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Yggy Mar 2
Keep staring at the clock and you'll catch those hands; wake up old, confused, and hurting.
Yggy Feb 27
This will be my last report
I've done run the course
Got buyers remorse

Cold    startin this *******
Just ain't worth it no mo

I'll pull up on the Saturday night
Park n **** the lights
It'll be alright

Let it rust   n turn to dust
No need to fuss or fight

It's all waiting on the flippity
That I'll never see
Oh woe is me

What a waste, gone without a trace
What a dull ending
Yggy Jan 28
It was okay.
I didn't feel it.
When you said 'this',
I didn't see it.
I remember for once
What I'm here for.
This isn't it.
I don't feel it.
Yggy Jan 12
The world stopped turning but things still spin.
I think we need a rewind to do it again.
The tape's getting old, the wax is crumblin,
but it's bending round the folds and the sounds keep mumblin.
I know there's a toll coming up ahead. I didn't bring any change but I brought some bread to keep the
birds nearby flying over my head.
They let me know if they've been fed.
They don't say nothing, but I understand.
They let me know if there's something dead.
They don't say nothing, but I understand.

They told me I should plan a trip,
but they never mentioned I was already on it.
They told me it would all add up,
but I'm always short so I resort to pawnin.

God help me; birds, here's your bread.
Tell me if I'm already dead.
I'm heading for the mountains, empty-handed.
They don't say nothing, but I understand.
Yggy Jan 1
What can I dream, outside of a memory?
What can I be, without you?
Yggy Dec 2018
Bear with me. I'll bear with you.
Together, we can carry the world
Update: we failed.
Yggy Dec 2018
This quicksand doesn't give out refunds, so please keep pulling. Whatever is left of me, is yours.
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