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Planejane2 Oct 7
I’ve been on a roller coaster
I’ve been on a jet
I’ve been getting high
And I ain’t come down yet
Planejane2 Sep 3
Waste of a ride
Waste of a life
Is the trip even worth it
Planejane2 Aug 26
A pinball not spiraling out of control
Not scared of falling
Not scared to let go
For I know
That I will not lose control
And I will not stumble and tumble
Down the dark hole.
The chase,
The race,
To be in first place
Is not that satisfying than to just participate .
To think I was sad all along, but sometimes it feels good just to be the tagalong.
Planejane2 Aug 26
I don’t know if I miss you
Or I miss being comfortable with you
But I miss you at the moment.
Planejane2 Aug 25
I’m living in lala land
I just don’t, don’t understand.

Why am I, so pretentious
I’m trying to manifest...
Sing to the instrumental of In those jeans by ginuwine. Working on a song.
  Aug 22 Planejane2
Faizel Farzee
Run like there's no tomorrow
Cry only to alleviate sorrow
Live like our time is borrowed
lets not cower
take this life by the neck
imprint you are not a coward
the hurt makes us stronger
punch with everything you made of
even sorrow we devour
churn it in our soul
then spit out flowers
let your flamed courage bring forth the rain
let it descend
It's a meteor shower
let this winged words take you higher
soar above the chaos
i bet life will seem brighter
we are all born as fighters
its for us not give up
in this world
with all the power.
Whatever the situation, keep fighting. We born fighters. it's for us to wake the power within us.
Planejane2 Aug 22

Dreamer, in my dreams, they are schemers
Just what I wasn’t hoping for
But, I was singing in psalms
I was rereading my poems
Looking for the clues on the type of men like you...
I’ll be there for hours
Trying to decipher
Between love or lust
Making it for hours.
Caught up in my flesh,
Trying to catch my last breath
As you ****** and I pounce on top of you
Because in my dream, your a schemer...
Devil in a dress, satan riding around in a Beamer
Selling me dreams of watered down Hennessy and Mickey
As I play Minnie
Or am I the duck
Or the dog that goes hu-yuck
As I’m a little more sophisticated
But goofy, for daydreaming about the things that won’t happen.
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