Vyscern Apr 14

Times get tougher as life goes
And where the bar is set nobody knows
Anger, sadness and happiness so strong
Doubt and jealousy, legacies of right and wrong

Moral compass points us north or points us south
Doesn't always seem to dictate all our thoughts, that come from mouth
It's at crossroads of choices made
Where the needle flickers in any which way

And I'm angry, so pissed and I
Know how to deal with it but
Kick starting a practice, when old habits won't fall...
It's a struggle itself but I'll give my all

Three weeks since shit went down and I'm not the same
I jump at the sound of familiar voices calling my name
I don't want them to know, what I've become
A monster of a human, werewolf on the run

How many thoughts cross my mind?
And how many so dangerous I'd like to leave them behind
Actions from reactions sure, but I've wanted to murder
And my blood through my veins it runs so cold....

A permafrost in motion, an avalanche of ache
And a heart so emotional, like the damned burning at the stake
To voice the unvoiced is a choice that exposes me
And I'd rather keep on hiding underneath

And I'm so pissed so goddamn angry
Too strong now what is happening?
I've never before been so cold
And the shadows lurk across my soul,
Like horror stories untold

And it all unfolds....
There lies no happy ever after,
Only satisfied
With avoiding most of the disaster
And just survive

Vyscern Apr 6

There was a kid, he sat by himself
In classes he never spoke nor asked for help
He'd sit up the front, all quiet and calm
He never once did anything to hurt anyone

He just did his work, only spoke when spoken to
I'd see him alone in the courtyard, he never ate his food
Recess or lunch would swing by, he'd listen to music
And every day I saw him there so I got used to it

Then come one Lunch, he wasn't there
I pretended not to care but deep down I was scared
Because in the lesson before some kids were talking tall
About how they'd sort him out by setting him up to fall

And by God I was shaking, I was fucken nervous
He was just a quiet guy you don't need to hurt him
He never did wrong he was just around
I jumped when I heard him scream by Christ it was loud!

I ran into the amphitheatre and all the kids were screaming
He was mangled on the ground and fuck was he bleeding
He looks across with fading eyes, says "help please"
I had to look away as I fell to my knees

He's looking hopefully
He's looking up to me
I look up at the shocked faces like
"You fucking happy? Answer me!
How the fuck was I so blind to not see this happening?
All you ever spoke about was hurting him and killing me!

Now the tides have turned! You fucking killed him
You better run now before the darkness hunts down your sin!"
I look down again, he has a smile of hope
"Thank you for holding up the Bro Code"

Then his hand falls, it lays on his chest
And I'm not sure who's more dead, coz I got no breath
The sirens scream as loud as the kids fleeing
And all I remember was six shots and fucken running

My brother on the ground, burned into my mind
And it haunts me to this day that I left him behind
But I gottem back, made them join him
So he can get em back and start bashing

been a while since my last upload... sorry guys
Vyscern Mar 20

The things that I’ve been told,
And all the lies that spread
The rumours I watch unfold
Let torture claim my head

To open who I am
A lock that gleams so cold
To end where I began
To sell before I’m sold

A tragedy unfolds
Not all that gleams is gold
My actions deemed as bold
My habits have grown old

Tiring of this life
Aged before my time
I wish to say goodbye
Unlock a deep bloodline

The dark drowns the light
And the light no longer shines
The key, it gleams so bright
And now I bid goodbye

Vyscern Mar 20

My past was always blurred,
From when I was a child
All I knew from others was
I was angry, reckless, wild

I've recently learned the truth,
My eyes are growing wide
As the barrier within becomes
More a longer, broad divide

How do I love my parents
When two were not mine?
The other two were always gone
And this barrier just won't die

Biology didn't dictate
That she would ever try
When depression caught and set in
All she saw was failure, alive

Behind closed doors, physical
Or within her mind
She shut herself from me
From the world, alone she cried

But I cannot forgive
You were supposed to be there for me
Too young to understand her marriage
Didn't stop her cheating

Step Father didn't do much,
Believes her every lie
Made it the world of his past
But neither did he try

Father on deployment,
So the connection isn't there
I see it as a friendship
And it is too heavy to bear

Step Mother was a saint,
Made me fit again
But I have no love for her
Just respected as a friend

It's a hole deep inside of me
Like acid to my heart
My mother never tried,
And that tears me apart

Feeling so unloved, alone,
In sorrow
And although I have three houses
Not one of them is home.

Truth hurts... it disturbs me that... this is me...
Vyscern Mar 16

Everything I do just seems so wrong
Out of place, and I can't face, that I don't belong
I know we're all different, but I am different still
Every battle I've ever fought, I always fought uphill...

Another nobody in training to belong, to become
And maybe someday, I'll mean something to someone
Recognition for the things that I wish I hadn't done
And I'm done....
Nothing was ever perfect, and so nothing I've become

Nothing was ever perfect, and now I am No-One

Now I am no-one...
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