PoetryJournal Dec 2016

Remember the day the heavens opened up
and fell on us like million dancing faeries
igniting two hearts with the first spark of love
nudging them to embrace the fearless walk
covering the dreamy stretch of unknown miles
over mountains along valleys down the seas
assured in the most adverse of downpours
to be protected by the warmest hugging fabric.

Charles Macintosh (1766-1843), a Scottish chemist and inventor of waterproof fabric; on his 250th birth anniversary.
PoetryJournal Dec 2016

quietly wait
angler's bait

if a fish
finds fulfilled wish.

PoetryJournal Dec 2016

Most resilient is the heart's membrane.

Contracts with pain
to only expand again.

PoetryJournal Dec 2016

Every beauty
to a memory!

PoetryJournal Dec 2016

Many are the hurdles to our happiness
Enough is never enough for our need
Rests not this mind with contentment
Roots for more and then further more
You and I are thus selfishly confined
Can we not try to look a little beyond
Have a look at needs beyond ours
Rise for the ones worse off than us
Invest our hearts to someone in need
Salvage a small hope for someone lost
Take a hand to say I'm with you
Make one mind warm with our touch
And be kind in every possible way
So as to make the season truly merry.

PoetryJournal Dec 2016

Today I decided to take a walk

I arbitrarily chose a way
telling myself

my life all along has been without direction
I aimed for nothing
set no goal for myself
not giving a damn
if I was going forward or backward
never going overboard
to overcome the hurdles on the way
not too frustrated if the roadblock was much
nor too happy with unhindered passage
but just walked getting to know
there was no other way
than walking the allotted length.

Today I took a walk
deciding arbitrarily
one from the any
and the choice solely mine
was just fine.

PoetryJournal Dec 2016

Noble is the man
who is willing to part
with a small part of what he has.

Nobler is the one
who is willing to part
with a large part of what he has.

It's only the noblest
that willingly parts
with all he has.

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