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Kayla Sep 2018
The night terrors have returned to haunt me
Not able to sleep alone in my own bed
The monsters in my dreams look like you
The look of being used and hurt by you
When I am asleep with my eyes still open
Scared that they might come alive
And eat my sleeping body
Kayla Sep 2018
Have you ever loved something so much it hurt
Well when I think about you
And your Non-Existent love for me
It hurts
Kayla Sep 2018
I think I have a problem
An addiction
To a substance
So deathly dangerous it could **** me
But my addiction
Oh how I love my addiction
It pulls at my skin with a mighty strength
Pulling me closer to my end
But honey my death would be bitter sweet
I am okay dying for something I love
Cause honey you are my addiction
And you are slowly drowning me
In my own tears
Torturing me with hurtful expressions and words
But honey I'm okay if you **** me
Kayla Sep 2018
I'm living in a broken world
A broken world
Surviving without you
A painful destiny
A destiny granted to me
To live without you
Kayla Sep 2018
I think I have finally found my missing piece
That missing piece was you
Kayla Jun 2018
He has finally noticed me
He has noticed my interest
He has noticed me
Now I must keep him noticing me
  Jun 2018 Kayla
i'd like to tell you
that i'm fine
but I'm
too torn apart
to talk
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