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I’m the guy who likes the girl who likes someone else
Oh, if we could only dance together
How I wish
I want somebody who wants to be with me
So, I’m not the quarterback
But I’ve got it going on
I’m safe, steady, reliable
Ready, so ready
I crane my neck looking longingly
Why isn’t she with me?
I plod along wishing, hoping, wondering
When, how it will come to be
That day will come when the girl
Won’t want to be with him
Because she’ll be with me
were playing tag
having fun
were screaming
but were smiling
were laughing so much
that were crying
"tag your it"!

but then they grew older
we went our separate ways
i thought we were best friends forever
but things changed
i couldn't let go

"i'm not playing!"
"get out lets have some fun"!
"you'll never leave again
once i'm done"!
she wasn't smiling anymore
and i was laughing so much
she was crying
but then they stopped
i was crying

"tag .. your it...."
Self love is
that sip of tea
keeping you company
like liquid glee.
Self loathing is
that bottle of ***,
your only friend
to turn you numb.
Self love is
watching the clock
strike ten forty-five
and sleep like a rock
Self loathing is
3am coming violently
as your brain screams
ever so silently.
Self love is
putting down the pen
saving that next line
for who knows when.
Self loathing is
stabbing the pen
through the paper
again and again.
Self love is
waiting out the storm
taking a deep breath
and keeping warm.
Self loathing is
hating every raindrop
and begging for
this storm to stop.
Her eyes tell a story
Of anger and pain,
You think she is happy
But just look again.

Hidden under her clothes
Are the scars of her past,
A roadmap to places
She finds herself at last.

The tears rushing down
As she tries to lift her chin,
Her heart at a shatter
This fight, she won’t win.

Her smile is now painted
A master of disguise,
And you can see it all
Just look into her eyes.
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