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Pencasso Dec 2020
The picture is clear
but the essence breaks me
to admire the concept
yet the idea hates me

To feel appealing
but lack the origins
or the praise from within
to accept the
beauty within the ugliness

They say pictures are worth
a million words
but sometimes, the art
can’t get over the curbs
fearing what lies
on the other side of life

To most, it may seem pointless
but to certain eyes
it’s a work of expression
afraid of indulging in its
own blessing   - Pencasso
Pencasso Aug 2020
I’ve written my whole life in words
over 1,900+ poems to date
but what’s a poet to do
when he’s run out of things to say  - Pencasso
Pencasso Aug 2020
Right now I’m empty
not sure what I’m feeling
I wanna love you
but i need healing

Can’t have you loving me
when I’m currently lost
trying to find myself
but don’t give up on me

If you feel pushed away
please stay
be patient & don’t
take your love away

This isn’t me, it’s the pain
I don’t even smile the same
I’ve fallen apart but i can’t
ask you to repair me

In due time, I’ll return
to give you what you deserve
the real me, that pure gold heart
i just need space for a fresh start  - pencasso
Pencasso Aug 2020
in a world full of people

a circle of those i love

close to those i care for

somehow i still feel alone

- pencasso
Pencasso Aug 2020
looked forward to the future
possibly a family with you
took a min but i was opening up to you
saw a best friend in you
& a source of peace within you
tough love but i wanted to love you

then it all came crashing down
there i am looking like a clown
guess who’s more shut off now
not willing to trust anymore now
i was flying high till you shot me down
sad enough like the rest, you let me down

i now talk with the rain
cause that numbs my pain
cause when the sunshines, I’m not the same
**** love, it’s all a ***** game
such a shame
even with the liquor & poems to cope with
I’ll always hurt the same  - pencasso
Pencasso Aug 2020
they fear what they don’t understand
& i only aim to be a better man
than i was yesterday
so every night on bending knees i pray
for closure of the past
so the future will last
& as i look back on who i was prior
my only desire is to inspire
those who may look up to me
as the inspiration to which i don’t see
but when that day comes
when all my tears no longer run
the pieces of my heart finally come together
to make me whole again, then I’ll be better
better for myself, my family, to finally love thee
I’ll soon be home, i will be free one day indeed
- Pencasso
Pencasso Aug 2020
When time finally runs out
& the world comes to a halt

When the sun ducks behind the moon
& darkness comes our new light

When the rain stops falling
& the lighting fades away

When there’s no more words to say
& all there’s left is silence

Right here is where I’ll be
with you for all eternity
for all i need in this world
is just you & me   - Pencasso
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