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PiLomus Nov 2021
I will give you this poem,
When i will complete this journey,
Otherwise they were just     
floating words,
They fell away.....
PiLomus May 2021
A downpour doesn't feel like rain,
Unless it make you run,
To relive that redolent fun,
Of racing against the next drop,
But still wishing it to not stop.
Today after a long time, rain made me run And euphoric mind and soul, pick up the pen.
PiLomus Dec 2020
"Things are becoming good",
What beautiful lines erupt from the wisdom,
not from me,
From one who had pree,
Pree myriad possibilities,
Unheralded life proffered serenity.
A simple visit, turn into unexpected discussion, some learning, a glimpse to the positive side, a new perspective for the mind
PiLomus Sep 2020
It snowed atop the mountain,
a cold wind blow,  
in the meadows the winter has said hello.
First hello of winter
PiLomus May 2020
What i want the most in life...,
To know,
To know everything,
Not to become any king,
Just want to know,
To know everything,
As long as i am moving.
Realising something is so peaceful
PiLomus Mar 2020
Down falls a drop
little knock on the forehead
Nostalgic feeling that was lost
Again started to spread
As came the shower
Mind tune to the acoustic
Heart begins beating
To the rhythm of rain
Little by little went down the pain
This mellifluous melody has taken over my brain
As a drug it numbs all the sense
And washed down this painted fence
As it pour down with all its might
Suddenly it all become pretty quite

And all of this stagnant air started to flee
And the falling rain drenched this soul which i called me.
Love for Rain
PiLomus Feb 2020
Sometimes i search for the meaning of the words,
Not in the dictionary but in discourse,
What does it mean to others,
And how much of the world it covers,
Tell me what it mean to you,
So i can get a clue,
To fathom the differences it brought,
In reality as well in thoughts.
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