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Knife to my back
knife to the front
I’ve been playing suicide
Trying to play my own stunts
This ain’t what I want
I didn’t want to wear the crown of crazy
Somehow I am the one,
Separating families
After the baby

I think my poetry is too personal...

You get what you put out, and I did just that.
Energy cannot be created nor destroyed we were never a good match.
**** I admit it
I thought of as I was confused.
Moving recklessly, now I understand how I have to move.
Thought you were too smooth, thought you were too cool.
You can’t hold water either, just like me too.
Only thing is, I was playing checkers while you were playing chess moves.
I play the queen but become the king when I can’t move.
Crazy how I’d never de-friend you.
Or de-head you.
Out of all the people yea, but I ain’t the only one too.
I’m getting off topic
I’m getting too egotistical.
I’m not showing self love
And holding myself accountable.
Sometimes you gotta vent to God, sometimes you gotta pray.
He sends you various test but somehow you get in your own way.
Planejane2 Jul 20
God is within her
She will not fall
I always thought it said
She would not fail
I will prevail
I will not be hollowed in by this shell
I will raise hell
God is within her she will not fail
Planejane2 Jul 20
(Un)official Girl. I’m stressed
I’m gonna hold you duress
Because I made a mess
And showed you the pains of my bed
Don’t worry about what I said
That **** was all in my head
I never want to lead
To lead you down the wrong path
I’m the bubbles to your bath
Anything you had, it’s what you have.
I wanna make you laugh
Let’s not circle back,
I got your back.
Touch and fill and close every crack.
Tell me baby...
Are you down with that??
Planejane2 Jul 19
I never felt so confident
More now  than ever
I never would have thought that I could endeavor
I was so sly and shy, but never knew I was a fox and so clever
You gave me the seeds. Now I want this to grow, now more than ever.

Is your favorite color green, cause so is mine
I can recall the day I made the decision
What a moment in time.

Green like buttercup. A tomboy, so fearless and tough.
Green like the money trees, Mother Earth just wasn’t enough. (read as if rapping)

But it’s yours, your the ruler, where’s your crown? When my mind tries to escape, you’re the one who holds me down.

You take me along on flights, while you do circles around everyone’s town. I try to make every place a home whenever, wherever, whatever we touchdown.  

... continue.
Planejane2 Jul 18
Blue and red on your feet
Strapped up with the heat
When you gone learn you can’t mix
Fire and air
Boy you acting stupid
Better twist up your hair
Or let it unfold and let it all go...
Planejane2 Jul 18
I’ve been wondering why I got them on my brain.
It’s because I got these keychains
I’ve been giving them the key
Shoot, I’ve been given them the magnets to stick to me.
Funny how you stick an earring in my foot
As I’m thinking about keeping them
Like a hook.
A fish off the leash
Of the chain.
Planejane2 Jul 18
My favorite tradition every April
But my, my God, why has it turnt me so hateful.
I’m trying to be prayerful.
I love you, but my love has turnt hateful.
I love how you never bought us pink.
Victoria’s secret
Then you got it & made us sink.
I got green, while she got Pink.
Dividing us, were you trying to divide me
Always provide me
With things I need
Then cut me off my dark green
Staying with you, I think I’ll have to pass.
Because all you ever did was try to make me laugh, or was it the other way around
Because all I ever saw you do was frown
Staying with a clown
It’s okay. I stayed too.
Ronald McDonald, they just tried to connect families
They are family
But why God does she be mad at me.
I got all these pointless things.
Elmo, Barney, Dalmatians, Valentine’s Day bears, hair...
I don’t wanna keep this bottled.
So do you follow?
I gotta leave
And so do you ReNEE.
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