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Ryan Dement Jul 2022
Your pain is a false debt
I want to forgive.
Ryan Dement Jul 2022
On the best back way to the park
I met an old well-meant friend,
gave him greetings, condolences,
and directions,
everything I'd found since.
Ryan Dement Aug 2021
Let me leave you gently
to come back content.
Ryan Dement Aug 2021
If I were you,
I'd wear my armor
on the outside
Ryan Dement Aug 2021
Every time you fall asleep,
Ryan Dement Jul 2021
The weeds that find
the cracks
in your concrete
have begun
to peek through
Ryan Dement Jun 2021
I kept asking you questions
about yourself,
but you only shrugged and
until at last,
you invited me in,
saying, "I have more sheets
than I need."

And there,
stenciled on the walls,
were all my answers.
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