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PhoenixTetra Apr 6
Why is that i find refuge
When I’m consumed by solitude
In a complete stranger
I see once or twice a week
Do you see me?
Can you feel me?
I’m tired of hiding.
PhoenixTetra Apr 1
They wanna make you feel numb because you’re feeling too much
But is feeling nothing better than feeling something?
  Apr 1 PhoenixTetra
my mom warned me
about the drugs in the streets
but never about the ones
with blue eyes and a heartbeat
they told me that i was a girl
for i was wearing mascara and blush

they told me that i was a boy
for i was playing with trucks

they badgered me about my gender
they asked me where I fit in

i told them with wisdom that it was none of their business
my gender is not my identity
my gender is not who i am

they demanded to know what i am
i am a truck-loving, makeup-wearing human
female 💜
She can walk
             night and day
               never letting either
                  get in her way.
She learned this trick
                     many moons ago
                     going deep within
           and never letting it show.
Her soul is innocent
her heart is pure
she’s gone through more
than most could endure.
            She’s an angel of light
                 an angel of dark
                 you never know
              what you will spark.
                      You want to hurt her?
                         Please, go ahead and try
                           she’ll be the one to show you
                                  just how well she can
­                                                                l­
                                                                ­  y.
                                  Her soul innocent
                    her heart pure
      but never think for one minute
that she’s not secure.
                                Say what you will
                          please, do what you must
                       but your jealousy and hatred
                             won’t waver her trust!
Even Those Angels Out There Have Their Limits…..
I've been off on a twisted adventure,
Finding the best way to reach my center.

It feels like I've been completely alone,
I feel like there are still so many unknowns.

Do I feel any change happening?
Sometimes I wonder if I'm just imagining.

I'm working hard to try something completely new,
It's really weird to be working on myself to.
PhoenixTetra Mar 31
I could get lost in his eyes
and never wanna find my way back
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