As my spirit soared over
the golden, green landscape
the clouds tumbled and parted
revealing the sun's illuminating rays
onto the earth below,
shining into the windows of the dying
and their will to live,
I admired the peaceful beauty of
the flowing, pale, blue river
gave my blessings to the fisherman
gazing up towards the calm skies
in rocky waters,
rained sweet, soft candy
on the village children running barefoot
alongside the river bank,
the sun became an evening filled with
shades of cool purple
and midnight blue,
and the first of many stars
began to twinkle and glow
as the villagers began heading towards
the heart of the golden landscape,
each treading lightly among
the same ground their ancestors
once walked upon,
one by one,
golden, orange, and red lanterns
filled up the diamond, night sky
each set a glow with the memory
of a loved one's touch and smile
and made unique by
the messages written across
the slip of paper placed inside,
I brushed by and bestowed my blessings
and love,
for the journey of the souls,
once frightening and lonely,
now resonates with the warmth
of humanity's remembrances and love,
during the night of the
Midsummer's eve Lantern Festival for the Souls.


We all are the same,
Some say its half filled,
The rest, half empty.
And, how different it is to living?
A little less life,
And a little more pain.
I'm of, but less love inside
And a lot shattered.
Into a thousand small pieces,
Collecting every bit and every piece,
I thought of joining the line connecting the dots,
In the air.
As I remember doing it, as a kid.
But hard it is,
You see, one piece collected and wrapped in my arms,
The other falls down.
And on and on it goes.
Hush.. Tired! (But, of life)
Do you remember my friend,
Too less accepted and,
Too often ignored.
So less are the smiles, more are the cries.
Life, it is, my friend.
The less we found,
The more we lost.
Life, it is my friend,
Life, it is..!

The single star on London sky
is white dot shining high
a clear path between two worlds
and we are stuck on planet Earth.

this star is bright and every night
is looking curious down my window
staring into my eyes,
in one month we came so close
my dear star sings me songs
and tells me stories
about people and other mysteries.

Choose gratitude over regret,
Before the time ticks away.

So throw off the bow lines,
Sail away from safe harbor.
Catch trade winds in your sails.

Choose in now, choose your happiness. Choose wise. Take the first step in faith, universe will guide u ahead.

immersed in the sea
a sphere of passion glitters
as the tide appears

it’s strange isn’t it?
the ones who barely know you
have the most to say

back from my hiatus;

In rain coming down
all around, the sound profound,
Hellebore bending.

copyright 2015 Verlie Burroughs

From the diary of a rainy day poet.

have been
lived in
like your
pair of
blue jeans.

are never
and are
only what
might have

are filled
with moments
saved for

put on
blue jeans
and live
like tomorrow
will never
be here.

is today
and today
blue jeans
want you
to dance


..when I want a laugh I read them
...what was I thinking
...when I made them

Much like children

...they’re my reflection the water
...time stamp
...of where I was

Much like children

...have to feed them
...every once in a while
...ask what they want of me
...honestly don’t know

Much like children

...I have my favorites
...ones that make me cry
...take me back to beautiful times
...those little hands

Much like my children words

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