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Pencasso 14h
they fear what they don’t understand
& i only aim to be a better man
than i was yesterday
so every night on bending knees i pray
for closure of the past
so the future will last
& as i look back on who i was prior
my only desire is to inspire
those who may look up to me
as the inspiration to which i don’t see
but when that day comes
when all my tears no longer run
the pieces of my heart finally come together
to make me whole again, then I’ll be better
better for myself, my family, to finally love thee
I’ll soon be home, i will be free one day indeed
- Pencasso
When time finally runs out
& the world comes to a halt

When the sun ducks behind the moon
& darkness comes our new light

When the rain stops falling
& the lighting fades away

When there’s no more words to say
& all there’s left is silence

Right here is where I’ll be
with you for all eternity
for all i need in this world
is just you & me   - Pencasso
Crazy how your dream come true can soon become a nightmare
looking for the heart where home is but no one is there
existing within a blank space, falling hopelessly
waiting for it to end & maybe it’ll set you free
Who knew love would hurt so bad or turn you into a rebel
not wanting to feel it anymore

After the heartbreak, the rain no longer sounds the same
it’s just the sky crying for you & cleansing you from the pain
Unable to express how you feel so music becomes your soundtrack
& the emptiness within makes you want the memories back
Heartbreak of a full moon, feeling lost with nowhere to go or an exit to seek peace
just dead black roses that resemble a torn love by your feet   - King Pencasso
Pencasso Apr 4

vibe perfect for me
smile perfect for me
in love & unbreakable
that’s what we’re supposed to be
blonde hair, blue eyes
thick thighs, but it’s all disguised
cause although you’re the one I want
you’re not the one I need
real love I still believe
but looks are deceiving me
broke my heart already
we never even met before
& what kind of man would I be
if my heart’s being ignored
already working on my heart
trying to forgive myself
for falling for something
that’s not meant for me
why do fools fall in love?
Pencasso Mar 23

In my room late at night
I’m constantly in a fight
in the middle between my head & my heart
convincing my heart that it’s worthy
& my head not to go off the deep end
what would my family do if I’m no longer around
if I take myself out due to stress from the demons I’m around
you see me smile endlessly but you never ask if I’m okay
or why I choose to sleep just to avoid seeing the day
up all night, intoxicated off liquor & caffeine
& I promised myself that I wouldn’t become a 2nd time fiend
but I became way worse than my own nightmare
I don’t even talk anymore, just a ****** that catches a stare
when I remain silent & refuse to socialize
but you don’t get how I see the devil in so many eyes
I’m either hallucinating or just traumatized from the past
thinking one day he just might just try to **** my ***
then my heart tells me “Don’t open me up to anyone else
I’ve been abused too much to love anyone else
you let the last one get a taste, I ain’t been the same since
& the new one wants me so bad but I’m playing hard defense
one more let down, I promise you it’ll be the end of it all
I’ll make sure you’ll get an early date when your life falls
I can’t take it no more, I’m on the verge of saying goodbye
if it means getting the love from above & we go live in the sky”
Pencasso Mar 22

been to the bottom of the bottle
digested countless of pills
battled with the voices in my head
on the verge of life & death
& through the hell, still I rise
above all
I Am a Survivor
Pencasso Mar 22

pray for me
I’ve been happy for the past few months
though I’m not where I need to be
I progress to better me

so pray for me
for the man I see
is who I strive to be
a better, happier, & healthier
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