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Pitch Hiker Mar 2021
One, do not fear to make mistakes. Mistakes are lessons, and in every lesson, there is something worth learning.

Two, live for yourself. Do not simply live to be the pleaser of all people but live to be the person you know to be the best version of you, no fake smile or white lie will suffice.

Three, Remain open. Open to new ideas, to new religions, to no religions, to all people and to all people of all backgrounds, the worst thing you can do is to sabotage yourself of wonder and strong connections simply because you believe in one thing and one thing only, because people who are different are bad, and because new ideas are wrong.

Four, know that you won’t always be pretty, remember that beauty comes internally and as a human good days come and they go, just as we can count on the sun to return in the morning after it has set for the night. Accidents happen and when they do, we only need to get up, brush off the dirt, and move forward. Our scars will heal, and we will become stronger from our ordeals.
Imitation Poetry "How To Be A Person" Shane Koyczan
Pitch Hiker Mar 2021
You didn’t know this.

But I wanted to quit

Every single day

That your attempts

At making me uncomfortable,

They worked.

That your gearing


And angry yelling

Scared me.

That every time

I was bodied to the ground,

I wanted to give up.

That every time

I failed to keep up

It was just another reason.

You didn’t know this,

Because I never wanted

You to know

You were winning.


I didn’t let you.

And now,

We can stand

Side by side,

And call each other.

Pitch Hiker Mar 2021
If we were all planets,

You would be the sun,

And I would be Mercury.

Cycling around you 360 degrees,

Eager to exemplify my

Dedication to your gravity.

I would say one thousand good mornings,

And one thousand good nights,

In the time it takes the earth to make,

One full rotation around your flame.


We are not all planets.

And you are not the sun.

I am not Mercury.

And I cannot tell you

One thousand good mornings,

And one thousand good nights,

In the time it takes earth to make

One full trip around the sun

With a gravity, we are too small to even notice


If we were all planets

You would be the sun.
Pitch Hiker Mar 2021
It was a calm, quiet day,

However, the tribe knew

It was one of their last.

It was the last sunrise they watched,

Before their tribe was pillaged.

The last time they would smile and laugh together,

Before they were ***** and slaughtered.

Peace was far from an option with the white man.

They pleaded and fought for the right to exist,

But it was not enough.

Now they must fight like the white men.

They must take up the ways of torture done to them,

In efforts to end the raids, the pillaging, the ******.

They fought for their families, their freedom.

Their children, their culture. They fought for love,

And honor and peace. They were denied all of these things.

This man losing his family fights for them.

He gives his life in the hope others can live on.

His horse bound to him and weak,

He witnesses friends die,

And soon he himself will perish,

In the name of progress.
another for class
Pitch Hiker Mar 2021
Chief Crazy Horse fought for his people.

He fought for the land that had been stolen from him,

The wildlife killed simply so that they could not have it,

And for accessory.

He explained how they didn't want or need their civilization,

That their great spirit intended them to live by the hunt.

They wished to live as their fathers before them lived,

To make the most out of life

To live and love.

To hunt and gather.

To create and build.

Crazy Horse now stands above the blood-stained land.

His words fall on ears that are glued to the sound of money,

He in unrewarded for his honor and left without a home.

He can only hope the white man will change their ways,

That they might hear his people cry, and they cry too.
Pitch Hiker Dec 2020
My vicious love acts out of fear
My vicious love acts out of pain
My vicious love seeks to be loved back
My vicious love is scared of the unknown
My vicious love is hurt and does what it can to protect me from more hurt
My vicious love causes me to become too involved too fast
My vicious love calls on my past to remind me why I love this way
My vicious love causes me to be lonely when I’m with the person I love
My vicious love causes me to cry over things that really don’t matter
My vicious love makes me worried all of the time
My vicious love makes me too prideful and act out of my lack of self confidence
My vicious love will ruin you too
So run before my vicious love loves you
Pitch Hiker Oct 2020
I want you to love me
The way that you loved me
When we first met
I want you to be as interested in me
The way you were when you were chasing me
I want you to see me the way you did when you
Would call me beautiful
I want you to walk me to class the way you used to
And the way that you'd walk all the way over
Just to walk me back
I want us to be together in the way we used
To be together
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