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Ameer Pather Jul 2018
My whole life was falling again, simply falling apart.
Like I was the one this time,
To have thrown a brick in my fragile glass house.

And then you come in like a whirlwind,
Only it felt like a gust of fresh air.
You began picking up the the fallen shards,
Piecing them like a puzzle you've completed on an amazing glass table.

And then it struck me, like that rock was been thrown back at me.
You kept piecing and jigsaw puzzling the walls of my glass house,
But you built it around both of us,
And you made it our glass house!

You will no longer find rocks in this glass house.
There is never a need to break this glass house.
Now it is filled with blossoming flowers
That grow only with the love we water it with.
Ameer Pather Jul 2018
So there's this star I see whenever I look out from my bedroom window.
There's nothing special about this one specific star.
It has a gold shine or shimmer, which ever it is that stars actually do.
There aren't any stars as bright or fiery and fierce in its proximity.

So there it is, this star that I keep seeing.
All by itself, in it's own golden spotlight,
But for all I know this star stands alone.
But late at night, when I look up at the sky, the moon has taken a place, right alongside.

So here I am, lying in my kingdom staring at this star.
You'd think I'd stop right? I mean, there's nothing great about this star.
For all I know, it's always been there, in that black space and I never noticed it.

But of course, I only recall looking at the spangled night sky because I came to notice this burning ball of splendid.

I've been speaking to the star lately. I must be losing my mind though, why am I speaking to a star?
Is it because I long to speak to you as I speak to this star?

Has this tiny glitter of insignificance listened to the conversations I plan to have with you someday?
That's right, it's seen my smile and heard my laugh. Me perfecting my ****** expressions in anticipation of your responses.

This makes a ton of sense now, I guess it does.
This gold illuminating rock wasn't meant to mean all that it does.
Kind of ironic or double sided when I think about it.
I'm looking up again, I see the moon has kept it's regular schedule tonight.

The moon, why didn't I choose the moon to utter my story to?
That's right!
The moon belongs to everyone doesn't it?
At the back of my mind, this golden Snowball belongs to me.

And when the time is right, I'm going to reach out, I just hope that at that time, you'll reach back!
Ameer Pather Jun 2018
In my loneliness,
Where it is only me,
I have found that,
The voices keep getting louder.
Ameer Pather May 2018
My life has been moulded by mere moments.
Simple moments, that when I look back,
Seem insignificant at most.
Yet the weight of these moments are immense!

Simple and minute moments that I
It is within these moments I have found solitude.
Within these moments, I have found peace or happiness.
Within these moments, deciding factors that has lead me to live!

These are moments that may seem tiny!
Meeting someone and becoming family!
Experiencing a car accident and learning to live more!
A sports injury, that taught me to relax more.

There is one moment, that I did not see coming.
A moment, that has not only redefined my future,
But has shown me to build my future around it.
That moment? Meeting her!
Ameer Pather May 2018
I've come to realize that there are moments,
Simple moments in my life that no longer seem to make sense.
I have lead my own thoughts to where it is,
And now, It is my own thoughts that I doubt.

You see, I've realized that many things are untrue.
I've let slip certain mindsets that seemed to mean so much to me.
Tiny things, that I can no longer explain or accept.
Minute details that are now something I need to rewrite.

It's funny how I've realised of all this, in a short space of time.
Silly things like love is a lie, I'm alone and I'm fine with that.
These tiny yet powerful notions of life,
Set aside and questioned, whether I really believe this!

As I'm struck by this reality of realization,
I have to accept that it's because of her.
Only a fool would look beyond her being,
And not give credit that she has unearthed these changes within me.
Recently met a lady that has made me change the things I used to firmly believe in! Hopefully, I'll be able to muster the courage to tell her this!
Ameer Pather Feb 2018
There was something about her,
I needed to know.
I couldn't place it, it left me uneasy.
Someone like her doesn't come along.

In my fairytales of the princess and dragons,
In the mystic forests where magic resides.
Where prince charming rides a white stallion.
The story never ended where I wasn't my own.

In this story, I got the girl. Yet she made it feel...
She made it feel like she got me.
She turned my world around, yet she convinced me hers was mine,
And now hers was complete.

She made the outside fade, she made it seem as the world was masked.
Yet I felt as though I had become unveiled.
She gave me this feeling of relief.
Like I had just plunged my foot into cool sand at the seaside.
She made me feel as though I was Prince Charming.

I've lived within my fantasies a million times.
Writing a pretend story where I had super powers and a magical wand.
Yet in this story,
I'm the hero but she saved me.
Ameer Pather Jan 2018
Cover to cover, read my story.
I dare you!
But to be fair, I must tell you, I've left my soul between the confines of these pages.
Read my story, I dare you!
But I ask you this, think you can handle it?
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