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 Mar 2020 larissa
Nigel Finn
These are the hands that will guide you to greatness,
These are the hands that will stay through the years,
These are the hands that will celebrate good times,
And these are the hands that will wipe away tears.

These are the hands that will love you forever;
When you are weak they will help you feel strong,
And, right now, since these hands are entwined together
These hands are precisely where they belong
Recently I was asked to write and perform a hand-binding wedding ceremony for two of the loveliest people I know while I was dressed as a dragon. It's definitely one of the best things I've ever done, and I doubt I'll ever do anything like it again! This is the poem I wrote for the special moment.
 Mar 2020 larissa
your name
 Mar 2020 larissa
when ever i hear your name
my heart instantly
to the bottom of a
 Sep 2019 larissa
 Sep 2019 larissa
Everytime I make plans with you
My gut clenches up
Like a fist ready to go
But I know
Already I know

I know that I'll kiss you
After buying and sharing your food
After hugging and talking
Like good old friends do

I know that I'll miss you
After kissing and setting the mood
After wishing and wanting
Like long lost lovers do

So everytime I make plans with you
My gut clenches up
But there is no fist ready to go
Just butterflies squirming
Because I already know
 Sep 2019 larissa
Erian Rose
When I am around you
The butterflies come swarming
You make me breathless
 Sep 2019 larissa
i hope i make you
feel the same way
as when you're exploring
an abandoned building at night.
i want you
to feel nervous and
exhilarated all
at once.
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