closest.

You are the poem
I carry like a reason
a fragrance through season
an unwilting flower
given love's name.

1.6k · Mar 2016
Fundamentals of Faith
PoetryJournal Mar 2016

Faith can be a vital blessing
a deadly curse.

I hate though to harp on the topic.
1.6k · May 1

Right or wrong
Short or long
Dark or light


1.6k · Jan 2016
Remembering Louis Brown
PoetryJournal Jan 2016

There's a dizziness in my head
eyes rebel with blur
when i read a poet was here and dead
yet breathing words from afar.

Beneath the old magnolia tree
I used to hold you close to me
And there I carved upon that tree
That I loved you and you loved me

Beneath the white magnolia blooms
You cast a spell with your perfume
I believed those wooden words were true
Ingrained in hearts of me and you

But time wears out what boys engrave
Nothing's left of the love you gave
Except that old magnolia scar....
I wish our love had come so far

Yeah, I wish those words were still on track
Cause every spring I dream me back
To tender lips and sweet perfume
Beneath the white magnolia blooms

But time wears out what boys engrave
Nothing's left of the love you gave
Except that old magnolia tree
Reminding me.....reminding me......

Comes that moment when skin is dust
the legacy the words we leave
a poet's mind lies gravestone cast
for a heart to find retrieve.

There is a past age
That no one can alter
And tomorrow will be
What tomorrow will be

But here in the middle
Is one precious moment
A quicksilver instant
That challenges me

RIP Louise Brown (1953-2015), an outstanding poet and songwriter who contributed to this site.
The words in italics are his from his poems The Old Magnolia Tree and Moment of Truth (his last post here on August 28, 2015).
This work inspired by a feeling of sadness while visiting his work.
1.6k · Jan 2016
What if
PoetryJournal Jan 2016

You have a roof
four walls and a bed
what if the many
have no shelter on head

You have a table
laid with food everyday
what if the many
don't have one meal a day

You have a wardrobe
with your clothes' load
what if the many
are in the cold unclothed

You have a car
fueled to speed
what if the many
suffer lack of basic need

You have a heart
a conscientious mind
what if you don't share a part
with them left behind

economic disparity is man-made, the least we can do is to share a little of our privileges with the ones having none, instead of looking away.
1.6k · Mar 5
Principal Principle

Dress up the woman with love
before you undress her.

1.6k · Aug 2016
I could never be a poet
PoetryJournal Aug 2016

I could never be a poet

A few short lines
and winds whisper in my ears

enough your job is done
go out and get the view
the world outside is a dazzling hue

flowers are attired in their best
birds are singing in their nest
spectacles are waiting for you
hush of dawn morning dew
expanse of night starry glow
milky way moonlight's flow

I drop the pen and run outside
not a man but a child wide eyed
so you know why my words are few
the winds call me to get the view.

1.6k · May 13
PoetryJournal May 13

Most of the poems
rebound on skin

a few only
enter within.

1.5k · Mar 2016
PoetryJournal Mar 2016

What a wondrous creation of God
only she can fill a man's void
minus her all beauty is arid
awesome is her loving heart
nothing can match her resilience.

a tribute that's never confined to a day.
1.5k · May 10
Not once
PoetryJournal May 10

Nah, I couldn't ever say it
only a matter of three words
tongue didn't roll out
over and over again I tried
nary uttered it remained
came and went the years
endlessly flowed her love.

could I say I love you
1.5k · Jun 28
Go Missing
PoetryJournal Jun 28

Neglect love
and she'll be the moon
on thirty-first June.

1.5k · Jun 12
Until the Next
PoetryJournal Jun 12

Words ceaselessly pour
still losing their way
to the core.

1.5k · Feb 2016
Eternal Spring
PoetryJournal Feb 2016

Write love poems
as if
you would never outgrow them.

1.5k · Aug 2016
Wish Granted
PoetryJournal Aug 2016

I always wanted to be rich
Fortune smiled upon me
Put in the vault of my heart
The wealth called poetry.

1.5k · Oct 2015
To the ones spreading light
PoetryJournal Oct 2015

I salute the poets
who living in the quagmires of sorrow
raise a light
to dispel the darkness.

I salute the poets
who with their feet sinking
raise a tune
to revive hope.

I salute the poets
who deeply deprived
raise a hand
to offer solace.

I salute the poets
who of load of pains
don't groan
but let their art
be radiant
as a beacon.

My vote goes to them.
1.5k · Feb 19
PoetryJournal Feb 19

The clever poet makes readers cry
The poet can't keep his tears dry.

1.5k · Mar 6
Falling Tide

Over the beach
the gulls screech

waves recede
beyond reach.

1.4k · May 3
Here and then..

The flower will blossom as it is
petals will dance to wind's kiss
the wings will touch the blue sky
only you won't be there
and I.

1.4k · Jan 2016
If you plant a hope
PoetryJournal Jan 2016

The soil will grow a tree.

1.4k · Feb 2016
Sky's not the limit
PoetryJournal Feb 2016

If you really want to be happy,
Know your limits.

1.4k · May 2016
PoetryJournal May 2016

Let nothing else
grow on you
as obsession
except love.

1.4k · Apr 2016
Where She Flows
PoetryJournal Apr 2016

I have not been to the river
but she flows in my eyes.

1.4k · Apr 29
As you know it
PoetryJournal Apr 29

Once I loved a woman.

She made sure
I wouldn't twice.

open to interpretation
1.4k · Apr 2016
PoetryJournal Apr 2016

I climbed the high mountain
but lo
only reached within.

1.4k · Dec 2015
I had this in mind
PoetryJournal Dec 2015

I had this in mind

in the land of poetry
all these would be left behind


but here on poetry's fertile land
they too are bred
and hollowness rings

with poets squabbling over petty things.

1.4k · May 2016
Of the Poems I Read
PoetryJournal May 2016

to take them in the open
and recite aloud.

on my lips quiver
like a prayer.

1.4k · Mar 10
PoetryJournal Mar 10

at the point
I start feeling
only I'm right.

in the mind's battlefield
is for ever killed.

1.4k · Jan 2016
Perceiving Freedom
PoetryJournal Jan 2016

You're free
only when
you believe in it.

1.4k · Apr 19
PoetryJournal Apr 19

How human we are depends on its degree
Unrecognized but a key human trait
Marks a person out this attribute
Imbues with an aura of goodness
Low profile they love to maintain
Interests not them the limelight
Touch the heart of whoever meets them
You have it and I too should.

1.4k · Sep 2015
PoetryJournal Sep 2015



1.4k · Dec 2015
Adult Child
PoetryJournal Dec 2015

Believes in Magic
Knowing there's none.

PoetryJournal Aug 2016

Sorrow comes an uninvited guest
takes big chunk of mind
builds there a nest

His stay is not brief
settles in his room
feeding on my grief
living on my gloom

Sorrow comes an uninvited guest
makes room in my mind
torments like a pest

His room needs no lights
sees thru my pain
gives me sleepless nights
fills my eyes with rain

Sorrow comes an uninvited guest
tears my peace apart
on my pieces rests

He grows on my plight
thrives on my ache
snuffs out my life light
dances as I break.

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