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Wake up every day feeling like the end is near
but if God got you then have no fear
Some days are bright, some days are dark
overwhelmed by the bad days but you still possess that spark
get up & look life in the eye
even when you crash, you’re still fly
What’s faith if you give up when times get hard
What’s the point of playing the game if you fold when your favor ain’t in the cards
Look at you, you’re blessed & highly favored
out here trying to make better & get this paper
Don’t worry about the hard times, they come & go
Trouble don’t last always so don’t you fold
Even when all Hope seems gone, God comes thru in the clutch
although people are full of it, in him you can always trust
God got you & you got you, you gone be alright
You’re a solider in the battlefield, don’t give up the fight
Life is a War & i refuse to let you give in during the struggle
I’ll keep you from going over when life got you in trouble
You gone be alright, keep ya head up & keep moving
Your win is soon to come, remain humble regardless if you’re winning or losing
- Poetic Venom
Motivational Monday
When I didn’t believe in myself
you made me believe
What I thought was a joke
your support made it feel like a dream

If not for you, I would’ve given up long ago
It’s because of you, I still have faith to go
Turned a hobby into a passion, now look at me
touching & impacting lives just like me

I used to write to free me from myself
& you made me believe in myself
The cure for depression, I may never find
but I thank you to keep me inspired in writing

Thank you for the love & the support,
for you’re the reason I’m still here

With Love;
Not Poetic Venxm, just Dre
For those who've always loved my writings & supported me when my own family didn't believe in me ... you mean the world to me. Even if I never had another poem to trend or reach more than 1k views ... I Thank You for Everything!!
It’s been weighing heavy on my mind for quite some time
about getting those roses when it’s my time
I’ve seen many go way too soon & the respect they’re given
watching as roses fill their resting grounds & their spirits being risen
As I cry for those souls, only one thing jogs on my mind
if they were still here, would they get those roses in time
Why does an untimely demise have to be the key for appreciation
folks wanting to say they love you but there’s such hesitation
Then I think about myself & the things I’ve done for those I care for
do i have to pass away before they tell me they love me forevermore
I only see roses raining when the sky opens up its invitation
for the next spirit to come in for the next spiritual destination
I don’t wanna cry just to get a warming hug
I don’t want to fight for my life before receiving real love
I don’t wanna hear you telling me you love me once I’m in the sky
cause those roses will be meaningless once my time runs dry
- Poetic Venxm
Like being in a dream
no one hears your scream
trapped looking for an escape
unable to awake
trying to move but stuck in place
mentally feeling out of place
never knowing when it’s the day
to say goodbye
thoughts of seeing those you love cry
as you move on to that paradise in the sky
nothing more horrific than what you predict
when you finally give in & say “I Quit”

Poetic Venxm
Though I'm not in a depressed mindset, I'm sure I'm not the only who's felt like this before when in the mind state of being depressed & feeling like you're out of options
I Am You;
right there going thru the similar storm
trying not to quit
& sometimes wishing I wasn't born

I Am You;
sleepless nights, crying the night away
blaming myself
fighting for those who don't wanna stay

I Am You;
sometimes wishing I could die
overwhelmed by the pain
wanting to know how it feels to fly

I Am You;
looking to escape from the hell around me
feeling alone
& shut down from the society that surrounds me

- Poetic Venxm
I cry in its arms & vent everything I feel
no doctor but my deepest wounds, it heals
Always there when needed, never turning its back
the greatest thing I’ve ever loved & that’s a fact
I don’t depend or count on much
but one thing’s for sure
this bond we share is beyond pure
Pretty eyes, warming smiles all let me down
but words always find me when I don’t want to be found
Pretty Little Liars with dreams turned into nightmares
don’t have faith in much but Poetry Never Broke My Heart
- Poetic Venxm
The constant battle between sanity & insanity
the sudden rush of worry that comes before me
Questions of close acquaintances on what’s gotten into me
using these meds heavy, they’ve became a friend of me

But they don’t know how anxiety can mentally destroy a man
I wanted to be happy & worry free, this wasn’t part of the plan
so here I am at war with myself & the mind of the possessed
trying to figure out if the end is indeed next
cause even when I pray to be let go
I can never plan for the consequences
it’s either Freedom or a Death Sentence
no fear of any human alive except I
Anxiety brought out the best in me,
that’s why I cry
- Poetic Venxm
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