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Phosphenes Jul 2019
-Her eyes are trying to find mine,
While I'm watching her from that far

In the crowd she's trying to get close to me
And when we're apart she still finds my eyes.
Phosphenes Jul 2019
I opened it and I found it empty
my heart my mind even my phone

God knows how bad I'm
trying to find the right  fill
To all of the emptiness I've got

Now I just feel like a lost panda
in the desert looking for caviar.
Phosphenes Jul 2019
I didn't love you enough
Can I try again harder?

I think I loved LOVE
More than I loved you
Phosphenes Jul 2019
She laughed that day and I smiled forever.
Phosphenes Jul 2019
do I leave?
I think I'm done

It's too late to cry
Too late to ask
myself why.
Phosphenes Jul 2019
Why do I feel so bad about myself instead of thinking that I'm the sun and everything and everyone is in a circle around me in my galaxy?.
Phosphenes Jun 2019
Was colorful
But he was acting in
a black and white movie.
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