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Nov 3 · 109
Empty tear drops
I’m not sure what to write anymore
Millions of thoughts I could talk about
Though not many words I could use all alone
Things I feel does kinda make me drown
And now my knees getting weaker
Shoulders getting a bit more heavier
Causing all these nights to never sleep
Making my inner peace have knife edged screams
Ran out of all my generosity, spent in vain
Wish I had something left to embrace again
But all those missing bits of paper of goodness
Left back in time had truth that didn't burn
That I found, read and regretted over all of my mistakes
However there’s no way to return
So… guess all I can do now is LEARN
Oct 30 · 64
Abandoned Subjects
Piyush Sharma Oct 30
Times demanding words to share
Little things to begin with at least
Still burning from a long ended wars
Stabbing wounds to become scars
Been too long with no honest smiles
Neither tears nor stars in those eyes
Million thoughts ran at once
Still none spoke for itself
All the bright places are visible
Still get pulled into the dark and miserable
Not done yet still seeking for good
Wish I had an alternate childhood
Sep 18 · 306
Letting it go
Piyush Sharma Sep 18
This aura seems bizarre,
Wounds finally turning to scars,
Whispering to, just... walk away,
Burn everything I've been longing to say.
Sushing the weeps of weakness,
Plugging music, freezing out critiques.
Reassembling a rogue sphere out of mist,
Filled with oblivious emotions that covertly exists.
A new phase begun, rather continued...
A silent voice resembling screams that're sewed.
Unknown phase.
Jun 27 · 294
Piyush Sharma Jun 27
Absurd emotion hunting down souls,
Unknown fossils only the aftermath knows.
Sadness, regrets… the only hidden survivors,
Stains of tears disclosed the survival of wise liars.
Baits of sympathy captivated the grieving lives,
Slaughtered the last sentiments under open eyes.
Mob of frozen heads lingered over the cold clinkers,
The clinkers of so called immortal sentiments of overthinker.
Benumbed disguise of a grieving survivor escaped,
Segregated far away to get itself prevailed.
Tried making it as some kind of tale...
Jun 26 · 127
Arcane Odyssey
Piyush Sharma Jun 26
Nights howl in tears
Days passes with fears
Carry on with feeling feelingless
Eyes picturing every nightmares
Every memory redirects to regrets
Every emotion expires unexpressed
Every thought vanishes like wishes
Every vision appears fictitious
But hope somewhere still lies
Dawn awaits somewhere in disguise
Providence blooms the destiny to rise
Until then days still passes away in fears
And nights still howls in tears
Jun 23 · 391
Piyush Sharma Jun 23
The aura that turned numb,
For memories it couldn't overcome.
Silence resided blank faces,
Days that turned hopeless.
Memories burnt to ashes of regrets,
Some things... just never settles.
Unknown feelings, unknown stages,
Normalized every guilt and hatred.
Introverts survives the long run,
Pain and love makes it all numb.
Poetry & music turns the only places to speak,
And nothing else really stands to be with.
Jun 21 · 191
Why Do I ?
Piyush Sharma Jun 21
Love being alone, just by myself,
But then soon loneliness dwells.
Silence feels so overwhelming,
But being silent gets depressing.
Love vibing all alone,
But then this ambiance groans.
Night's darkest and I'm wide awake,
With all those regrets I wish to erase.
But these nights feels so cold and calm,
Making me feel its what I've become.
Then under regrets I drown
Still I don't wish anyone to be around.
Hate myself with the way I turned out,
Just always letting people down.
Jun 20 · 486
Deep End
Piyush Sharma Jun 20
With a little bit of this,
A little bit of that.
Nothing never fits,
Falling dark and flat.
Yell towards the sky,
Empty trust, hollow lies.
Stay up all night,
Sigh till its alright.
Too sad to be quiet,
Still no one in sight.
Should've been delicate.
Ambiance now looks desolate.
Too numb to love,
Too conscious to hate.
Too guilty to confess,
This point in life I guess...
Would do anything for ecstasy.
Jun 13 · 79
In My Head...
Piyush Sharma Jun 13
My overthinking has been overflowing
Ocean of thoughts and I'm sinking
Trusts are on verge of extinction
Silence giving me its addiction
Shouldn't have been stuffing and hiding everything
Shouldn't have made promises with fear of getting burnt
Cause things are now burning deep down inside
But its getting deep in the AM and I'm too tired
And I'm still unaware of the purpose behind myself
So, should I be happy and proud of being different
And adjust my personality to stealth.
Or confront my exhaustion towards everyone
And just keep on waiting for the dawn.
I don't know what's been wrong with me.
May 14 · 167
Tell me about you?
Piyush Sharma May 14
This place here, not sure I'm supposed to be...
At this point, I guess... "I'm okay".
Mornings starts by waking up with cold sweat,
Unpause yet another song at 3 AM,
And somehow just survive the day valiantly
Too much to stress about & all I'd do is scream secretly
Hesitate to be myself, guess being open is being numb,
Unaware of my own feelings, that's something I've become.
Every 'HE' & 'SHE' know the tale to visualize,
But its scary to look into their judgmental eyes.
Yeah... they may just stare, may even appreciate,
But its probably hate... for the goodness its too late.
But hey... I'm just another teenager unaware of the evil future
With yet another bleeding fairytale,
Who acts all sobby and pale...
With his heartless heart for sale.
"Growing up" - to sail from the phase of being all heartily to the phase where you need to be heartless.
Apr 15 · 304
Virtually Recluse
Piyush Sharma Apr 15
I've penciled my wounds over paper,
When people departed & left me an anaesthetic nature.
Had some ecstasy on the journey too,
No remorse there & that's something true.
Though I've been stuffing down all of my fumes,
May be that's what you do when all you have are echoing rooms.
Yeah I became sagacious enough on this path not taken,
Roved into a phase where memories get forsaken.
That's something you dream when you've been in rain,
And furnished others in a blissed frame.
This confounded world of such people...
Has an unexpected ecstasy in its own steeple.
It's actually kinda sad but being an introvert seems a better option in this generation.
Apr 3 · 320
Around the chaos I've been breathing,
Flowing through tears but never crying
I have a scream inside that can't speak
Gave everybody things I couldn't afford
Along the line of hate I've been searching smiles
Feeling so drowned I couldn't sink
Confused inside but improvised others
Someday someone would listen & relate
But it'll probably be too late...
Different perspectives
Feb 4 · 669
Burnt smile
Wish I could swallow back my words,
To make things right I guess.
But you're busy fulfilling your wish,
Turn my words & set them on flames...
Making things between us more insane.
Was buried under things I never mentioned,
So how could've I stayed...?
After you lit that match over my intentions.
Jan 28 · 557
Hidden Truth
Piyush Sharma Jan 28
What if I told you I'm sorry...
Will I get to see that old glory?
Or are you too bruised, too broken...
That I'd be never be aware of...
And now I've been like this through...
Of playing so calm so cool...
Every time I see you....
But ****... I really do miss you.
Jan 21 · 193
Crumbled Paper Love
Piyush Sharma Jan 21
We crossed paths, like never met before
So numb, like the hardest ignore
Saw a nightmare, probably the best dream
All these thoughts, probably unseen
The cruellest past, made regretted utmost
Too sad, cried like never cried
All this love, now forever kept aside
Jan 21 · 363
Endless absence
Piyush Sharma Jan 21
I felt every bit of you
Your pain, your love
Everything you were going through...
Gave you everything;
Some tears, some smiles
Protecting you through lies...
Still failed to you, failed in love
Everything now sounds bluff
You cried & I broke down
All this love... made me drown
Jan 7 · 385
Couldn’t keep up any promises
Each one had its own stress
Each one messed up parts of me
Like the heart’s beating
Around an empty guilt
Allotting an awful feeling
Eventually I stuffed it all down and deep
But it acquired me an absurd satisfaction
And it pushed me hard somewhere…
Somewhere down and deep.
Dec 2020 · 509
Existing Nightmare
Piyush Sharma Dec 2020
Yeah, you've been the best to me,
Yeah, I've been regretting things.
No, I can't hurt you anymore,
Want the best for you nothing more.
You've had enough scars,
Over your heart by my name,
But I'll be here still holding hands,
With your soul and smile...
Hoping for ecstasy.
Nov 2020 · 318
Ailing Heart
Piyush Sharma Nov 2020
I'm at the bottom of my heart,
And its so evacuated, so empty.
It's so dark and cold here,
But everything feels OKAY.
Now I'm here waiting alone,
Eager for console in my soul.
Nov 2020 · 378
Stone-Cold Sober
Piyush Sharma Nov 2020
What has been so wrong
To everything all along
Life owes me a reason,
Cause I can't figure it out
Things look crazy, sound weird
The way my heart has been falling out
The way no house feels like home
The way I've been acting so often
So Numb & Cold... Much like a Sober Stone
What changed everything?
I really don't know... may be
Oct 2020 · 261
The Aftermath Effect
Piyush Sharma Oct 2020
Let go emotions, hide your feelings,
Accept it, its all day dreaming.
You better be numb,
You better be quiet,
Else you'll be dying soon,
With your own loaded gun,
Of expectations, of doubts,
Of fear, of memories,
Of things you could never even imagine.
May be / May not be
Oct 2020 · 349
Existent Nightmare
Piyush Sharma Oct 2020
So deep, lost into thoughts
How would I've known...
I was the only one...
All along matching the dots.
Deep down somewhere
Expecting your hand
Sadly I didn't even knew
I was standing solo...
On the boundless abandoned land.
Oct 2020 · 472
Piyush Sharma Oct 2020
When you've experienced people
Choose material over you
When you've been in a group
And felt all the way abandoned
That it took your very soul out of you
And you wanted to confess
A lot of things but you couldn't
Just because that might...
Make you look 'crazy and weird'
You wanted to make them feel better...
Feel what you yourself wanted to...
But you just... couldn't.
You try to ignore all these
So you don't get negativity around you
But eventually you end up
Being totally different...
Looking better outside...
To some or most degree...
You actually get lost and helpless
But you get habitat to it
To being alone.
Then neither the best things
Makes you feel better
Nor the ugliest things
Manages to suppress you.
No one can ever know the ACTUAL YOU, not the god not the devil not the family not the friends not even your closest ones, which you definitely don't like it but neither can you do something about it. Now you're changed into a completely different person, and you definitely you can't go back!
Sep 2020 · 311
Praising Your Worth
Piyush Sharma Sep 2020
You gave me a shoulder to cry
A reason once again to fly
A peaceful corner in the chaos
A hand to wipe off my raindrops
Letting my every part for you
Cause in darkest doors...
My heart just needs you to come through.
Everyone may be having thousands of friends and contacts...
But its just ONE person who really cares  and helps you when you really need it.
Sep 2020 · 363
Faking Yourself
Piyush Sharma Sep 2020
When you're tired of acting all good,
Acting all happy, smiling even when you don't want to,
With time flying through...
You just forget what actually HAPPINESS means?
And then your existence is a mess.
Neither relishing in its satisfaction...
Nor filled with tears of contrition.
I'm not sad...
I just like dropping lines of the crucial side.
Sep 2020 · 737
Unlike Fantasy
Piyush Sharma Sep 2020
People always fell in love...
No one rises to love,
Cause when you're down... feeling low,
With darkness around deep and shallow,
Love won't demand your last breath,
It'll help you not to be afraid.
It won't demand you to rise for it,
It'll help you rise, smiling along your soul.
Just so you won't ever feel alone.
But when it leaves, and you perceive its significance,
When you took it for granted...
Instead of realizing that it mattered.
It just leaves you broken....
With your soul frightened and shattered.
I may not be absolutely perfect in terms of LOVE...
But its just what I felt and learnt from my momentousness,
And penned what I could.
Sep 2020 · 135
Piyush Sharma Sep 2020
This clueless hill I'm climbing  upon,
Tiring everyday but a new hope by every dawn.
Bleeding freely for the renaissance,
Hoping there for a better ambiance.
Ready to proffer everything I've got for the better...
Sep 2020 · 389
Piyush Sharma Sep 2020
Smile that doesn't surrender
Faith that doesn't fall
Trust that doesn't sleep
Chaos that doesn't bother
Truth that doesn't die
Lies that doesn't count
Some things never exist around...
Sep 2020 · 206
Kinda Wierd
Piyush Sharma Sep 2020
I don't understand myself,
Being so abnormally felt.
Act so happy, smiling around,
Then lie to myself hurting through ground.
Talk so deep, act so trash,
Happy being alone, but ending in crash.
Hope someday this ends...
Don't know how it would...
But low key here feels kinda good.
Sep 2020 · 362
Being Genuine
Piyush Sharma Sep 2020
Hold me like the warmth of sunrise,
Like your will for me feels so wise.
Something so true, something so pure.
Like your presence is my only cure.
Seeing you being always so genuine,
I just hope you stay forever mine. : )
Aug 2020 · 124
Piyush Sharma Aug 2020
Hold me like the warmth of sunrise,
Like your will for me feels so wise.
Aug 2020 · 138
Slightest HOPE
Piyush Sharma Aug 2020
Everyone here's got something to breath,
A little hope to feel safe underneath.
Someday a little love to try,
Someday a little  sadness to cry.
But even when a tiny thing feels hopeless,
Its whole creed dies with a pain that looked painless.
helping the hopeless with hope would be the most saintly help
Aug 2020 · 369
Revive me
Piyush Sharma Aug 2020
Taking a moment to feel myself,
Tired making them happy in their shelves,
Now that when the soul doesn't know itself,
Searching my smile, my heart delves.
Lost somewhere deep inside.
Jul 2020 · 151
Piyush Sharma Jul 2020
Crucially dark, what is this feeling?
Something hopeless, but I'm dealing.
Still the bruises leads to your absence,
Ending to yours hopeless ambiance.
But I can't blame it upon you,
Cause the bruises has me in its view.
Though in this pain I can't quit,
But somewhere I hope I'd make it.
Jul 2020 · 94
Piyush Sharma Jul 2020
Yesterday I tried to pray,
Though i didn't knew what I'd say.
I'm at home still it feels so far away,
I just feel like giving up and just walk away.
Walk away from all of my judged fate.
Like I'm empty and walking through hate.
Like I'm tired but somehow breathing,
Like with time I feel my heart's seizing.
For the one's who have fought so well in life from every hurdle and now when you've almost reached your end you feel like giving up because you're tired, just know that if you stop here all of your fight would be best for nothing, and I know the ending is neither easy nor beautiful, but trust me the end is both. The end is the beginning of your success. Don't give up!
I tried to replicate the struggle in this poetry, hope you relate.
Jul 2020 · 206
?? WHY ??
Piyush Sharma Jul 2020
It's just the beginning, but it feels so long,
Even if I'm right, I feel so wrong.
I live in darkness even when I have light,
Why's life making my pieces crumble in this fight.
Still I don't know what's going on...?
What happened that went so wrong...?
I keep running but wish to slow down,
Why's everyone running behind the crown...?
Why not calm down, take a moment to feel the breeze,
Why not find peace and live in its ease...?
I wrote a poem for the people who've been through or going through depression, anxiety. A time when there are in-numerous why's...
I might not exactly relate but I really tried and gave my best.
Hope y'all like it.
Jul 2020 · 101
Part of ME
Piyush Sharma Jul 2020
I still crumble every day every night,
Still finding a way to some light.
All these days have been gone so wrong,
All I've done is write things all alone.
I behave ******* and really do hate this skin,
Do **** then apologize for the sin.
It's hard to admit but I had to commit.
It ain't all right, but I can't help it.
I don't know but I can't run anymore,
Cause all it does is make me fear till the shore.
Part of me wanted to write it and post and part of me was afraid to do so.
Jun 2020 · 94
Piyush Sharma Jun 2020
May be its tough,
Deep down so unknown, so rough.
Too much hate, empty love,
I miss it, but i know now... ITS ALL BLUFF.
Something happened, something cruel,
Still you laugh, you smile, you giggle.
Though it made you empty inside,
Still you want to ignore and keep the truth aside.
Are you weak, or you need time,
And see me go down,.. keep making rhymes,
Incognito but I can feel the essence,
But the essence's getting faint,
And now there's no sense for any of your rain.
Jun 2020 · 201
Piyush Sharma Jun 2020
Never meant to hurt you,
Things happened and correction feels late.
When everything was fine,
When love had its shine.
Though I was going to hell,
But I never meant to,
And now you're broken,
Me trying to fix the pieces,
But there was none,
That the pieces had to fade away.
And now life's like a needle wound,
Small, so many and bleeding out the ecstasy.
Seems no way to fix it.
Piyush Sharma Jun 2020
Here this strange reality,
Making its way to insanity,
Knocking me off balance,
Falling through a brash silence.
It's numb but I can feel it all,
It's different in its way,
There's no explanation after all.
Jun 2020 · 218
Piyush Sharma Jun 2020
My ecstasy taking its exit,
Every breath now knows its limit,
Unaware of myself, I guess I'm sad,
Loosing all the smiles that I had.
For people I forgot myself being "me",
Now that I've left with only regret to feel.
I don't know what it is, but it scares me,
I want to speak with someone but it kills me.
Now that I've realized some things I guess,
And now only wish to get away from this mess,
Just to leave everything so far behind,
Even those truths that once made me hide.
It was just me feeling some sorta things, and i wanted to talk to someone but i couldn't, so i just wrote it down, that's what we do, right?
Hope u all appreciate it.  : )
Jun 2020 · 147
17 years
Piyush Sharma Jun 2020
Was very young when realized,
LOVE in my house was tiny sized,
Cursing each other behind the wall,
Chaos was getting common after all.
Piece of care could've been one,
To make it home but there wasn't none.
Wished to be erased soon as possible,
Needed to be strong for this hustle.
I'm alive now with this behavior knit,
Trust me man I wasn't born with it.
Soon, I see myself far away,
Away and so truly erased,
Just so nothing could get me traced.
Chaos always turns a home into just a house and matter of fact this is getting very common in families, tearing them apart. I started writing just so I could escape into a different world, a better one, and so here I am again, kind of better and stronger I guess, and tried to feel my first poem ERASED after a long time. Stay together guys, and make each smile stay forever.
Jun 2020 · 171
That Moonless Night
Piyush Sharma Jun 2020
It happened during the midnight,
When everyone was so numb and quiet.
Things appeared darker than usual,
With a sentiment neither pleasant nor brutal,
But still it felt a bit cruel.
The darkness made me weep a little,
And calmness was at its brittle.
Thoughts emerging rapidly so many,
Making me feel  much frightened already.
By the time tears had a halt,
Couldn't feel it but I heard the dawn.
it was an experience that i tried here to portray, hope u like it
May 2020 · 217
Piyush Sharma May 2020
It started as a camouflaged war,
Though the end appeared to fall apart,
But it had already begun,
You being alone & there's no way to run.
Neither a day nor a night,
Would settle this life-less undying fight.
And every time you fight yourself,
An undying strength comes by,
But a part of you is unknowingly expelled.
Yes life can be easy, but actually its not when you talk about the reality. Every word here counts its meaning. We write hard.
May 2020 · 104
Undisclosed SHE
Piyush Sharma May 2020
She was trying though,
When her hopes were feeble,
She wasn't crying though,
When her pain was brutal.
She was breathing though,
When her life didn't agreed for.
She smiled though,
But still her heart was sore.
May 2020 · 101
Piyush Sharma May 2020
She always cares,
Her love feels like a swear.
Always holds me when I'm down,
Makes my sadness drown,

Warms me when I'm cold,
Saying you won't walk alone.
Stitched my bleeding heart,
Took the blood in her cart.

She's a fighter & I'm inspired,
She fights and never gets tired.
Though we're young feathers,
But someday we expect our home together.
May 2020 · 271
Piyush Sharma May 2020
There're all kinds of people,
You won't know whom you're talking to.
Many can make you so unsettle,
Rest would feel you through.
May 2020 · 96
Sea Storm
Piyush Sharma May 2020
Winds blowing to loud,
Tears enveloped in cloud.
Thunders grudging in heart,
Tide of lies making love inert.
Love sinking in this stormy sea,
And you sailed away.
Left me harrowing memory,
Now it appears every day.
May 2020 · 95
Piyush Sharma May 2020
You say you feel me,
And do everything to heal me.
But then words come out,
And you end up killing me.
Don't tell me to just go numb,
Cause it totally sounds dumb.
I like being alone,
Cause it calms me like none.
Set ur own rules, be happy with yaself.
Inspired by NF Music Band
May 2020 · 138
These Days
Piyush Sharma May 2020
Days are scorching,
Brains are parching.
Quarantine feels endless,
Days losing conscious.
Friends emerging on screens,
Surrounded through machines.
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