A relationship that began 4 years ago, lead to many stops
even seeing someone else love you & I cried as my heart dropped
There was something in me that kept holding on to you
like I was missing something or maybe felt incomplete without you
I strongly believe you’re one of the branches that can easily break
but you keep holding on no matter how hard our relationships shakes
I don’t know where we went wrong & I don’t know if we’re meant to last
but what was hurting me was seeing you back there in my past
Above all the toxicness & the heartache, you provided light to my life
& without you here sharing life with me, it doesn’t feel right
Watching you leave would be like watching the sunset in the South
it’s beautiful yet painful when the most beautiful creation goes down
We’ve been on & off but I must be honest, I don’t love you the same
I love you from a distance, so far that you’re nowhere near my heart & it’s a shame
because you meant the world to me but sometimes, some people aren’t to
remain forever or always stay attached to you
- Poetic Venom
Chasing **** & being a bachelor
Losing out on the best things, getting nowhere faster
In my head, I thought I was living the life I always wanted
but still in the midst of it all, something didn’t feel right
I’m attached to the **** things caught up in the night life
Trifling mental, carrying myself like all the others
Charming any woman foolish enough to stay as I guide her underneath the covers
But I’m missing someone like you
Someone that brings out the best of me like you
Someone who shows me so much love like you
I’ve gotten stuck on you & I’d be lost without you
I don’t know what I’m feeling but it feels right
Unsure what the future holds but hopefully you’ll be my star in the night
And the beauty of my every morning sunrise
Basically what I’m saying is, without you I’ll probably be weak
a lonely fool, that can't be me
& without your love making me whole, I’ll always be Incomplete

- Poetic Venom
The love we had, the love we shared
many envied it but none compared
The thoughts that came to mind
The light we led to shine
The memories we created from the love that faded
Passion, Pain, & Pleasure, the theme for our every night
after the tears caused from petty fights
2 torn souls colliding at the wrong time
with the perfect love that’ll never reach its prime
Happiness came to play whenever we were apart
trying to become one but we never knew where to start
No love greater than treasures
No feeling deeper than oceans
Just 2 hearts awaiting yet to be awoken
Our happiness was complete as we went our separate ways
as the sun wishes us good morning ahead of our sunny days
while the dark clouds produces sadness for our rainy days
We’re whole not being one, we’re just meant to be that way
- Poetic Venom
This year I thought of what I wanted for Christmas
a few things came to mind but it’s too important for a list
If I had my way, I’d bring the troops home to spend time with family
Give the homeless something to keep hope alive rather than suffering from tragedy
The things I’ve prayed for, money could never afford
I gift blessings & prosperity to others, I do this in request for no reward
I pray for Peace, I pray for Love, I pray for Unity, I pray for a better society
where everywhere is peace & horror is no longer a part of our reality
All I Want for Christmas is Change, All I Want for Christmas is Joy to All

- Poetic Venom
If I was stripped of everything I had except for you
that’ll be all I need, the only thing keeping me sane is you
With so much darkness in my world, baby you are that light
no need to fear when it comes to loving you for there is no price
Feel pain no more, fear me not
cause I can do without many things but you, I cannot
Hold on tight & don’t let go
for this love has the potential to grow
I’m a man of many mistakes but meeting you was a test
to see if I’d ruin a good thing before I could see if it’s blessed
I found all I needed the day your world collided into mine
& that’s the only thing I’ll ever need Until the End of Time
- Poetic Venom
I came a long way to let the negativity stop me
I gotta keep pushing no matter how many may doubt me
I’ve been counted out since the day I was born
now here I am telling the story of a young man scorn
Never had a father figure, just me & my mom
& watched her struggled for us to eat with these dead end jobs
Been going strong for 14 years although I took it for granted
doubted myself & fell for the evil vibes I attracted
I’m saving lives with my words but the world ain’t heard of me
from Canada, the UK, China, Japan, & even Germany
You ain’t promised to be big when you come from my home
you either settle for fast food, construction, or wasting life at home
If I gave it all up, I give up on those that look up to me
the self harmed burdened angels who quit cutting because of me
To many I’m worthless, but to a few I’m referred to as a hero
the one they ran to when their tears needed a pillow
It’s a blessing to be a blessing & it’s amazing to see
how I’ve achieved my main dream without being famous, ***’s just using me
- Poetic Venom
Today marks a milestone for me. I started writing poetry when I was 9 years old but never would I have ever imagined that I'd be able to write approximately 1,015 poems to date. It's crazy how I find inspiration from various places, able to write from many different perspectives, & able to speak for those who can't find their own voice. My poems don't just represent me, they represent the people who inspire me, the people who experience mental health issues, & those who've gone through the worst in life. Never thought I'd get to this point but I'm proud of myself. Such an accomplished to close 2018 out.
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