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I've spent enough nights with him still inside me
To know that the hole in my heart is not
Nearly as shallow as the one between my legs and
Will not be filled quite so
To know that no one will find love in
The desecrated temple that is
Once so sacred
Doors swing open for anyone who can
Make me feel special for a few minutes
Call me beautiful and
I'll call him holy
Anoint him with honey
Bathe him with my
Sacrifice my smile to bask in the sunlight of
Arms wrapped around me at night
Hoping that one day we'll make
Love but
For now we just
**** because
The hole in my heart is not quite so
Shallow as the one between my legs
always there to
feel what you feel
hear what you hear
cry with your tears
to understand
she's always there to
hold your hand
dry your eyes
make you feel like
are in love with her she
is perfect for
you she understands no one
there her
what about her? Who
wipe her eyes kiss
away her pain love
her scars but that's
okay she's just
ms. understood
His face, like rain,
That falls and grieves
A simple pain
But he, himself, was like the autumn leaves

His heart a delicately heavy
Stone, he would heave
Into a world unsteadily
Where he himself was a mere autumn dream

His soul was its own universe
Of intricate weave
A sun, patiently waiting to burst
Into a shower of autumn leaves

And as he is the autumn of my dreams
I pray constantly for a summer that never leaves
I did not think I would find you
under heavy sky;
golden dust caught up in your skirts
spiderwebs hiding in your sleeves
kindness in you that I do not yet know.
We both know the ending before it begins and smile
as star-crossed lovers in on the joke
Here is the song that nobody hears.
Here is us dancing ourselves to
death or divinity.
When loving a woman there are things that you must understand. She is like a flower one moment and the weather the next. You must sometimes treat her delicately and others be prepared to weather the storm. You must know how to listen and not speak. You must nurture her and be strong for her for she will need both of these things. You must know when to let her go and when to embrace her. A woman is a mystery that creation made and no man will ever truly understand. You can only give her love and patients and sometimes that may just be enough, but does anyone truly know how to fully love a woman?
A broken window will want repair
And a broken arm must be treated with care
But what happens to a broken heart?

Do the shards come together and try to mend?
Do they search helplessly for what could have been?
Can anyone tell me how things will end,
For my broken heart?

Do the pieces separate, and freely roam?
Do they long for love, or wish to be alone?
Does anyone know how to make a home,
For my broken heart?

Will my eyes no longer twinkle and my mouth no longer smile?
Will I forget how to love, or be tender and mild?
Does anyone know what life will be while,
I have this broken heart?

Will its love flow out to the empty places in me?
Will my whole body know what it is to be warm and sweet?
Does anyone know the language or beat,
Of my broken heart?

Will all its pieces move as one?
Will they dream of what could be, what is, and what was?
Can anyone find a greater love,
Than that of a broken heart?

While some do not realize that a whole is but two halves
And with a broken heart, they forget how to laugh
So that is why I am proud to love and still have
My beautiful broken heart
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