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PhoenixPoet Mar 2018
I don’t matter to myself because I do what everybody else wants me to do.

I do not do what I want to do and therefore I believe I do not matter.

I believe I do not have a say in my own life, but I can change that.

I will change that.

NOW! I already changed it.
PhoenixPoet Mar 2018
You seem safe when you open yourself,
so I open up as well.

What if we all stayed open?
Is heaven the gateway to hell?
PhoenixPoet Mar 2018
I create a dream and then lose myself into it.

My whole self.

I create the biggest most soothing dream that I could ever imagine; all of my wants and all of my current needs I put into it.

I invest all of my life energies into the dream and then I crush it.

I really mean that I crush it.

It gets scattered into millions of pieces of stardust and meteorites sprinkled among the mountains and dales of the galaxies and beyond.

Nothing fails as nothing is started. I am nothing. I become nothing and I stay as nothing until a new dream appears and the process is repeated once again. It expands and shrinks as it blinks back at me.

"It is all a big joke August."

I can hear the voices of the gods.

It is all the mystical nature of it all.
I am the Phoenix
PhoenixPoet Mar 2018
I need something to hold on to.

I need you.

When I let you go I died.

I lost myself in you and now I am stuck here alone and together at the same time. As one for eternity and out.

Stuck as nothing.

Stuck as no-thing...
PhoenixPoet Mar 2018
Your thought is an entity all by itself. Hold onto it. Let it go. Put it on a shelf.

What more do you want from me than the simple truth?

You are just a thought and your body is a booth.
Your body is a booth
PhoenixPoet Mar 2018
You give and you get.
Do not reject.
Everything comes.
Let it come.
Taste it.
Take it.
PhoenixPoet Mar 2018
Whatever you chase...
It will never be enough...
Witness yourself being ****** into the impossible dream of arriving somewhere else than where you are.

No need for a scar.

Stay put.

Stay here.

Just where you are.

Just where you are meant to be.
Never enough. Never enough.

— The End —