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Midnight Sun Aug 2018
       wore moonlight
        in her hair
           Softly attached shade
       of shimmering silver
        with blue tint
    aroused the night Jasmine
to touch her whole
mind to body _
body to soul
The oasis of poetry
conquered her eyes
  with reality
of love _

imagination to art.
Now she paints love  
on the canvas
of her skin
where she wears
her heart
imperfectly. ...
Can't  you see
the painted pain
in poetry ?_

Midnight Sun Jul 2018
I've traveled through cold blue
painted my wounded wings to aglow
shimmering yet breathless dark
beneath your harsh silence and
warm sighs for the sacred scratch....

Listening To: Ray LaMontagne - Empty
Midnight Sun Jul 2018
       were right
      to put
     love into poetry
         It could fit nowhere else
       Your heart was too cold
        Reality was too shallow
       I am long-forgotten
      Dreams together
    Autumn leaves
   crawling back
   to Earthen glory

Listening to : Frank Sinatra
Midnight Sun Jul 2018
Bewildered gaze
finds love
in the perched birds
without a home
with the words
and lyrics of mind

Listening to : Tom Rosenthal - It's Ok

— The End —