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PiLomus Oct 3
The mind started to dive in nothingness,
But doubt seeps in.
I felt frightened to make this journey,
A journey to decode
the questions of right,

Confused i walk to find the virtue of rightness,
Suddenly all around me,
Inferences started to fell victim to the darkness,
Mutely emerges this moral song,
Dancing on the ridge of right and wrong,

I fear the fall on the either side,
Not that i fear the pain,
But deep down a realization remain,
The fall will widen the perspective gap,
That it claim,

Considering the cause is in other,
There will not remain a way to uncover,
To uncover what is right or wrong,

Come forth the silence of dusk
To make an effect,
Still myriad dots left disconnect,

From this onus the mind became baffled,
And the poor soul quietly maffled,
How can it be fault of mine?
When my six can easily become your nine.
PiLomus Sep 15
Lost i am
Like Sun in haze
Is it just a phase
Or i am losing my case

What is this haze
I can't fathom
Is it random?
Or a alexithymic amalgam

Hurting life is never my intention
Then why this mawkish detention
If being considerate is a crime
Then **** me and make it my shrine

Accused of not understanding
Like a lone cause i am standing
Making sense from this lifeless dirt
Someday to find my worth

Never expect any apologies
Just a try from you
to understand my ideologies

Wishing tomorrow to be a happy face
But all i am getting is broken embrace
PiLomus Jul 21
I want to cry
Plenty i have try
But i can't
Why it seems impossible for me
Am I a million year old tree
I am a man
Is that why i am conditioned
Or i am a stone
Who had live through every season

I want to cry
Don't understand for what reason
Perhaps to feel like a human
And not like a demon

I want to cry
To feel like i am alive
Not just a body who is here to survive

I want to cry
But still
these eyes are so dry
How easy is it for some people but hard for some people.
PiLomus Jul 17
Today i felt like
Losing to myself
There was no external factor
But only my desolate character
My delirium saw no bound
To the extent that i block all the external sound.
I lost to the things
Which i consider to be my wings
Today i lost, not to pride
But to the clarity i hide
I surmise, i was on the right deck
But reality gave me a bright check
I felt so lost
Seems like all maxims have lost their cost
My grail lost its frame
And there was only shame
But true to its name
Love claimed its right
Leaving no reason for me to contrite
Whatever happens, happens for a good reason
PiLomus Jun 19
Countless journeys you make
For someone else's sake
Sharing world's of wisdom
But of someone else's kingdom
Silent you remain
Never ask for any grain
Taking burden of answers
for the questions you never ask
Bearing everyone's pain
But never have any complain
If all seem gone
You never left me alone
Because when the world won't listen
You are always there for the coalition
Writing is a privilege for everyone in their own way.  Cherish it.
PiLomus Feb 26
With ignorance as a pride,
I dawn on the regular stride,
My mind was weaving its thread,
Surmising ways to spread,
Drowned under the outpouring of lore,
Suddenly a rock hit my core.

There was she, who was to be decoded,
A hapless **** make her slash,
Under the encumbrance of pain,
She did not let a single tear to rain,
Under disgust for her angelic reasons,
She did not stop showing love for the new seasons,
Two paths coalesce under the shrine,
Another cardinal lesson from the divine,
I again started to run,
For the new day under Sun.
Pain fade with time,but never goes in vain.
PiLomus Sep 2018
This blitzkrieg of thoughts
Pitch black it becomes
Rain starts dripping
And encumbrance starts to come
Inebriated I, again started to hum
But this time it felt discrete
Cause surmise was not there to ***
The dissolution of karma
That’s become my dharma

I becoming amble, in the grime of this scramble
That is who I want to become
"How I become", this never come in my find
Reverberation of exploring open up my mind
My gait become frolic
And a realization hit my mind
You know there is a way
There is always a way
That is just how lore percolates
A torrent of possibilities
Not a mangled world, but truth to our eyes

We are on this adventure
Maybe come some derails
But we will leave trails
We have to believe
Otherwise the past is just a deceive
We know a lot
We believe a lot
But still I Seek, all day
However I may
This so called Life
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