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Ineffable Feb 2019
open up
first sip
its relaxing
i look out into
the dark night, it's cold
how did I get to this point again?
no, I don't care, i just take a loooong
sip, sip, sip, i like getting warmer it's
not as lonely. i recently read that drink
ing tea is a cure for loneliness because it
imitates human warmth, even though just
sip, siiip, for temporary time is'nt that just
pathetic? swallow, burn, warmth, rinse
siipp and repeat. cold air freezes, freesses
frees me! the bottle is my best friend and
sihps, now even my best friend is hollow
wat a shaym, sh amme, shame
Ineffable Feb 2019
i'm lying in bed,
i'm floating!

everything swirls, curls, stirrs
ah, the earth is rotating

i find next to me
god and satan, dark, **** satan, smoking.
god, gleaming, seems to squint his eyes at me
"Relax", said satan and passed the cigarette to god

drunk, I giggle at god
"you really ****** up life", i note
and then pass out
Ineffable Jan 2019
**** this
i  refuse to say
that I can make the most of the day
i believe
everyone is blended

now read it backwards.
Ineffable Oct 2018
a force by which things are pulled towards each other,
for example:
your eyes to pizza
my eyes to you
Ineffable Aug 2018
you are not
like the other ones:
they see one dead pixel
where you see the whole picture
you are the upgrade
and slowly you
spread colours
Ineffable Jul 2018
It is hard to lose someone
even more so
if they're walking on earths surface
even though your earth; your home; is crushing underneath their footsteps

It is hard to lose someone
even more so
if they're making it hard
by making it easy
to love hate

It is hard to lose someone
even more so
if that person was in your heart but
clawed their way out through phrasial combinations
thinking they were helping it to beat

It is hard to lose someone
and it is incommensurable

— The End —