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Riju Gupta Feb 12
I took my skin off
Looking into your eyes
Shredding my ego to core
Putting my armour aside
Walking naked towards you
With my vulnerabilities laid beside
To embrace immaculate sunshine
Of faith, hope and love
Aligning to form life
What i thought was just a lapse of time
Until the emotions ignite
Causing a swirl of time
Landed me on this site
Face to face in plain sight
With the driver of this life
Looking into my eyes
Calling me inside
I took my skin off
And walk naked
To embrace whats mine
Riju Gupta Sep 2020
You us
What we are
What we will be
What we want to be
You and us
Thinking to be one
Fighting to be one
Living to be one
You me us
Like this universe
Love, hate, fear, grudge everything is between us
You and us
You and us
Wanting to be one.
When two souls wanna be one
Riju Gupta Sep 2020
Its been long
Long since, we looked into eachother’s eyes
And said, I Love you
Long since,we held eachother’s hand
Felt others skin
And said , I Love you
Long since, we cooked
And said, I Love you
Its been long, Since we said I LOVE YOU
Missing the loved ones
Riju Gupta Sep 2020
*** with the stranger
In a dark night
You feel
the unknown hand
the coldness of an unknown bed

Warm body
Heavy breaths
Dry lips
To be held
To be kissed
To be felt

Trembling with joy of love
Yet the fear of unknown

Lips felt
Breaths synched
Warmth shared

Bodies celebrated
Clutched in comfort of
*** with the stranger

Eyes locked
Bodies wrapped
Hands held
Sereneness took over fear
Trembling body became calm
Unknown became known
*** became love
Feeling when you share yourself with someone
Riju Gupta Sep 2020
I remember
Cool brezze at night
Shinning stars in sky
Birds chirping at dawn
Sun rising in east
People walking to their farm

I see
Polluting brezze at night
Darkness in sky
drunkard shouting at dawn
Sleeping as sun rise
People walking to their hallow life

I remember
Kids in street
Families in house
Love in lives
Health became wealth

I see
Kids with tab
People in house
Greed in life
Wealth became health

I remember
The joy
The love
The care
The bond
The happiness
All shared

I see
The pride
The envy
The greed
The jealousy
The loneliness
All given

I remember
The days of past left
To became what
I see
Remembering the past when everything was simple
Riju Gupta Sep 2020
Blue screen
Red eyes
Frowning with smile

Looking straight in her eyes
As he swipe through her profile
Switching app to app
To see her latest stride

At noon
Tired eyes
Still she is on mind

Follow, friend request or ping,
What should he do?
To let her know,
He too subsist

Full of Fear
Followed, requested and pinged too

Felt as a proposal
For her to choose
Between him and the other guys who send her posts too

Thinking, he is ignored

He was being okay
But Phone chimed
Notifying “one new request”.

Shaking breaths
Fear of uncertainness
As he opened,
Its her request

He accepted as soon as he can
Showing his keenness
Thinking to makes his move
Without caring if its too soon

Mutual friends
All know what it meant

He thought
Hi, hello or what up?
Before, he asks
“If she mind being on her what’s app?”

Full of expectations
“Hey, how you doing?” He texted

In seconds
Phone chimed
It notified, she “posted a new picture”
He instantly commented and liked
Waiting for her to reply

Days passed
Likes, comments, content shared
But she didn’t replied
How she was?
And He thought
He was someone more

Another night

Red eyes
And one more profile.
Virtual dating in todays world
Riju Gupta Sep 2020
The world is moving fast
The things are sliding too
Ohhh what to say about time
And don’t forget your will for it

In this hustle bustle
The time stills
Starting with the fading voices
Zooming into people’s expression
Somehow feeling what you inhale and exhale
As the mysterious power raises your spine
Powering every hair on your body
Its strike
Than and there.
And suddenly everything is at pace again
Everyone is racing for their share
Even you.
But you feel
You feel the calming urge
You feel the heart soothing
You feel the breath slowing

You feel
What it is
You feel
what to be

And you know
You just know
Feeling when you are surrounded by unknown people in a party
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