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Pecosa Mar 21
Your story won't always
Make sense
To those who prefer relays
But Yours
Is no trivial competition
Waging war
With one mortal decision
Choosing life
Does not dispel comparisons
Only confirms
Your category is marathons
Keep running your race.
Pecosa Mar 21
Cause I believe we will survive
That this pain has a purpose
I believe we will rise alive
I believe it will be worth it

Cause I believe we will arrive
A destination of tranquility
I believe we will arrive
Grateful for our history

Cause I believe we will thrive
Seeds begin in the dark
I believe we will thrive
Our past becomes the spark
Walking out of any disorder/depression is like exiting a pitch black tunnel. The light will burn, you will squint and turn away in discomfort, but once your eyes adjust you can look for a new path -- a solid route meant only for you; I believe that you, dear reader, will someday find that.
Pecosa Mar 14
Cause what we'll be is stunning
Pale stripes and sore throats
What we'll be is stunning
Astounding as the poetry we wrote

Cause what we'll be is a beacon
To shine into the dark
What we'll be is a beacon
Sharing our own marks

Cause what we'll be is proof
We are no statistical rate
What we'll be is proof
Night is not a constant state
At the time of writing this, I wasn't healthy or ready to share my story, but I craved the idea that I might someday be able to help others through it. Getting to a place that healthy felt both impossible and exacting. Now I look back, in such a better mind-space, and it is beautiful to see.

So are you, dear reader.
Regardless of where you are at in your own story, you are beautiful, and there is hope.
Pecosa Mar 14
Cause we have hope
Candles exist
We have hope
An end to this abyss

Cause we have dreams
Of something more
We have dreams
Of winning this war
Pecosa Mar 12
Cause we're the remains
Crawling in the dark
We're the remains
Of priceless broken art

Cause we're the resistant
Sparring with doubt
We're the resistant
Finding our route
Self-worth is not defined by how you feel about yourself, it is simply who and what you are.
Pecosa Mar 12
Cause we've been judged
Scars that are fresh
We've been judged
Faded stencils on our flesh

Cause we've been tested
Journey has been long
We've been tested
Now watch us fight on
Pecosa Mar 11
Cause we're not the lucky ones
With flower beds
We're not the lucky ones
Demons in our heads

Cause we're not the fortunate
Lying on silken sheets
We're not the fortunate
Never learned to sleep
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