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Dec 2017 · 299
Leave Me
Kayla Dec 2017
I heard them whispering
Whispering those thing
Into his ears
About me
Telling him to change his mind
To leave me
Now I’m scared
He will leave me
Nov 2017 · 343
Kayla Nov 2017
So there is this boy
This boys name is Georgy
He melts my heart
Like popsicle on a hot day
He knows what words to use
What words to make me smile
The smile only he can make
He knows the way to touch me
The way that makes me melt in his hands
He knows how to kiss me
To make me shiver with every touch
Georgy is what I want
When he whispers
The soft wanting words
Into my ear making me want him more
The intensity of each other
Looking into each others eyes
Deeper and deeper each time
The look of ****
The **** for each other
Oh how I love this Georgy
Nov 2017 · 465
Kayla Nov 2017
Everything he does
To the way he talks
And the way he laughs
Every little things makes me fall
Fall even more in love with him
In love with him
Like I’m a skydiver jumping from the greatest heights
Every little thing he does
Reminds me why
Why I fall in love with him
Over and over again
I love him for who he is
Nothing will ever change that
It's not about my boyfriend.
Nov 2017 · 138
Kayla Nov 2017
One Two Three breathe.
It will all be ok.
Just breathe I tell myself.
The voices will go away if I take the pills.
The thing is though.
Those little colorful pills the doctors gave me.
I don’t take them.
They make the voices go away.
The voices are my only friends.
Even though they tell me nasty lies.
But maybe if the voices went away.
Maybe just maybe someone will want to be my friend.
What am I kidding.
None wants to be my friend.
The ******* crazy girl with the voices in her head.
So, I stop taking my pills.
I keep my only friend.
Those voices that push me over the edge.
The voices that ended my life.
Nov 2017 · 127
Last straw
Kayla Nov 2017
It was the last straw
She could hear it snapping like a twig being stepped on
He’s done this before
Looking into his eyes she barely hears his words anymore
All she hears is the flow of the syllables he uses
It ends all the same
But before It can ends she stands up and walks away
To a new life not ruled by him
Nov 2017 · 322
Best friend or not
Kayla Nov 2017
He's got this thing he does.
This thing with his tongue.
It goes a tick tock tick.
Over and over like a broken record.
But what can I say he is my best friend.
But annoying as ****

A tick tock tick.

He's got this thing he does.
This thing with his fingers.
It goes a snap snap snap.
Over and over like the spider man movies.
And hey I ain't dissing the Spider-Man movies.
But come on keep peter perked the same person people.
But what can I say this boy Is my best friend.
But annoying as **** but not so annoying anymore.

A tick tock tick.
A snap snap snap.

He's got this thing he does.
This thing with his mouth.
It goes a pop pop pop.
Over and over like a bubble popping.
But what can I say he's my best friend.
But maybe I want more.

Tick tock tick.
A snap snap snap.
Pop pop pop.

Is it hard to say that maybe the
Tick tock tick
Isn't as bad anymore

A snap snap snap.
Pop pop pop.

Is it even harder to say maybe the
Snap snap snap
Isn't annoying anymore.

Pop pop pop.

Is it hardest off all to say maybe the
Pop pop pop
Is what pulled the last straw.

Maybe my best friend is perfect the way he is.
Maybe I love him more than my best friend.

Tick tock tick.
A snap snap snap.
Pop pop pop.

He doesn't want what I want.
He loves me in a different way.
He loves me as a friend.

Tick tock tick.
A snap snap snap.
Pop pop pop.
Nov 2017 · 199
Teddy Bear
Kayla Nov 2017
Boys are like teddy bear.
You love them for a short amount of time.
When that’s times up and the timer rings.
You just throw them away.
In your closet where you never see them again.
Then you get a new teddy bear.
You love this teddy bear.
The way he smells like the woods,
but after shave at the same time.
The way he fits perfectly in you’re arms.
This teddy bear oh you think it’s the one.
The one your going to love till the end of you’re life.
No this time the teddy bear stops loving you.
He throws you to his closet.
Just like you did to that teddy bear.
Now you know how it feels.
Opening your closet you bring that old teddy bear out.
Loving that old teddy bear till the end of your time.
Nov 2017 · 149
What she sees
Kayla Nov 2017
she sees the light
she sees the world as it is
fire burning at the bottom of her heart
that fire ignited by the very touch
the whisper leaving the hint of a whisper
the flare of her skin as the hands run down her side
she’s fighting the urge to scream out loud
this isn’t happening
not to her
she sees the light
she sees the world as it is
she sees his eyes that are lies
the story of love he told her
the night the wind howled in her ear
the first night the I love you left her lips
Nov 2017 · 522
The mistake she made
Kayla Nov 2017
She was just a girl
A girl who made a mistake
It came up negative
She thought she was fine
Forgetting about the mistake she made
2 weeks went on and it still hadn’t come
Worrying the negative should have been a positive.
She thought to herself what have I done
One appointment later she found out it was wrong
It was a positive what has she done
He told he used
He told her it was on
She trusted him but that lasted as long
if the life growing in her stomach
was just a mistake
mistakes can be erased
but erased it she did not
the life living inside her
was worth more than this
this life living inside her fixed her
more than he did
This is about my friend. She is dealing with the decision of keeping a life inside her, o r getting rid of her baby.
Nov 2017 · 360
Hopes And Dreams
Kayla Nov 2017
She’s a girl
A girl with hopes and dreams
A girl who has put forth everything
Everything she has
Her hopes and dreams
Are all she wants
Until a man
Dressed in black white approached her
He asks what she wants the most
She told him all her hopes and dreams
Looking her in the eye
He tells her hopes and dreams are for fools
Fools who think their dreams and hope will become reality
With those words she loses
Loses all her hopes and dreams
To what this **** man said
This **** man that was only a ghost
A ghost in her own mind

— The End —